Wednesday, March 30, 2011


:::lick lick lick lick:::

Oh! Sho dis iz how humanz type.
Todeys, mai humanz dath forgetz, forgotz dath she shuppose to type teh "expose" on a Muzhlimz todeys. Its shum humanz idea fo herz blogs.

So to mai humanz, I shedh, "Don't wowwy humanz, Kitty wil do itzed!!"

Buttt fwist, I woln howz to do humanz speaked....o no dumb humanz undehstanded phost...SHIH.. dumbb humanz..

Iz dis betteh? ...Can humanz understandz me now?.... Howz aboutz now?
So dis blog posth will bhe abouts me!

EVERY MOHNING my humanz wakez up in the earrlyyy morning. I iz happy of course, cuz i getz food. She wake up and she goz to the bahtroomz and getz readyz for prayer. She prayz five timez a day. She goz up thens downz then upz again when shez praying. Shometimes it makez me dizzy.

And she prayz to God. I knowz becauze I prayz to God too, but I doesn't prayz like muzlimz doez.. Teh Muzlimz has their Holy book, itz called QURAN...oh shorry, I dunno howz it became CAPS. oh itz do it again.
So in der book it says,

``Seest thou not that it is God Whose praises are celebrated by all beings in the heavens and on earth, and by the birds with extended wings? Each one knows its prayer and psalm, And Allah is aware of what they do.'' (Qur'an 22:18)

Thatz called a TRANSWATION! I meanz TRANSLATION...Inz it says that allllllll us libing tings praise God n remembeh Him. Thatz how wez pray.

Anywayz thatz how I prayz to God. Becuaze like my humanz I belieb that God created ewewything!
So after I watchez my human pray the earlyyy morning prayer, I start to meow!! That's howz i getz food fo the early morning, or else my humanz goz back to bed.

The trickz iz to keep meowing until Humanz undershtands. I mean understands.
Then shometimes I want to play with my humanz but she goes to bedz if shez tiredz, o she goez n sitz in front of some stupid papers and stares. SHE JUST SITZ THEREZ N STARE!!

WHY doezn't she stare at meh? I iz so much betteh! Sometimez I sit on her paperz n starezez at herz. N then she starezez at me and tells me to movez. But I just sitz therez.

Sometimez my Humanz sleepz... I EATZ HER PAPEZ!!!! Dey don't tasted goodz, but I EATZ DEM ANYWAYS!

Sometimez, I makez my humanz angryz. Sometimes I want my territoryz, o sometimes I dozn't like my humanz paw, so sometimez i bitez it to make it listen then I dunnoz why but MY HUMANZ getz angry with me and we fightz. It was allllll the stupidh pawz fault!!!

Thenz I have to remindz my humanz what teh Prophet of Islamz said:
"The Prophet said, ``While a man was walking he felt thirsty and went down a well, and drank water from it. On coming out of it, he saw a dog panting and eating mud because of excessive thirst. The man said, `This (dog) is suffering from the same problem as that of mine.' So, he (went down the well), filled his shoe with water, caught hold of it with his teeth and climbed up and watered the dog. Allah thanked him for his (good) deed and forgave him.'' The people asked ``O Allah's Apostle! Is there a reward for us in serving (the) animals?'' He replied: ``Yes, there is a reward for serving any animate (living being).''
(Narrated by Abu Huraira -- Volume 3, Book 40, Number 551)

Itz okayz. Sometimez my humanz foh getz she supposd to sheve me. I mean serve me.
I forgivez my humanz uzually. Kittyz hab to do thatz. Humanz dozn't knowz any betteh. Good thing I memohwized dat hadith (hadith meanz a saying of the Prophet of Islamz)

Oh n other timez whenz my human prayz or readz Quran I sitz there quietly and watch my humanz. It'z nice to shee herz not staringz at this stupidz computeh or teh stupidz papehs.

I HATE DEM PAPEHS! Sometimes when I need to throwz up, I goz and findz her papehs. heh heh

SO Kitty wantedz to tellz to all Kittyz to learns dat hadithz. Humanz ah dumb and fogetz a lot!!
But sometimez, we kittyz neededz to be nice to ouh humanz. Like sometimes, my humanz getz sad from schoolz or the news or stuffz, n sometimez she'll pray o sometimez she and comez and tellz me "I lub you" and dens I tell her "Don't worry God is wewy nice, He's nice to nice people and even meanz ppl"

Sometimez humanz fo getz that God takez care of evewything

She dozn't say it, but I knowz humanz says thankz youz in herz heartz.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

El oh el!

