Friday, April 30, 2010

I came, I saw, I bought!

A very close friend of the girls here at SD is getting married.

Her wedding is in less than a month.

And her bridal shower, that some of us here are helping with/organizing, is in a week.

We're all very excited for the upcoming parties and trying to get everything planned out for the bridal shower.

Our friend is Arab, and all Arab weddings are, for lack of a better word, westernized. I'm talking big, white poofy dress for the bride and evening gowns and party dresses for the guests.

Which I actually found out about in 9th grade when I made my first Arab friend. At first when she told me that at Arab weddings, the brides wore white gowns, I thought she was lying because she was embarrased of her culture. Hey, I did it, and I thought others did too. But anyways, it turns out she was not lying and wearing a white wedding gown is a part of the Arab culture. Who woulda thought?

Since this is kinda the first time for most of us Desi (South Asian) chicks to get all glammed up and buy evening gowns, we were uber excited.

Until we actually attempted to buy dresses.

Dont get me wrong, it's nice to try on dresses and fun to look at. But narrowing it down and finding the "right" one that fits your body and your budget is extremely frustrating.

Fortunately I went dress shopping with my sister and I found a dress!!! Originally I saw it with my friends, but wasnt really feeling it, but one of my (younger) sisters forced me to try it on and it looked great and I LOVEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD it. So I bought it :)

And I got it from JCPenny too. For some reason I always dislike department stores, but in this case, department stores came to my rescue because not only did I get my dress for the wedding from JCPenny but I got the dress for the bridal shower from Sears.

I wanted to show you guys a picture but it's not letting me upload it, but here's the link if you did want to:

P.S. I have 45 minutes of free time right now at work. Crazy!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

i kill you!

"So you're a terrorist?" "Yes. I'm a terrorist" "What kind of terrorist?" "....A terrifying terrorist...Are you scared?" "Not really, No" .... "God dammit! ...Oh oh I mean, Allah Dammit."

Recognize the lines? If you're an avid comedy fan, you'll recognize them from Jeff Dunham's stand-up comedy act with "Achmed the dead terrorist"

The first time I watched the act on youtube, it wasn't hard to guess that the puppet named Ahmed (Achmed) is supposed to be a Muslim. And how did I feel about this supposed puppet Muslim being portrayed as 'the dead terrorist'? I don't really know, I was too busy laughing. The comedy act was funny, like LOL kinda funny. I didn't take offense it, nor did any of the Muslims who my brothers and I shared the video with.

Muslims, if you are one, you know this very well through you local college's MSA skit, make fun of themselves all the time. And we see others making fun of us, alot actually. Some are taken in the LOL manner like above, others can cause us to cringe and become uncomfortable.

But some jokes, regardless of whether they're funny or how liberal a Muslim is, sits in an uncomfortable manner, at the very least.

As some of you know, facial depictions especially of all the Prophets and of God are not allowed in Islam. Period.

But only when a kind of depiction of the last Prophet, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him) i.e. the Prophet of Islam, comes out that you may notice noise being made.

Clear point and case, South Park's creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, were given a warning by a group called Muslim Revolution, to be careful or they might end up well...dead. They wrote in their online post , " This is not a threat, but a warning of the reality of what will likely happen to them."
The crime? The Prophet was shown in one of their episodes buttt mindful of Islam's strict position on that, they kept him concealed in a bear suit or a U-Haul truck.

In comes Muslim Revolution's threat or umm... warning . Comedy Central decides better safe and happy. So on a new episode with the depiction of the Prophet they placed the word CENSORED to block the original concealment of the Prophet (the bear suit) and even censor any mention of his name and even some dialogues.

And the world is in Uproar!

Muslim Revolution faces the wrath of South Park's fans who hack their website and have it redirected to a picture that the fans know Muslim Rev's groupie will find offensive.

Jon Stewart sings an entire song dedicated solely to Muslim Revolution consisting of the words: Go bleeep Yourselves!!

