Saturday, November 8, 2008

Celebrate small (and BIG!) victories

So Barack Obama is the next president of the United States of Freaking America!! Everyone and their mama posted about this. Except me. So now its my turn. Here I go (a bit late, but here nonetheless)...

One of my sisters was seriously hyperventilating when she found out. My parents, whom never ever watch T.V., were glued to it for three hours straight. Watching his acceptance speech and what not. My students at school couldn't stop talking about it and at the mention of his name, they would start screaming, cheering, and clapping. People all over the world were holding their own mock elections for the USA 2008 presidential election where Obama usually ended up being their "president of choice". Basically everyone is on an Obama high.

And obviously this is a big freaking deal.

I voted for the first time in my life during this election (I was registered for the other one, but chose not to participate *shrugs shoulder*) and couldn't stop smiling when thinking about it. And I even wore red, white and blue and my "My vote counts" sticker all day. I'm cheesy like that.

At school, the brats participated in a mock election and voted for either McCain or Obama. 100% voted for Obama. And one of the students suggested that we have a party in honor and to celebrate this momentous occasion. I'm sad to say, no one took that kid seriously.

(We so should've though! Unfortunately Ms.D didnt show up that day and I had to substitute them all by myself and I really didnt think we were allowed to do that, but I did give them a chance to scream and clap when they heard the results of our mock election.)

But that kid was right. We should celebrate .Not only should we celebrate that we have the very first African American as our new president, but also celebrate that he is a man who is telling us (and hopefully will do for us) what we have been waiting for, for eight extremely long years.

And even if we don't agree with some of his policies (not gonna get into that right now), it's much better than what others were offering. Am I right? or Am I right?

So be grateful and celebrate!

Celebrate the fact that Obama won.

Celelebrate that George Dubya will be out of office soon.

Celebrate that there will be no more campaign commercials disrupting your favorite television shows.

Celebrate your vote making a difference.

Celebrate the first African American as head of state and head of government.

Celebrate the future of America and the rest of the world.

Celebrate that we won't have an idiot as president or vice president.

Celebrate history in the making.

Celebrate those low gas prices. (I know I am!)

And lastly, celebrate (and hope for) change.

Because this is one change, that even I am hoping for and looking forward to.


Pat and Lee Anne said...

Just curious- You posted on our blog and I was wondering who you are?? My wife and I couldn't figure it out. Anyway, we'd love to find out...

Snake Charmer said...

I am soooo glad campaign commercials have been killed for at least the next 3 years :P

Mrs. Cullen said...

hmm i wonder why mrs. d wasn't at school? she was obviously celebrating the SECOND black president's victory HAHA

...Love said...

So yeah as excited as I am for Mr. Obama I'm sick of the hype. My Facebook feed was flooded with by the minute updates in real-time. Obama is not the anti-christ.


but I AM happy, the world has been returned to it's rightful order.

Obama (Mu)barak ;)

...Love said...

oh yeah we had a mock election on our 4th grade too, Obama won with 98% of votes. 1% was McCain and 1% was illegible.

P.P.S. I'm EXTRA excited for the "Indy" cafe picture b/c I can actually verify that my vote didn't count. As significant as Indiana was we didn't even count our stupid ballots till about 4 am!