Laughing is refreshing. It's fun to do. It's a helluva lot better than sulking.

Occasionally me and Chuckle have laughing fests. I'll laugh about something, she'll laugh at my distinctive laugh. And next thing you know, we have tears streaming down our face and we're holding the sides of our stomachs from pain.

We also used to lie down next to each other, in an upside down position, and talk to one another. The way your mouth looks in this position, while you talk, used to crack us up! It just looked so dumb and funny to see your mouth move from an upside down angle.

So after watching the recent CNN special on "Unwelcome: The Muslims Next Door", I was in a state of panic and worry and disgust and anger and just an overall upset mood. If you haven't watched it or didn't hear about it, it's basically about the city of Mursfreesboro, Tennessee, enraged that the Muslim residents of the city decided on relocating and constructing their mosque to a larger space. There were many people for and OBVIOUSLY against the building of the mosque and many protests over it. So much controversy surrounded it that it was taken to court. Just a lot of tension, bigotry, and ignorance in the city of Mursfreesboro. It was very disheartening to watch and take in.

However I got an email today from one of our former authors, Artistic Logic, that has kept me laughing all day. Instead of getting upset and outraged, Artistic Logic, more or less, pointed out the ridiculous things people say, ludicrous things people do, and even the outrageous things people wear. Not to mention the lack of knowledge people have about a lot of things these days, particularly that of Islam and Muslims. Don't get me wrong, the special presented by CNN is a very serious issue and impacts many people, myself included. And I applaud CNN for taking the initiative and raising awareness about this. But after some time, if you really look back on it, and listen to some of the stuff and watch the actions of people, it really makes you guffaw at it all.

While talking about subject and predicate parts of a sentence with my class, I randomly thought of it, and I suppressed a giggle. And then again when I was yelling at my students for shouting out during instruction, I had to force the smile away that was creeping up on my lips. And while driving home from work, I was grinning from ear to ear, while thinking about it.

I dont know about you, but I just love to laugh. I feel like my whole day was much nicer cause of that email that had me hooting since dawn.

Not to mention that LOL-ing is much more fun and better,then say, FML-ing.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

In a Dream

It's been a difficult semester, what with endless writing assignments on top of endless noodle binges, life has been weird for the past few months. It seems like i'm still trying to find my place in this life. But i've decided to look for some of the good things that have been happening, for there are MANY. First and foremost, OMG who knew noodles could be sooo effing delicious??!! Also, being situated across from a high school, I get to pass some cute high school boys playing some hardcore tennis, every day on my way to school! Ok so maybe i'm a pedo, whatever, cute boys are cute boys. Also after being separated from my best friend for almost a year, she's coming to see me! And on her birthday too :))). There are few things that make me happier then just chillin with my bestie :). God, I love that girl; thank you for letting me collide with her.

Also, ivy on this particular ivy league, is quite beautiful. All throughout winter these vines that have creeped their way up to the top, were an inspiration. No matter where I am in this life, there's only one direction and i'm making my way there :). A beautiful reminder that there are no mistakes and no wrong turns. It is remarkable to me how wonderful life can be, I will use that tired adage to describe it: even on a cloudy day- you always know the sun is there, waiting, peeking, and will always be there. To share it's warmth and love, with you.

Walking home a few days ago, it started to snow. I hurried along, not wearing a jacket- stupid weather was having menopause or something, it was 70F just the day before- I happened to glance down at my phone and noticed on my arm, was a perfect snowflake. The most beautiful and tiny, white beauty that made me stop and smile. There really is perfection in all things, was the first thought that popped into my head, the next was that it was freaking cold! Baby steps, right? .0_0.

Life is good, no- it's wonderful. I have been blessed with a truly unique path, for all paths are unique. Sometimes I forget that we were not created to emulate one another, but to be ourselves. To live for ourselves. To find the beauty and the love, within ourselves. I'm not one for resolutions, or false goals but I have one for myself: I hope every day, no matter what, I can look for things to appreciate. To appreciate the blessings that have been bestowed, upon me. For thankfully, there are many!

Here's to a wonderful semester, filled with aced term papers and easy finals. And of course noodles- lots and lots of yummy noodles! :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tales of a Teacher: The Good, the Bad, and the Really Ugly

I'm back? But I haven't really gone anywhere.

I dont know why I've been MIA lately. No particular reason other than the fact that I dont know what to write about...I guess..
There are moments when thoughts creep in my head, and I'm like "Oooooo, post worthy!!" But then I forget, or I think it's not post worthy, or I think it's not post worthy and I force myself to forget about it. I dont like feeling that way, cause then I feel like I'm limiting and restricting myself and my thoughts. Which isn't really cool, nor fair.

