Sunday, March 27, 2011

In a Dream

It's been a difficult semester, what with endless writing assignments on top of endless noodle binges, life has been weird for the past few months. It seems like i'm still trying to find my place in this life. But i've decided to look for some of the good things that have been happening, for there are MANY. First and foremost, OMG who knew noodles could be sooo effing delicious??!! Also, being situated across from a high school, I get to pass some cute high school boys playing some hardcore tennis, every day on my way to school! Ok so maybe i'm a pedo, whatever, cute boys are cute boys. Also after being separated from my best friend for almost a year, she's coming to see me! And on her birthday too :))). There are few things that make me happier then just chillin with my bestie :). God, I love that girl; thank you for letting me collide with her.

Also, ivy on this particular ivy league, is quite beautiful. All throughout winter these vines that have creeped their way up to the top, were an inspiration. No matter where I am in this life, there's only one direction and i'm making my way there :). A beautiful reminder that there are no mistakes and no wrong turns. It is remarkable to me how wonderful life can be, I will use that tired adage to describe it: even on a cloudy day- you always know the sun is there, waiting, peeking, and will always be there. To share it's warmth and love, with you.

Walking home a few days ago, it started to snow. I hurried along, not wearing a jacket- stupid weather was having menopause or something, it was 70F just the day before- I happened to glance down at my phone and noticed on my arm, was a perfect snowflake. The most beautiful and tiny, white beauty that made me stop and smile. There really is perfection in all things, was the first thought that popped into my head, the next was that it was freaking cold! Baby steps, right? .0_0.

Life is good, no- it's wonderful. I have been blessed with a truly unique path, for all paths are unique. Sometimes I forget that we were not created to emulate one another, but to be ourselves. To live for ourselves. To find the beauty and the love, within ourselves. I'm not one for resolutions, or false goals but I have one for myself: I hope every day, no matter what, I can look for things to appreciate. To appreciate the blessings that have been bestowed, upon me. For thankfully, there are many!

Here's to a wonderful semester, filled with aced term papers and easy finals. And of course noodles- lots and lots of yummy noodles! :)


Constructive Attitude said...

Your positive thoughts are contagious :)

EmptyWords said...

That was such a beautiful and sincere post... I loved every part of it.

nelson said...

Life is indeed wonderful! I admire your appreciation for life and the small and simple things in it.

Btw, I love noodles too... especially yakisobas :)))

Margie said...

You made me smile :)
Thank you for the inspiring post!