(FYI I would die from happiness if Jon Stewart sang a song just for me, just a nice one)

Islam haters find themselves refueled, rearmed, and set out to make their own noise on forums and through comments.


Well if you really wanna ask it like that, the answer would be you. But besides that lemme answer some of you questions.

"Chrisitians and Jews are made fun of all the time. So why do you think you are the exception?!"

No we don't think we're the exception. Like I said earlier, there are more than plenty of jokes out and about on Muslims and Arabs.

And we're made fun of and mocked even when it's not a comedic setting (sigh...Hollywood).

But noise erupts when the Prophet is mocked. Here's what it is: Jesus, Moses, Ibrahim etc. (peace be upon them all) while there may be some discrepancies with our beliefs in them, we respect them, we love them, we honor them.

We would not, should not, and could not mock them. When we see shows mocking them (in America) it doesn't settle well with us, but not much is said. Generally America is a Christian country and this is what America's mainly Christian population chooses to allow. Yes I know, separation of Church and State. But God Bless America.

And here we come, where facial depictions aren't even allowed of our own Prophet. Descriptions of him are only through words.

Mocking that is done on Jesus (and I could be wrong here) may also have less of an effect because Christianity has religious pictures and depictions of him everywhere.

While we, don't dare. So not only do we see a depiction of him that we have clearly said NO to, but a mocking one. And you expect a Muslim to be okay with that?

Sorry. That's enough to get a Muslim pissed off.

Enough to get annoyed but would Not excuse a Muslim to take a life or react destructively . The latter half, some Muslims, who are further egged on, turn deaf, dumb and blind to.

"Is that what your REligion reaALly teAches yOu? VIOLENCE? kIlL eveRy peRsoN that upSets You?"

"Um. No it really doesn't. Assuming what Muslim Revolution did was just a warning. It was still messed up. Even the time the Danish cartoons depicted the Prophet, some Muslims acted out violently from anger, keeping in mind there's more than 1.5 billion Muslims out of a 6.7 billion world population, there's a lot more of us that didn't act from that anger.

Some people, like me sit and wonder what would the Prophet had told us to do. Definitely not go and randomly burn buildings and cause chaos or destruction to retaliate against ignorance.

I've heard people say some pretty disgusting stuff to my face or indirectly to me about my beliefs or my Prophet and sure I've wanted to punch people really, really hard. But I don't. Because that's what my religion DID teach me.
It's told me again, and again, and again, and sometimes even to my deaf ears not to act out in anger.

Did you know that extreme anger is even considered unlawful in Islam?

Oh and if I ever do slip, it's not because I've been taught violence through my religion."

So you're probably really pissed of with South Park too? You're probably applauding that radical website?

Uhh Actually no. I actually appreciated the creators attempts at, in their own funny way, trying to adhere to Islam's prohibition against depicting the Prophet. I'm not going to applaud them but I did appreciate it.

And notice that those other times when the depiction was made, it never made it to the media? Not that any of it makes it okay for anyone to publicly mock prominent figures of another's religion. (But we're not here to address that).
But no, I don't applaud the website. Posting up a picture of a dead man and using that as a 'warning' is disgusting and wrong. And as Snake Charmer points out also, that pisses many Muslims out even more.

Anyways, those are my two cents in a 100 dollar bill. Comments, questions are welcome. And on a side note, I apologize for not giving better insight into the whole thing. I don't watch South Park and nor am I ever planning on it. So I have no idea what happened in the episodes in exact details. Nor am I an expert in any form.

Using another's words, it's an unfortunate situation and we can't enforce what is said about Islam but can voice our concerns. "In any case, in the end, it comes down to the problems associated with the creation of mass media in general, and things can & potentially will get much worse as a result of it"

CC, out.

i kill you! From Achmed the dead terrorist:

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Picture (im)Perfect

I love this weather. It makes my colorful side come out. Instead of working on my 4 term papers that are due next week, everyday I wake up and think to myself hmm what can I look cute in today?