Anyways, one of my students stole from me today. It broke my heart. For like a second. Then my broken heart turned into rage. I just dont understand how things like this happen.

I had a oatmeal pie at work today. Took it with me to K's classroom, where the first grade crew likes to hang out and have lunch. I hadn't been feeling so well, so I decided not to consume the oatmeal pie. Instead I brought it back with me to eat later. I set it on my semi circle table and continued reading the next chapter of Charlotte's Web in commemoration of Reading Month. After finishing the most recent chapter, I send a couple of student's to the semi circle table so we can continue our lesson. And I go to reach for my oatmeal pie, and it's not there.

"Where's my oatmeal pie?"
"I dont know"
"I didnt see it."
"What oatmeal pie?"

"I left it right here. It didnt just grow legs and walk away. Did you guys see it?"


Then, I see it. The smirk. The smirk that I know so well. The smirk from M. The one that I've gotten to know oh so well.

"Can you empty your pockets?"
While emptying his pockets and pulling out an oatmeal pie, M says, "My friend, D, gave me this."

Turns out D didn't even come to school today. And he carried on the lie with saying that D gave it to him yesterday. To make a long story short, M was sent to the office with a referral and the possibility of being suspended.

This has nothing to do with him stealing a cookie. Yes, it is just a cookie. Yes, he might have been hungry. Yes, he might be deprived of sweets at home. Yes, he is only seven years old. Yes, he may not really have known what he was doing. Yes, he may really have gotten it from someone else. Yes, he may have been scared and not really have known what to say.

Yes, for a bunch of other things.

But I have never felt so betrayed by one of my students. Things like this dont happen in my classroom. You hear about things like this from your colleagues, and you thank your God that your students know better than that. They know right from wrong. They have good morals.

And no matter what excuse you may give him, it just doesnt justify his stealing and then lying about it.

It makes me feel like I've taught him nothing this whole year.

Friday, March 18, 2011

In Pursuit of my Cousin

A few years ago my cousin, her cousin, my sister and I went to watch In Pursuit of Happyness.Wow that was a long time ago. Feels like yesterday. We had about an hour to kill before the movie started so we decided to get some ice cream. As we were stuffing out faces HE walked in. He was around my height {Indians in India are short}, wearing a red baseball cap covering half his face, a big blingy earring in his left ear, baby blue sweatshirt, baggy dark wash jeans, sneakers and, of course, a huge silver chain. I never thought I could so accurately remember his description, but I never thought I'd have acid thrown in my face until that moment, either.

Okay, we didn't have acid thrown in our faces but didn't you catch that episode of Oprah way back when??

We finished up our ice cream and still had about half an hour so we decided to explore the stores. As we were about to enter a clothing store we hear a guy calling out behind us, "Excuse me? Excuse me??" Normally I just ignore because it's never for me. But this guy was persistent. We finally turned around and {not to me, of course} to my cousin says, "Excuse me.....I think I'm in love with you."

Hmmthat'sniceyaykthanksbye. None of us said anything. We just walked into the store.

It's like this. In America, if a guy opens the door for you, you smile and say thank you. In India, if a guy opens a door for you, you shoot him a glare that implies that you're ready to slap him around with the bottom of your shoe. Things are different here and even simple eye contact usually ends up in one of the parties getting too excited...and the other being stalked.

As we were browsing along, minding our own business, I noticed the same guy standing outside. Waiting anxiously. Anyways, it's almost movie time so we're like whatever, just ignore him and he'll take the hint and leave. But he calls out to my cousin again while following us around the mall. And we ignore him again, this time ducking into another store. The shoe store has all glass walls and the guy is staring at us through the glass and following us around the store from the outside. It was REALLY CREEPY, guys. Following us from glass wall to glass wall. I don't think he came in because they'd call security or something for harrassing potential customers.

I don't know why it didn't occur to us to call security right then and there.

Movie time, thank God. The theaters are on another floor and you're not allowed up without a ticket. He didn't have a ticket. It was funny watching him from above on the escalator. He just stood there like a little sad puppy, watching us.

During intermission we go out for popcorn and other movie things. and *gasp* There he is. Watching. Waiting. He either bought a ticket or did something {read: bribed someone} to get up there. My cousin wasn't with us, so he came running up to us, pleading to speak to my cousin.

Again. Ignore.

You guys might think telling him off or simply nicely saying no, she's not interested would be enough. But this is the third world, India Edition, and like I said, being nice gets you in trouble. Eye contact gets you in trouble. Breathing at the wrong time will get you into trouble.

