Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mrs. Cullen: The Loyal Citizen

Dear Friends,

My daddy made me wake up at 6:30 AM just to vote. WHY?? I have no idea.  Hes going to be voting at 7PM along with my mom, so I dunno why I had to go early.  Whatever.. Anyways, It was my first time voting and I had the time of my life.  We [my brother and I] just had to wait about 30 minutes in line.  I'm a Democrat so voting was pretty simple, for the most part.  There were times where you could vote for more than one person.  That wasn't so bad because there would be two Democrat candidates so I would vote for both.  But sometimes they didn't have a party written beneath their names.  That was the fun part!  For one of the offices you could vote for 3 people and I saw two people with the same last name.  I thought "Aww thats so cute.  Father and son."  So, I voted for them.  Another time one of the names sounded nice while the other reminded me of my Statistical Psychology professor, so I voted for the nice one.  Another time I was reminded by my middle school crush!  The only time I was stuck was for the "CLERK" of my township.  There was only one name and he was a Republican!!  I didn't know what to do.  But then I saw the blank bubbles and I decided to vote for my dad.  But then I changed my mind.  I voted for myself! I am so, super excited. Sigh.  I feel so powerful and in control.  Anyways, while we were in line for the machine [thingy] everyone had to flip their ballot on the other side.  But when it came to my turn she didn't ask me to do that.  She just said you are all set.  I was so confused and became stressed out.  When I left the room, I told my brother but he said it was ok.  He said you only had to flip your ballot when it didn't go through the first time.  Phew.  We were about to leave when I remembered that I had forgot to get an "I VOTED" sticker.  So I went back and asked the old man for one and he said they were free. Yay.  Voting is so fun and easy guys, go do it.

Yours for the sake of Peace, Sisterhood and Nationalism,
Mrs. Cullen


Constructive Attitude said...

hahahahaha. Voting IS fun! I concur.When I went to vote, there was a short line, and my dad and I didnt even have to wait!! And then when we were leaving, the line started getting longer, and I got a sticker that said "My vote counts!" Holla!!!

eharoon21 said...
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Artistic Logic said...

haha this post was so funny...you should've voted for your dad =)

provoking invoking said...

i voted for my little brother cause he wants to be president. yeahhhh

now that all the hype is gonna die down.. I feel sad that I didn't do more to speak out for justice, for Muslims, for Palestine, and against oppression and these wolves in sheeps clothing.- and for real change.

khair inshaAllah.. i hope good comes out of everyone's decision. however i also hope my friends will ask for forgiveness when their leader fails towards justice; just as his party fails... as anyone that rejects Oneness fails. i think Religion is so clear about staying true to principles.. and supporting liars and warmongers is not the same. my point is; when the hype dies, don't turn your back on whats going on in the world, and consider repenting: if inshaAllah you see the weight of giving allegiance to mushriks and murtads that make false promises and don't really care about us..

controlled chaos said...

hi Mrs. Cullen
good job voting
you were part of history !!!

Snake Charmer said...

omg my mom woke me up at 630 also -but totally worth it!!