Like yesterday for instance I wore a beautiful blue and white printed summer dress. Then today I took out a flowery red, black, and white knee skirt paired with a black V-top with red bangles and matching earrings.

Then I just sat in front of the mirror trying to snap pictures.

Bad idea.

Apparently my camera cannot pick up my beauty for the life of it.

WHYYY must it deceive everyone??

Either I was not photogenic today or my camera (a Kodak) is terrible. Sigh. I think I'm done ranting and shall go back to finishing up my papers.

Peace out everyone!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mrs. Cullen: The Witness

Dear Friends,

Funny story. Last week my dad was out of the country. Two times that week we had Jehovah Witnesses come by. They always asked for my dad and I told them to come back next week. They spoke to me and were very kind. They even asked me my name. Then they told me it was beautiful.

I went to the library this morning because our printer wasn't working. When I came back home they were in the living room talking to my dad. They saw me, said hello and even used my name. They remembered! I thought this was funny. The fact they were inside talking to my dad and trying to convert him.

I never knew much about Jehovah Witnesses. I used to think they were Christians and could be Catholic, Baptist, etc and the only reason they were called Jehovah Witnesses was because they went house to house dressed in black and tried to convert people. Well I guess that's not true. They weren't wearing black. And, they are their own sect of Christianity. They believe their God's name is Jehovah. They don't celebrate Easter or Christmas. Oh. Well I guess I still don't know much about them.

Anyway. I went to my room while my dad spoke with them. One of the men is Indian and so is his wife. They used to be the "Sikh" religion and converted ten years ago. The others were white ladies. I think they purposely brought an Indian couple, thinking we can relate to them and that would help us BELIEVE!

Ok. So when they left, my dad told us what was said. He said that the Indian man was talking about their religion and wanted to read my dad something from the Bible. But he didn't have the Bible in his hand. One of the other ladies had it. So he asked her for it.

---Normally, when you ask someone for ANYTHING, you get up and get it from them. Or they get up and get it for you.----I mean, sometimes I throw my brother his car keys or the phone--but if its a book--never.---And if its my parents or someone older than me, or someone I respect (not that I don't respect my brother, cuties) then I would never throw anything at them. That's just something I've been taught since I was a child.---

So, he asks the lady for the Bible. The lady is sitting on the other side of the living room. She throws it at him. There are two ways to throw something. One is hold it and and gently throw it towards the side. The other way I would call a chuck. Its lifting it up in the air and throwing it--like a ball. That's what she did, but to a book. And not just any book; the Bible.

Anyway, my dad was so surprised that this happened and he told them this. He said, this is the word of God and you are throwing it? Anyway, basically the people were so embarrassed and they left. The End.

I kinda feel bad. Maybe it was a simple mistake. I dunno. I am sure not everyone is like this. I just can't imagine throwing the Qur'an like that. Or throwing it at all. I feel so terrible if I accidentally drop it. I place it on the highest level of my bookshelf so I am not accidentally pointing my feet towards it as I sleep. I dunno. I just thought it was an interesting story. The End.

Yours for the Sake of Peace and Sisterhood,
Mrs. Cullen

Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's blazing

Its orange-yellow hues lurk for prey
Fresh human flesh and decay

It moans and groans
It’s in need of food

Nor will it fill
It urges for more

Patches and spots
Of bright fire

Starting to spread
With each desire

Humans are no longer
Protecting themselves from sin

And the hell is blazing
Waiting for humans to go in


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My family is Weird

"Go downstairs!!!"

"Nooo. Why don't you?!"

"Cuz I'd have to change my clothes, put on my scarf, put on contacts and thennnnn go. All you have to do is put on a proper shirt!"

"Can they see us?"

Me and my brother peeked out of my parents' bedroom looking downstairs into the family room. All we could see was the leg of one person.

"Really C, I think you should go downstairs. Mom is downstairs cooking all by herself. How could you not be helping her?

"How could youuu?!"