So the movie ends and this guy has been waiting for about two hours or so outside the theater. Again, he follows us around and we go to the parking lot. He stopped following us and we breathe a sigh of relief. I mean, what if he followed us home or something? Or what if he punctured our tires or did something in the dark empty parking lot?? WHO KNOWS HOW THIS GUY WOULD TURN OUT.

It's always the little ones. They're like evil little elves or something.

I'm little. Does that make me evil? *shiftty eyes*

So we're driving out of the parking lot and we all start screaming in horror because outside the exit there he was, waiting on his motorcycle. I figured he's stalked many women in his time or he had thought of everything possible in case he found "the one" for him.

At this point we really start to freak out thinking he'll follow us home and burn the house down or something. Oh, and I had images of acid being splashed on my face, of course. My cousin's cousin then tells the security guard to hold the guy for about five minutes. And that she'll report him if he doesn't stop him from following us. Oh Em Gee. The whole ride home we were freaking out whenever we saw a guy with a red cap on. But Alhamdulillah, we were able to get away from him.

If you've made it this far, you're probably thinking how dumb it was to freak out like that or anything. I would, too, but after living here I've learned that things are handled much differently here. And I treat guys differently here than I do in when I'm in America. I'm still laughing about how he strategically parked his bike right outside the exit so he could easily follow us out.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Prayer for Japan

Friday's 9.0-magnitude quake and tsunami devastated Japan's north-east coast, with more than 3,000 confirmed dead and thousands missing. (BBC)

A fire and explosion at the Fukushima Daiichi plant led to temporary radiation spike (CNN)

The radiation fears added to the catastrophe that has been unfolding in Japan, where at least 10,000 people are believed to have been killed and millions of people have spent four nights with little food, water or heating in near-freezing temperatures as they dealt with the loss of homes and loved ones. (Huffington Post)

 The National Police Agency said Tuesday afternoon that, so far, 2,722 people were confirmed to have died in the earthquake and tsunami, and many thousands remained missing. Bodies continued to wash ashore after having been pulled out to sea by the tsunami’s retreat. (NY Times)

Please take some time out to make a prayer for Japan. May God make it easier for them and protect them all! 

Friday, March 11, 2011

peep peep

Since Muslims do not eat piggies or pig products, I've never tasted peeps. There are halal marshmallows out there, but I haven't come across halal peeps. I went to an Islamic school when I was younger and this girl would show up with peeps around Easter every year. She was Muslim, too, but I think her parents didn't want her and her sister to feel left out or something because they celebrated all religious holidays.

So she would come in with her yellow, fluffy, cutie pie peeps and the rest of us would watch as she stuffed them in her mouth. Of course, she offered, but none of us ate it. I'm surprised, now that I think of it. I mean, we were kids after all. I could've taken a bite and no one would know. But I was a goody goody and just gloomily watched. So her and the non-Muslim girl would bond over peeps while the rest of us would only dream of what they tasted like. But then we'd forget by recess. Until the next day.

I'm still curious. Do they taste like regular marshmallows? Someone enlighten me. I'm dying here.

I think these are cute. And check out some more at the peeps show II over here. :)

Speaking of marshmallows, I advise everyone against playing Chubby Bunny. Especially while intoxicated. You CAN die. And wikipedia only states two deaths due to the game, but trust me, more people have actually died. I think some marshmallow companies tell you to eat one at a time, too. 

I was going to blog about other, more serious things going on in the world. But after seeing what happened in Japan and viewing photos and watching videos of the quake, I decided I couldn't do it. 

Is it just me or does med school/grad school {even though I'm out} make people super depressed in general. And to hear about depressing things everywhere you turn has a super additive effect and I get into super depression. Then all I want to do is drink tea and sit in the corner and not talk to anyone forever.

But to me, ignorance would be worse. The only good thing about being depressed about world issues is that at least I still care. At least I'm not desensitized to everything other than myself. Even though I feel like it since I haven't been out of the house in days, in front of the computer studying. Like CC said in her post below in number 8, I think people might hate me. Or maybe they think I hate them. {So, to my friends, I heart you all. I'm just busy with studying.  And other junk you know about anyways.}

Peace {somewhere out there}

Sunday, March 6, 2011

What would you do with a Klondike bar? Answer: Wonder if it'll make me fat

Earthquake in Christchurch, fighting in Libya, thousands fleeing, protests in Wisconsin, children killed in Afghanistan, Yemen unease increasing, pirates capture civilians, orphans killed in a fire in Estonia,...and I stopped.

