Monday, November 24, 2008

Med School Diaries: Exam Time

I'm done with my last exam..for another three weeks, that is.
And my head hurts. Not from all that studying and writing and lack of sleep.
But because of sitting in an exam hall trying to make up enough BS to get me through three hours. As my friend put is, "You write your own movie."

Studying in India is NOT an easy job. Med school regardless of where you life isn't an easy job. I think it's worse in India. The exam format isn't multiple choice where you can logically guess the answer or choose by the process of elimination. It's an all.essay.format. For most of the subjects, you either know it or you don't. And for the ones you can slightly BS, you can't BS a whole paper. You have to know the general idea. Feel sorry for me yet? I hope you do, because I like sympathy and hugs. :)

Oh, and I'm a big cry baby. I cry before every final exam. I cried the whole 40 minute drive to school on the phone with my dad for every exam in second year. And I will cry again this year. I have a huge fear of failure.

The exams are timed, of course. And if you keep writing after time they come around and snatch the papers out of your hand. How sad is that? I almost cry when they do that. I don't like mean people.

During the final exams you have to present what they call a "hall ticket". Basically it's a piece of paper with your info {along with identification marks! I have a mole on my left cheek and a bigger mole on my left leg..I think I'm pretty identifiable} and picture on it, telling you which exams you signed up for and are allowed to write.

After our finals exams we have a practical exam which is the Lab Exam or whatever. In first and second year you had to do labs. Third and Fourth year we have to examine patients!! And we have an oral exam which I am horrible at doing because I am a bad public speaker and yes, one person does count as public.

I don't know the point to this or why I chose to write about something so boring. But I guess because I just finished and wanted to update.

I'm pretty sure I failed. But right now I don't care {maybe part of the reason is because I highly doubt they are counting this exam}. I'm tired, I'm homesick, but most of all, I'm happy I'm done. And that's all that matters. Happiness.


Daily Offensive (baha!) said...

This is why I didn't attend college. :) Just kidding...

I do remember MY first exam- I think I knew about three of the questions, for sure. The rest I just guessed on. Yup, I failed. But, I didn't really care- the class was biology and I didn't believe in half of it.

Besides, who thought to add MATH as a part of Science? A formula for my demise, I tell ya.

So, in short, I feel your pain. :)


Mrs. Cullen said...

I am a cry baby too. I cry over EVERYTHING. Crying helps. Inshallah you did great on your exam and this post was not pointless. I really enjoyed it. I always enjoy reading your posts on med school!

Artistic Logic said...

Sweet! Inshallah you did good. I also like reading your med school posts ...
so ... keep em coming ... =)

p.s. are med school exams ANYWHERE multiple choice... ?

Falling Up said...

as far as i know, they are in the caribbean...They aren't in the US??

controlled chaos said...

I liked your post!
but you know what sucks even more??
Not knowing what you're doing. And being terrified to commit yourself and beyond terrified of failure.

...Love said...

School anywhere anytime is never as easy as we think it will be.

I'm sure that fact about the moles will surely get you married though ..sonja :)

And I don't mind you crying most of my friends vomit when they're nervous or scared

Falling Up said...

Daily offensive: I hate math. Which is why I chose medicine. But premed is like half of math. So I decided to cheat and move to India. :)

Mrs. Cullen: THanks :)Maybe we can get together and have a crying date? lol. Ok weird but whatev. I'm a natural :)

CC: you are going to be a dietician and think of a way that I can eat and eat and eat without gaining weight!! I need a super pill :)

Love: LOL @ the mole. If the mole won't get me married I hope my degree does. :)

Echoes of Innocence said...
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Constructive Attitude said...

it feels SO good when you're done with things like that right?

And then you can move on to the more mundane things in life, like catching up on the shows you missed or combing your hair..:D

Artistic Logic said...

lol combing your hair.... someones got their priorities mixed up... ;)

im living cc's fear .... im committing to something im not interested in anymore

i wanna pull my hair out

Artistic Logic said...

p.s. pre-med math isn't really THAT much...