"Is that all you can say?! She gave birth to you!"

"So? SHE gave birth to you too!'

"But MY HANDS are hurting. You know that! I'm not even making it up. I have an excuse"

"Yeah.Ok. HER HANDS arealwayshurtingshe'ssoannoyingalwaysusingherhandsasanexecusetonotdowork"

"You know I'm standing right here. You're grumbling like an old man"

"And you have the hands of an old WOman!"

"WHY are YOUUU even hiding?!! You just need to change your shirt!"

".....I unno...."

And this is the typical conversation one would find in my house when we have unexpected guests.

First, we have protesting.

"WHY do they have to come over?!"

"Make them come over tomorrow!"

"What do you MEAN they're coming over right now?!"

"I'm NOT helping!!"

Then, the cleaning frenzy. Which involves a lot of yelling, mostly on my part, mostly at my brothers, mostly for every possible item of theirs' that I find....and will find.

Take for example item #1. Socks.


One Sock. Ten Socks. White Socks. Every other Sock.
Socks on the couch.
Socks under the couch.
Socks by the TV
More Socks by the TV.

item #2. Books.

BOOKS And PAPERS everywhere!!

One BOOK. Ten thousand Papers. Yellow Book....Well you get the point

Next we have a running around frenzy which involves me and my brothers generally running around either to escape work or to bring back the escapees to work or running away at every sound of a car door closing thinking it's our guests.

Then when the doorbell rings....Well, imagine a cluster of um..herbivores that have detected a um.. prey coming after them and scatter away in less than five seconds to every possible location.

OR imagine an army sergeant giving his troop the order to scatter.

Either way you should have a pretty accurate picture. It's kinda like how my aunt described it once, "After ringing the doorbell, I hear a lot of running and whisper-yellings and thuds running up the stairs"

No, my parents are of course not included in this mad frenzy of me, my three brothers and my cat.

Well sometimes they can be I guess. But I'm not telling.

And today was just that day. Only with two less individuals running around. Two of my brothers where gone. Dad calls to tell us some relatives of his are coming over, by the way when we say relatives we mean third cousin's wife's sibling's in-law's second cousin's sister's neighbor and the family.

I kid. Well at least over the neighbor bit. So then that's when the process begins. And ends with the typical conversation of above, me and my brother, who were totally not dressed and already decided to remain upstairs and pretend to be A. Sleeping B. Not at home C. Non-existent or D. Sick.

And we remain there unless to A. Peek at the people B. Peek at them when they're leaving C. When our parents are heard saying in the most politest way, "Hey what are you guys doing up there? Guests are over at our house. Come meet them." And to our guests, "Haha yeah I guess they don't know you guys came over"

What else would you say with psychotic kids like us?

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Belgium's banning the burqa- (the full face covering). The first European country to do so- when they do it- some time this month. The law won't allow anyone to cover their face in public so that would also include the niqab (allows the eyes to be seen) in the ban.
France wants to push for a law that would ban the burqa as well, expanding the 2004 law that banned headscarves in state schools. Other countries such as Britain, the Netherlands, and many German states are also facing the debate in whether or not to expand their ban on headscarves in schools- to burqas in public places. And of course there was Switzerland last year banning mosques from building minarets.
But the thing that makes the Belgium ban different from the headscarf bans in other EU countries is that, it has the support- albeit cautious, of the Muslim community there.

Belgian Muslim: "It is wrong to say the burqa is part of Islam. The vast majority of Muslims do not wear it. And it's not a bad idea to give a signal that we need some rules to live together."

Another Belgian Muslim: "I don't like the burqa. Every person should be visible. In most cases, it is not a religious act, but a macho one...But I wonder if we need a law on it. If we do this, we could make it a symbol and reinforce extremists on all sides. And in the middle of this economic crisis, where everyone is concerned about their job, this is not the number one problem."

Belgian non-Muslim: "The Muslim community is not yet well-integrated in Belgium. The difference between them and us is still there. This law draws a line, saying we in western European democracies accept Muslim beliefs, but in order to live together and even communicate - we have to be seen."