After writing a couple posts and following the unease in the middle east like a psycho, I felt like the news was exploding and I couldn't take it anymore. I stopped checking twitter, I stopped checking CNN or BBC or Al-jazeera. My mind felt like it was spinning and I just couldn't take any of it. I was done.

I couldn't give a crap about the Oscars or any award show. So what do I do when I just drop everything and I badly need a nice distraction?

1. I go look for my cat. We had a nice conversation about my future as a crazy cat lady. Then we argued over whether I should stop using bubbles to play with her, she doesn't seem to care that I think too much of those soapy spheres might make her sick

2. I try and figure out why I suck at controlling my remote control car. I actually sat there telling myself, "If I push the right button, the car will move to its Right...which is THAT side, and not THIS side"

3. I stare at my face in the mirror. GOD WHY ISN'T THERE SOME MIRACLE CREAM TO TAKE CARE OF MY SKIN?! WHY? Apple REALLY needs to start researching into a skin line.

4. Then I stare at my eyes...WOW they've managed to get smaller and smaller, and darker and darker...OMG I have wrinkles!!!

5. I ponder about all the things I should do when I quit medical school. "I COULD become a teacher....but the kids will probably run all over me or give me the title of the B$%^# teacher...sigh.. I COULD become a .......nah that's all I got. Double sigh.

6. I wonder if I should start studying. Then when I do, I wonder if I should go back to number 5.

7. I go back to starting at my face in the mirror. Then my Hair. Then imagine myself getting into exercise and becoming healthy and cool.

8. I question whether all my friends hate me. Then I wonder about why I'm wondering about that. Then I think about how humans are so silly. Haha.. Silly humans!

9. I make a mental list of how Cereal is similar to Drugs, while I eat my Cocoa Puffs/ Frosted Flakes/Cinna buns/Cookie Crisp/Smacks/any other sugar infested highly addictive cereal.

10. I imagine a life, where my cat loves me SO much and always like snuggling with me and being pet and always listens to me. Then I tell my cat about my dream. Then I watch her blink at me and tell me that I'm an idiot.

11. I refresh, and see if they have any featured articles that I haven't checked out since the last time I refreshed which was like two minutes ago.

12. Finally, I wonder if I should just go back to bed and just start the day over again. Which I'm sure is partially the reason I'm gaining weight.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Hodgepodge of Sorts

I've had so many things on my mind lately and so I'm just going to spew them out as methodologically as I can ...

A couple the Hubster and I are a friends with recently got a divorce. It happened so unexpectedly and subsequently was a huge shocker. The two of them seemed SO happy and perfect together. But on the inside things were happening that they couldn't reconcile. The idea of divorce freaks me out. At what point to people decide thats the best option for them? I suppose the bad must really outweigh the good in the relationship. My mom and I were discussing this and she said that nowadays people don't have true patience to deal with these type of issues. Honestly, with the divorce rate these days, I agree. A lot of divorcees I know say that they're happier once everything's done and over. I just wonder how much truth there is to that statement sometimes especially when it seems so hard to deal with the psychological issues which arise because of a divorce. I dont know.. 

This past Sunday we took a day trip to Chicago to visit some good friends for a gathering. We ended up getting to the city SUPER early (9am) which was a fail because we realized we had nothing to do for a couple hours. I'm sure museums, the bean, and expensive shops on Lake Shore are all wonderful things to do for some people, but not us. What did we in Chicago? We bought a pack of Uno from Walgreens and spent a lovely morning/early afternoon playing Uno and drinking White Mocha at a coffee shop off Broadway. Let me tell was the funnest trip to the Chi I've ever had! We had a friend meet up with us there and guess what? Her and her two kids enjoyed some games of Uno with us too! 

My cat is shedding too much. I've been brushing him everyday now but there's still cat hair all over the place, even if you can't really see it. Any advice?

I just bought a Blackberry and new phone plan yesterday. Woo hoo to finally having a smart phone with a data plan beyond text messaging. Now I feel like completely up and with the times.

Gaddafi is really pissing me off. In one of the recent videos he claimed that that there weren't any demonstrations happening on the streets of Libya and that his people truly love him. The man MUST be smoking something stronger than weed for sure. Thank God his assets are frozen right now. 

Lastly, I recently started listening to Yuna. She's a Malaysian guitarist, singer, artist, fashionista, etc. She was in Chicago this past weekend for an event. I know people have mixed feelings because she's a female Muslim artist but all I can say is that she sounds a better version of Nora Jones. Check it out.