Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Summary of the past week

1. Texting my friend in chemistry class who was a couple of seats ahead of me. I went into this spleech about some self-realization I had about my self (Am I being redundant? Stupid University English course didn't teach me anything)
And her reply text?
What? You don't make any sense. Pay attention
My annoyed response: Shutup Baka!
(For of you who don't know, this is a Japanese term I discovered that I love using as an insult)
Her response: Boogalah!
(Apparently she thought I had gone crazy and was trying to scare me into being quiet)

2. Driving to babysitting and seeing in big print on the back of a SUV:

Drive closer wondering if the world went crazy.


Free Demo DOG Training

Sorry, we don't train Husbands, Wifes or Kids

Apparently it did go crazy and became witty at the same time. And it isn't it supposed to be wives?? (At least elementary school english class taught me something).

3. Four year old girl I was babysitting is looking at me and makes a weird face.

"I don't like your glasses. Take them off. Don't come with your glasses next time"

This is what I get for wearing contacts to all of our former encounters and assuming that kids don't care about looks...

4. Same four year old kid staring at my face. (Hold your breath..hold it...I'm sure she won't say anything)

"You have a spot on your chin. Why do you have spots? "

What the heck? WHICH spot is she talking about? The acne? The acne scars? The beauty mark? The other hundreds of reasons that made 'spots' on my face that she could see? It can't be the pores? They're not that big......Right???

"I dunno. You have a spot too. Right here. Why do you have that spot?"
(I pointed at a beauty mark on her cheek).
"Hee Hee I dunno"

That's great kid. You have a beauty mark and I had to use that one thing as ammunition.

5. SAME four year old kid for once not pointing at my arm and asking me why I have hair on my arms. Yes, it has been happening at every encounter thus far, and the one time that it didn't happen is worth celebrating.

Seriously, the way your self-esteem can degrade around little kids is amazing.

6. Discovering that some french actor named Gaspard Ulliel is the best looking guy I have ever seen...I think. At least in his younger looking pictures. Doesn't help that my self-esteem was just shot down by 100 points (just like the stock market !) the same week I discovered him.

Not that it made it made feel worse either, just didn't help. Get it?...

7. Getting over how Gaspard Ulliel might be the best looking guy I've ever seen, after a couple of hours. (What can I say, I recover fast-It was just like the Twilight effect.)

8. All weekend long- my cat meowing at me constantly while I was trying to study and then running away when I approached her or acted like I'm getting up. Apparently this was the best game she's ever played. If I close the door, a paw is sticking out from underneath accompanied by more meowing.

9. Wasting my time for the most of the weekend trying to start studying (Note: Youtube is not a good source to gain inspiration to start studying). Start cramming early Sunday afternoon (Hey at least it was early afternoon), up until two minutes before exam on Monday. Take exam. Cry on how I don't know anything, and how stupid I am, and why I can't get an A, and how difficult the exam was.

10. Wondering why I'm sitting and writing this post, when I CLEARLY should be working on the SIX homework assignments that are due for my Genetics class tomorrow morning...Mehh I'll try and do it first thing tomorrow morning.
(Note: I wrote this post two days ago. And no, I didn't end up doing it in the morning, or anytime in the morning for that matter)

12. Actually watched Twilight and DIDN'T need my handy-dandy rolling pin, spatula and grease combo (click here). The movie itself did a pretty good job at keeping its fans at bay. Like REALLY REALLY really far away from the bay. Snorted, laughed and tried killing myself oh.. 295 times. Tried replacing the guy playing edward with Gaspard Ulliel, realized I couldn't remember what Mr. Ulliel's face looked like. Only recommend spending the stupid $10 (yes TEN, stupid holdiay prices. If it's not gas prices, it's movie tickets.) if you're in the mood for a comedy movie that has only one good scene.

11. Mused over the awesomeness of this poem and its ability to describe my life:

Who makes these changes?
I shoot an arrow right. It lands left.
I ride after a deer and find myself chased by a hog.
I plot to get what I want and end up in prison.
I dig pits to trap others and fall in.
I should be suspicious
of what I want. -Rumi


Constructive Attitude said...


Boogalah!? hahahahahahahah

And I REALLY REALLY want to meet the kids you babysit. they are HILARIOUS!

and the reason you didnt need you're spatula is because you were with me. Had it been Mrs. Cullen or Simply Me, I think you wouldve needed much more than a spatula and a rolling pin.

And lastly, I dont get the Rumi poem. Why is his stuff so difficult for me.

Constructive Attitude said...

p.s. we need something new to complain about/ make fun of now that we've watched twilight.

Artistic Logic said...

hehe r such downers
so rumi had wit, thats so cool the poem was cute...
promise youtube always distracts me when i actually have stuff to do... and when i don't... i never go there....hmph

controlled chaos said...'s not that confusing.
Do you ever feel like life is out to get you, or go through those times when you plan for something and everything goes wrong. Or when you go in expecting something, the complete opposite occurs?

That's what the poem is talking about. the things going wrong, and working completely against you at times. Almost as though there's some invisible plan in motion. And he ends in this almost funny way of saying, I should be suspicious of what I want. Because things he wants, are leading to things going horribly wrong for him. or going in the opposite direction.
So he's saying he should be careful with his desires/wants/expectations.

Anyways, at least that's what I think...

Artistic Logic said...

CA my interpretation would be he's saying his desires are deceitful... and i think that goes for us all... until we learn to prioritize, we'll keep chasing aimlessly for things we don't even know why we want...
don't trust your desires, think long and hard about what you really, truly should desire....

Artistic Logic said...

i didn't see CC's comment when I wrote.... well said missy =)

Anonymous said...

Oh man, that sucks that you paid $10 to watch Twilight because I only paid $4.75!!!

Jasper and Carlisle were so delicious.

And you forgot to add YOUR response to BOOGALA: ..Fine your a khabarish baka bakra mitogen. /text

Constructive Attitude said...

S.M. : I agree about Jasper and Carlisle.

I think they shouldve focused the movie on Jasper and Alice. They are so cute.

Mrs. Cullen said...

Yea. We only paid 4 something. And it was fun. We had a fun time. We weren't busy trying to kill ourselves. We were too busy laughing and having fun.

Artistic Logic said...

can you all get over this dumb movie now ...because i have no idea what ur saying

...Love said...

Kids always boost my self-esteem.

I think...

I love Rumi. I told you Twilight was a comedy.

pst. I can't wait to buy it.

...Love said...

I paid 10$ as well. But, I went to the premier. Also, Emmett is the hunk.

I <3 my sexy monkey man.