Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hasn't started to make sense of the world yet but thinks it's beautiful all the same.

I used to be able to do all sorts of weird things like this when I was a kid. Why do we lose our flexibility as we get older?
Hmph, the world is so much fun when you're upside down. I know you get what I mean.

Anyways, this was my day with my niece. I love Fridays and I feel completely relaxed when I get home from work. Today, I tried to take pictures of her while she kept giving me ultimatums like: "Just ONE more picture and that's IT Ani "(that's what she calls me). I tried to engage her in a conversation but she's too smart and figured me out.
I don't ever make her pose, I learned my lesson long ago. Posing for some reason, is a highly annoying thing to kids and actually I think they look best when they're doing exactly what they do naturally. (Same goes for adults by the way, posed pictures are so ... boring, no?)

Anyways I wasn't even supposed to write all this but I guess I started rambling. So, how was your Friday?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mrs. Cullen: The Mother

Dear Friends,

I think I am going to be a mother. I am not [at all] prepared. And I didn't even see it coming. One day I bought a fish tank, the next day a few fish. And next thing you know. You got a fat, fat, fat fish. Thats why I said "I think" I am going to be a mother. I don't really know much about fish except that they have a six second memory span and caviar is orange. At least it was for Nemo's siblings. Anyways, I hope my fish isn't prego. We just bought her today. But she just looks much bigger than her sister [or brother or cousin or friend or tankmate or I dunno]. We didn't even name her yet! I really hope shes not pregnant. Ew. Anyways. I don't think my family will be too excited either. Especially my dad. He thinks we bought some ugly fish [just like this blog layout].  Then there will just be more uglies swimming around. The only one that will be excited is my Cat. Ever since we got the fish shes being going crazy [no pun intended---for those of you who know]. She keeps starring at the fish and following them around as they swim from side to side. Then she tries to grab them. Its quite amusing. We even put a chair for her to sit on, right in front of the tank.

Speaking of mothers. I have to take my mom to the doctors tomorrow. I told her to relax and I will WebMD her symptoms but she told me I'm "stupid" and to "shutup."  I just walked away and pretended like that didn't hurt my feelings. Sigh. 

Speaking of tomorrows. I was supposed to have my court date tomorrow because of my Civil Infraction a few weeks ago. But I don't know what happened. My dad is so odd.  After I told him I got the ticket he was like, "Don't worry about it" and "I got it taken care of." And I'm all like "You're not Superman, what do you think you can do?"  And hes all like, "Gurl! Whatchu know!" Ok he didn't really say that. He told his lawyer about my ticket and his lawyer "has got it under control." But I don't get it.  I don't know why I couldn't just have gone to court tomorrow and payed the fee and prayed the points would get waived. But no. Instead. We pay the lawyer. And pay the fee. And get two points only [instead of three]. I really don't know what my dad is thinking. He said they will be mean to me because of the scarf on my head. I said no they won't. I gave him my grandma's suggestion. She said I should take off the scarf and dress all pretty and scandalous for the court people. He didn't agree. The End. 

Now, I don't have court tomorrow. But instead in April.  I dunno whats going to happen. I keep picturing this whole case where there is a jury and I get to sit in that box thingy. And they question me and I have a lawyer. And then we figure out the cop murdered someone. And then I fall in love with the lawyer. We get married and have a son but three years later it turns out that the cop is the father of my son. Ok sorry. I got a little carried away. Anyway. I'm going to go paint my nails another coat of Bright Pink. 

Yours for the sake of Peace, Brotherhood and Birth Control,
Mrs. Cullen

Just Life...

I always wanted to invent something that would move around & make funny noises & would change the world as we know it & then I realized that's just called a kid.

~StoryPeople quote....with a twist by le moi ...

I always felt that kids are some of the best teachers. So, pay more attention to the kid(s) in your life. They hold something valuable which we lost long ago, a worry-free attitude. SO its nice to just kick back and take a breather once in a while. Do something purely fun, just because you can! =)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'd like to think that things are getting better but my eyes are getting worse, so maybe I miss a lot

I like to drive. I like the speed, the rush, pushing the limit (and immediately checking in the mirrors for cops hehe...what can I say my conscience gets the best of me). I've never sped insanely except for this one time, in a rush and a little frustrated with things, I hit close to 100 mph.

It doesn't help that I have a 4 cylinder Toyota, that doesn't speed up that fast, and always has to fight drag extra hard to keep up with the other cars on the highway. I still enjoy it though.

Two summers ago I used to drive 40 miles to work in the wee hours of the morning and I started feeling like the drive was so robotic to me, I mean my mind was completely relaxed, not engaged in the task most of the time. I knew all the twists and turns of the road, I knew which exits to take, I even knew when to change lanes and avoid those gihugic potholes Detroit is notorious for. If it wasn't for the early timing, I would have thoroughly enjoyed the empty roads on those summer mornings.

