Saturday, November 15, 2008

Improv Everywhere !!!!

Dear readers

Sorry for our lack of writing.
I'm sure thousands of you have been getting very anxious and perhaps even annoyed at symphonic's dry spell. Our mail box ( was flooded with angry emails demanding the next post from hundreds of frustrated fans....right

Anyways there's this group that I discovered this past summer that I really wanted to introduce to everyone out there (all thousands of you). I had seen their antics before on television but I didn't know about their existence until I heard about them on the news by CBS.

The group is called 'Improv Everywhere'.

And their mission? To cause scenes.

No seriously. That's it. And I THINK that they are geniuses. They are just so hilariously awesome and when I found them I wanted to immediately join them on their next mission to cause a scene. The whole point is to do something random and fun, sometimes they do pranks other times they ...well don't do pranks.

And if I'm making no sense to you right now (chances are that I am) lemme show you what they do. Just a couple of my favorites.

A cool one
The Human Mirror

A funny one -Suicide Jumper

And a really funny one !

The Food Court Musical

Drumroll PLEASE
The best one ever (in my opinion) New York City, the world’s largest train station

The Frozen Grand Central

Haha. The last one was copied by one of those police investigative tv shows...can't remember the name. You know the CSI or something.

So when I showed these videos to my cousin, the response I got was,
"I don't get it. What's the point?"

...I hope you're not like him and completely miss the point of doing something purely for entertainment. The awesomeness was totally lost on him. sigh

Moral of the story: Don't let hilariously awesome things be lost on you.

Oh, and here's their site:


Constructive Attitude said...


omg i LOVE this!!!!!!

The funniest was the suicide person!

We should do one of their pranks on campus. I think it would be hilarious.

Mutmainnah said...

Hahahaha I really liked this esp. the last one :)

Mutmainnah said...

and the suicide one lmaooo

Anonymous said...

I saw this before and I thought they were so damn awesome!!! My favorite is still the one at Penn Station. And if something like the napkin dance happened to me when I was at the mall, I'd be lmao! I don't get why people were so creeped out LOL.

Artistic Logic said...

haha i agree with her, watching that napkin one made me soooooooo mad ...they just don't know how to have fun i guess...

oh and the best one WAS the frozen one.... i would love to see that in person it would be creepy and cool at the same time... i love how that photographer dude was walking around taking pics haha awesome

Chuckle said...

THIS WAS AWESOME! coolio! i love the one at the station! hahaha these people have guts!

*mary* said...

Wow, I loved all of these! I wish more peopl would be spontaneously absurd, just for absurdity's sake.

provoking invoking said...

i finally watched them all. =D this is the kind of stuff that makes life better. i mean how can anyone ask "whats the point", i mean whats the point of THEM, amiright?