Monday, November 17, 2008

Mrs. Cullen: The Addict

Dear Friends,

So sorry I haven't been writing much. I know you must check the blog every day to see if I posted something or not.  Today is your lucky day!  I promise I have a very good reason.  I just have been really busy and when I do have free time, I spend it doing the most importantest thing in the world [ever].  Catching up on all the hot gossip and listening to my friends and family.  And no I am not talking about you guys, I'm talking about Meredith, Paris and her new BFFs, Blair and my million other friends.  I love TV.  There is just so much out there to watch, why do anything else?  I had an exam today but I couldn't study because I was too worried about Peter saving the cheerleader and saving the world.  Thank god he did.  Now I can move on to Season 2. Yay!  And right now I could be catching up the latest gossip with Manhattans elite or my favorite brothers and sisters but nope, I am writing on this blog.  Hmm.  Maybe the new episode of the Hills has already been posted on!  I should go check.  For those of you who don't know what I am talking about: GET A LIFE.  You might be thinking "this girl has no life" or "I have better things to do then watch tv."  But you don't.  You are seriously missing out.  Watch tv, please.  So I have someone to talk about it with.  And if you're thinking "break is coming up, I could watch some shows," then here are my favorites: LOST, Heroes, Grey's Anatomy, Gossip Girl, The Hills, My New BFF, Brothers and Sisters, Eli Stone, The Office, Scrubs, SNL, and thats all I can think of for now.  Sigh.  I wish my exam today was on these TV shows.  Then I would've passed [fa sho].

Anyways, on a side note.  I am so totally annoyed and once again the victim of a tragic crime.  I bought a new phone a few days ago and it came in the mail today.  WITHOUT A CHARGER. Stupid Sprint.  I had waited and waited for months [more like 4 days] and when it finally comes in I can't even use it. Why me, God? Why?!  I totally called customer service and yelled at them. Now they are sending me another one. Yay me!  And I went to get my eye brows done today and they look so bad.  Stupid lady.  I always am disappointed when I go to her salon and every time I promise myself never to go back. But I still go.  And she sucks. And on top of that she has really disrespectful kids.  One time her sons yelled at my dad because they said he almost hit their ugly car [so rude].  WOW I am so lame. Ok I am sorry for wasting your time with this stupid post.  Go do something productive.  Watch Gossip Girl or The Office.  

You know you love me,
Mrs. Cullen


Chuckle said...

OMG OMG! did you watch the hills??? next weeek should be good!

Mrs. Cullen said...

i know i can't believe they are gonna talk about the whole justin bobby deal. yay!! =)

Constructive Attitude said...

im gonna start watching all those shows. holla.

except my new bff and brothers and sisters, that looks like another seventh heaven. everything else sounds like fun. cant wait until december 12th :D

Anonymous said...

What about SMALLVILLE? How dare you forget to mention that?
I can't wait until December 17th because that's my catch up day!

And maybe your bad eyebrows is a sign from GOD that you shouldn't get them done. But I know how you feel because the same thing happens to me.

Poor us.

Mrs. Cullen said...

I don't watch Smallville or One Tree Hill. They are for losers!

Snake Charmer said...

i spent ALL night finishing season 2 of heroes..i literally started watching at 10 pm and went to sleep at 9:30 am. wow. i have no life.

Artistic Logic said...

i watch the office.... i <3 jim

i think thats his name

Falling Up said...

So did you read the thing on yahoo about how people who watch a lot of TV are unhappy?

But I don't think that applies to people like us. I think that's more like people who lose their jobs and cant get another one. We have time for tv when older people shouldnt have time for it. :)