This makes for an interesting conundrum. As a Muslim and as a female, I have thoughts on this- obviously. But does it matter what I think when the Muslims in said country are accepting of this? There is no doubt in my mind that when this law passes, there will be HUGE backlashes across the world from offended and outraged Muslims, but I don't live in Belgium and the closest thing I know about Belgium are their deliciously scrumptious waffles. So who am I to say that this law steps on the toes of Belgian women's rights to wear what they want? Even though that is kind of my first reaction. I don't know. It's complicated to say the least. When Denmark published those cartoons, it only turned into a big deal when Muslims outside of Denmark made it a big deal. Yeah of course there were Muslims in Denmark that were offended and angry, but the majority of people were like, oh.
Sometimes I think in trying to assert freedom and "democratizing" countries- we take away their right to feel and express the way they want to. I mean why can't we live in a world where we have countries and places that express their values in different ways- why does there only have to be one way? If the people are happy what right do I have to say- no, you would be happier this way?

Whatever thats just my mental vomit on the issue.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Youthful Wisdom: The Beatboxer

I have a new found passion.


Sure, I'm not amazing at it or anything. Buuuuut.... imagine this.

Presenting ... Youthful Wisdom, the Muslim Woman Beatboxer ... what what!

Has a nice ring to it, right?

Check this out... Flutebox Lee...He's one of my favorites..

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I think I was high off of cocoa puffs

*Hello there!

CC here, with a post I typed a while ago but didn't publish. Reading back on it now I really don't get the post but whatthehay it's kinda interesting**

Sunday morning.

Cocoa Puffs and sunday comics.

Once upon a time (three years ago) that above list would have included, Sunday morning cartoons. So for the heck of it, I decided to give my old friends another chance.

I mean anything to escape the studying. It was a good know old friends and stuff.

So there was this once cartoon, that I remember had started a little before I basically completely stopped watching Sunday morning cartoons. I can't remember the name, but it involves a gaming world, and monsters (no not Pokemon...stupids) . And there's this green monster/hero guy.

So anyways, the green monster/hero guys says this line in the cartoon, "Only the strong can afford to trust" (Or was it, "Only the powerful"?) . So first I snort in my head over that extremely stupid, Star Wars like, line.

Then I started thinking about that line.

Only the strong can afford to actually makes sense.

Note how the line says, CAN AFFORD. It doesn't say should, or would, but that they could afford to. Yeah, you could throw a lot of examples at me, and show me how the strong actually become more paranoid, or can afford to trust less. But as a general rule, it makes sense.

And that from a cartoon with monsters (and its still not Pokemon).

The weak can't afford to trust, because they don't know who or what is going to eat them alive. Both metaphoricallyl and literally.

Voldemort could afford to trust his hunchmen. Why?

Because he was strong, and believed they could never do something against him

His hunchmen couldn't afford to trust him. Why?

Because they knew Voldemort was stronger, and could afford to kill them.

Humans, generally can afford to trust their pets. Their dogs are tamed and submissive. The human is the master, the stronger one. On the other hand, one would not generally trust a stray. Especially if those strays enjoy running chasing you (don't ask).

It is the strong that know that would be untouched even if the weak wanted to hurt them. And trusting someone or something, is different from being comfortable. Though, the two are related.

You might be comfortable around someone, but do you trust them? Maybe not completely. But why? Because they could still hurt you? How and why could they hurt you? Because you're vulnerable to the hurt, you're not that strong of a person, you have weaknesses.

Also, notice that you can describe strength in different ways-mentally, physically, emotionally etc.

Ok I'm gonna stop myself here. I'm sorry about that post, but I really wanted to share that lame hallelujah moment with someone. Just think about it. It's kinda fun.

Promise it is.

On a side note, my laptop crashed. And I forgot I had a blog for a couple days now. HP really knows how to make great products. I talked to a HP guy today who was pretty helpful.

