Sunday, April 4, 2010

Rant of the Day

Just when I was beginning to think that as an American, I got it wrong, that I was wrong in my perceptions and in my preconceived notions of what people in the Middle East were like— I read this:

Saudi Arabia To Execute TV Host For Sorcery

I mean are you EFFING SERIOUS???? The guy was a Lebanese tv host that read out horoscopes over the air! Oh and the best part was that they got him when he went to Saudi Arabia for UMRAH (pilgrimage). That’s just sadistic.

Yup. That definitely ruined my day. In other news the Vaticans spokeperson-preacher said the abuse allegations that the Pope and the church were receiving reminded him “of the most shameful aspects of anti-semitism”. I’m thinking: open mouth, insert foot. Let’s just say the Jews are not pleased.

Ever since moving to Dubai, I’ve kind of stayed out of the meat and bones of politics going on in America. Which is different for me but was definitely a yummy breather. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE politics- it’s just that I’ve been living and breathing all the vitriol for such a long time that, I was happy for the respite 

But that said, lets talk politics!

So the healthcare bill is now law. And of course with every unpopular law, there are those that will work to repeal it- which is exactly what the entire Republican party and a handful of identity-confused democrats are doing. Some states have joined together in a lawsuit against the government saying, the law over-reaches the powers of the government and cannot mandate states to follow it…anyone who ever came into contact with the constitution will know that this is complete bull$%#* and doesn’t have a chance of winning. So why would these governors and senators and congressmen go through the embarrassment of “suing” the government? Well the popular opinion is that they will lock in the conservative vote come the senate elections this November, 36 seats are up for grabs- well actually most of them don’t have real challengers but with the democrats only leading by a slim majority, one or two seats would swing the momentum. If you can call what the democrats are doing, momentum.

SO what exactly does this law do? Well in my opinion not even nearly as much as I want it to do, but some change is better than none.

1) Provides coverage to an estimated 30 million people who are currently NOT covered

2) Requires Americans who can afford it, to buy health insurance

3) Adds an additional 16 million people to Medicaid

4) Subsidizes private coverage for low and middle income people

5) Regulates private insurers:
    a) Bans: denial of care due to pre-existing conditions

6) Congressional Budget Office states that it will reduce the federal deficit by $138 billion

Yup. That’s the law in a nutshell- I mean the law is over 1000 pages with a bunch of other stuff in it but these are like the big building blocks of the bill. And the other stuff is super boring and I don’t feel like torturing you with it. I think I’ll save that for a rainy day. One thing I am interested in though, when the republicans start campaigning (who am I kidding, they’ve been campaigning since 2008)- are they going to run on the platform: “Repeal the healthcare LAW that insures 30 million more people and brings down the federal defecit!!! YEAH NO OBAMACARE- Oh and while we're at it lets kick off ALL THOSE OLD people that this law now covers under the expanded medicaid rules!!" If thats their platform, I don't think Obama should sweat it- but then again Americans are notoriously stupid so maybe....


Constructive Attitude said...

thats crazy about the tv host.

and thanks for explaining the healthcare bill. its so much easier to get news from you. im serious.

Facta Non Verba said...

Solid Reporting. I'm chiming in that the republican tactic seems foolhardy - but you never know with the American electrict - a little scare and they can be a crazy bunch to predict. The republicans are so good at convincing people to vote against their own interests - its amazing how FEAR in politics can motivate people. Though its kind of difficult to give people liberties and then yank it away.
Whats interesting though- in historical terms - is that this is going to be remembered as one of the major shift in USA domestic politics - that does not have any impute from the opposition party what so ever. It'll be interesting to watch the repructions of this whole debockle for the years to come.

* Dude Sudia is freakin crazy - SORCARY IN 2010?! REALLY! REALLY?! I couldn't believe this when i heard it on the radio/saw it on TV.

Little T said...

"identity confused democrats". LOL!

supreem said...

oh my God! that's a load of BS! I can't believe they're going to execute someone for reading horoscopes, in another country, and they detained him at umrah!

MarjnHomer said...

well in islam it does state not to listen to sorcerers or read horoscopes because once you start reading and believin them then...

they just doing what they think is right