Tuesday, March 29, 2011

El oh el!

Laughing is refreshing. It's fun to do. It's a helluva lot better than sulking.

Occasionally me and Chuckle have laughing fests. I'll laugh about something, she'll laugh at my distinctive laugh. And next thing you know, we have tears streaming down our face and we're holding the sides of our stomachs from pain.

We also used to lie down next to each other, in an upside down position, and talk to one another. The way your mouth looks in this position, while you talk, used to crack us up! It just looked so dumb and funny to see your mouth move from an upside down angle.

So after watching the recent CNN special on "Unwelcome: The Muslims Next Door", I was in a state of panic and worry and disgust and anger and just an overall upset mood. If you haven't watched it or didn't hear about it, it's basically about the city of Mursfreesboro, Tennessee, enraged that the Muslim residents of the city decided on relocating and constructing their mosque to a larger space. There were many people for and OBVIOUSLY against the building of the mosque and many protests over it. So much controversy surrounded it that it was taken to court. Just a lot of tension, bigotry, and ignorance in the city of Mursfreesboro. It was very disheartening to watch and take in.

However I got an email today from one of our former authors, Artistic Logic, that has kept me laughing all day. Instead of getting upset and outraged, Artistic Logic, more or less, pointed out the ridiculous things people say, ludicrous things people do, and even the outrageous things people wear. Not to mention the lack of knowledge people have about a lot of things these days, particularly that of Islam and Muslims. Don't get me wrong, the special presented by CNN is a very serious issue and impacts many people, myself included. And I applaud CNN for taking the initiative and raising awareness about this. But after some time, if you really look back on it, and listen to some of the stuff and watch the actions of people, it really makes you guffaw at it all.

While talking about subject and predicate parts of a sentence with my class, I randomly thought of it, and I suppressed a giggle. And then again when I was yelling at my students for shouting out during instruction, I had to force the smile away that was creeping up on my lips. And while driving home from work, I was grinning from ear to ear, while thinking about it.

I dont know about you, but I just love to laugh. I feel like my whole day was much nicer cause of that email that had me hooting since dawn.

Not to mention that LOL-ing is much more fun and better,then say, FML-ing.


Artistic Logic said...

hahaha i als o did the upside down talking face with my sister....the middle one doesn't get it but the older one and i have a riot (well had since we haven't done it in a long time)....its so funnyyyyyyyyyy
and yay im glad you were un-upsetted!

Misha said...

I'd never heard of the CNN special on that, will have to check it out!

Margie said...

Laughter is truly the best medicine!!!!

Margie :):):)

Sabirah said...

You just reminded me of my cousin. She has this really quirky laugh that comes out only when she is really really funny. That laugh kills me. I will be rolling around...not being able to breath...for a good 5-10 minutes w/ that laugh. Fun times.

chuckle said...

"Guffaw" haha what a funny word. It's like the sound crows make "caw! caw!" w/o the "guff".

Loredana said...

I totally agree on the fact that people are very ignorant to things and just take it 'as it is' or how the news is portraying it. But everything has it's sides and you can't just go with what you're seeing and have that define what it is. You have to do your own research and have your own REAL opinions on it.

And at the end of the day the only thing to do is laugh because if thats all you've got left then give it a big HA!!!

Sulthana said...

Laughter rocks. And smiling. Both very infectious :)

PS love the new look ladies, very refreshing and clean :)

Anonymous said...

LOLing is indeed more fun than FML-ing but not more fun than F-ing!

sorry couldn't help it

Rationality said...

LOL you're so cute. Liked your post:)