But seriously, I did not pay all this money for a laptop that's making my life harder. And his suggestion was to get another year warranty for another couple 100 dollars.



I already PAID you money, to give me a good, relatively durable laptop. YOUR laptop keeps screwing on me, MY warranty is ending, and I get NO compensation for the hell I've been put through.

Instead I get the option to pay MORE money that I do NOT have, to cover problems that I SHOULD NOT be having.

Can someone please call HP on my behalf and yell at them.

I ended leaving the conversation giving a 9/10 for my overall HP experience.

I don't even know how it happened.

I'm pathetic.

Hmm I smell food. Bye.

p.s. Just to update you all, my warranty expired and my laptop is still having issues and my backspace key is missing. Maybe I should try the Windows 7? I have a feeling no one is going to respond to my question but I'm asking anyways.

p.p.s. I really don't know what was going through my head when I wrote that post, I sound like I was high but I promise I wasn't. At least not on anything illegal. And you should get a prize if you got through that post.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Rant of the Day

Just when I was beginning to think that as an American, I got it wrong, that I was wrong in my perceptions and in my preconceived notions of what people in the Middle East were like— I read this:

Saudi Arabia To Execute TV Host For Sorcery

I mean are you EFFING SERIOUS???? The guy was a Lebanese tv host that read out horoscopes over the air! Oh and the best part was that they got him when he went to Saudi Arabia for UMRAH (pilgrimage). That’s just sadistic.

Yup. That definitely ruined my day. In other news the Vaticans spokeperson-preacher said the abuse allegations that the Pope and the church were receiving reminded him “of the most shameful aspects of anti-semitism”. I’m thinking: open mouth, insert foot. Let’s just say the Jews are not pleased.

Ever since moving to Dubai, I’ve kind of stayed out of the meat and bones of politics going on in America. Which is different for me but was definitely a yummy breather. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE politics- it’s just that I’ve been living and breathing all the vitriol for such a long time that, I was happy for the respite 

But that said, lets talk politics!

So the healthcare bill is now law. And of course with every unpopular law, there are those that will work to repeal it- which is exactly what the entire Republican party and a handful of identity-confused democrats are doing. Some states have joined together in a lawsuit against the government saying, the law over-reaches the powers of the government and cannot mandate states to follow it…anyone who ever came into contact with the constitution will know that this is complete bull$%#* and doesn’t have a chance of winning. So why would these governors and senators and congressmen go through the embarrassment of “suing” the government? Well the popular opinion is that they will lock in the conservative vote come the senate elections this November, 36 seats are up for grabs- well actually most of them don’t have real challengers but with the democrats only leading by a slim majority, one or two seats would swing the momentum. If you can call what the democrats are doing, momentum.

SO what exactly does this law do? Well in my opinion not even nearly as much as I want it to do, but some change is better than none.

1) Provides coverage to an estimated 30 million people who are currently NOT covered

2) Requires Americans who can afford it, to buy health insurance

3) Adds an additional 16 million people to Medicaid

4) Subsidizes private coverage for low and middle income people

5) Regulates private insurers:
    a) Bans: denial of care due to pre-existing conditions

6) Congressional Budget Office states that it will reduce the federal deficit by $138 billion

Yup. That’s the law in a nutshell- I mean the law is over 1000 pages with a bunch of other stuff in it but these are like the big building blocks of the bill. And the other stuff is super boring and I don’t feel like torturing you with it. I think I’ll save that for a rainy day. One thing I am interested in though, when the republicans start campaigning (who am I kidding, they’ve been campaigning since 2008)- are they going to run on the platform: “Repeal the healthcare LAW that insures 30 million more people and brings down the federal defecit!!! YEAH NO OBAMACARE- Oh and while we're at it lets kick off ALL THOSE OLD people that this law now covers under the expanded medicaid rules!!" If thats their platform, I don't think Obama should sweat it- but then again Americans are notoriously stupid so maybe....