That time in the car alone is what I savor. I talk to myself, sometimes loud, sometimes under my breath (I don't care if you think I'm weird for it). When my favorite song comes on I crank the radio up and even dance a little. Okay so those of you that know me can't really imagine this, can you? Well get over it! I stuff my face with food and worry about making a mess. When I get in the car, I immediately go through my cell phone to find people to call, sometimes I get an answer on the first try, sometimes not. I admit I have taken pictures of places/things while driving and I've given it up. Too dangerous and distracting so now I only take pictures from the car if the car is stopped at a light/stop sign or I pull over.

My car needs to be clean/smell nice and there's only one other friend of mine that has a spotless car (cleaner than mine and I must say I am jealous). I hate winters because I never get motivated enough to go for a wash, but you really should if you want to protect the body from getting eaten away by those nasty snow salts.

I think black tinted windows are sexy. My car came with tints and I'm not sure what I' would do if I had to get them removed. (Although they're fading to purple now...ughy)

There are some things I would never do though, that I have seen other drivers engaged in while in their cars:

1. Pick my nose - do I really need to explain?
2. Eat with a fork and a knife - these things become projectiles if you ever are in an accident and I don't want to imagine where they could end up.
3. Leave glasses and china dishes hanging around the back seats/floor - Same reason as for #2 and seriously what do people do in their cars? Have gourmet meals??
4. Read a newspaper/magazine/book/use my laptop - speaks for itself; trust me I've seen this a number of times
5. Prop my foot up on the dash or let it hang out the window - umm I'm too short for this so I wouldn't try even if I wanted to

I'm a decently slick (does that make sense) go-cart driver and I only wish I could take a real car on the track. That's why, one day, I really, really, REALLY want to drive a Bugatti Veyron down the Autobahn at its top speed (250 mph baby...OH YEAH!!).

I also think Mini Coopers are the cutest boring-looking cars out there. If you've ever watched The Italian Job you know what I mean. Also, I have made it a point to snap a picture of cutesy VW Beatles. And then when I have tons and tons of those pictures, I'll make a collage one day. Or maybe I'll use all the tiny pictures added up to make a big picture of a VW. I don't even know if you're following what I'm saying anymore but here, this is what I'm talking about.

Well that's all for my randoms on driving and cars.

No wait, I might have mentioned this before but I really want to learn how to work on cars, you know fix this and customize that. Sometimes, I want to go ask one of the mechanics I always go to, to let me follow them around and learn things but then I get creeped I'll just make my future husband teach me the mechanics of it all. That and learning to drive a manual. Yea...

And for those of you who are left wondering why you've never gotten a phone call from me when I drive home....its just...



uhh.... yea end of post. k bye.

Heyyyy we're cute! Heyyyyyyyy

Ok yeah the title is annoying. But I'm sure you'll live.

So one of our awesome blogger friends, The Passionate Bookworm, chose our blog as, and I quote, "adorable and lovely".
So take that everyone who thought it wasn't !
And take that Mrs. Cullen, and the annoying movement that she started, complaining about the blog's layout.
(Don't worry though, I'm working on changing it. If anyone has any ideas, I'll GLADLY consider them, cuz I have nothing)

So let me show you our beautiful award

It is beautiful isn't it?

So as usual, we pass on this award to blogs WE think are adorably cute. It was hard choosing. But, here it goes:

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Cheryl (cuz your blog name is too long for me to type out)
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And I'm not joking when I say, this award also goes out to YOU. In my opinion any blogger, reading this has a cute blog. Cuz, I've checked out a lot of your blogs. and they're adorable. And who's to decide whether or not your blog is cute. I say, fight the system!!!

Anywho, thanks once again to everyone's favorite bookworm, The Passionate bookworm. And to everyone else, You are very much welcome!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

What? Cuz you never do anything embarassing?!

You know those moments when you're doing something that's not really wrong but are embarrassing as heck when someone catches you doing it?

Like pretending to be Harry Potter in a Quidditch match with the broom you're supposed to be sweeping the floor with (don't ask)

Or singing a song in what you imagine to be your best Whitney Houston voice.

Or dancing in the rain like they would in a movie.

Or talking to yourself out loud.

And then find someone watching you.

Well that happened to me today. Twice.

Let me explain. Muslims have to pray 5 times a day. Its one of the 5 requirements of being a Muslim*. For each prayer, which HAS to be performed during a specific time allotment, you must be in a state of cleanliness/purity. So if you, say, used the bathroom to pee or whatever, you have to clean yourself spiritually and physically for prayer. This is done by a process/ritual called Wudhu.

Wudu generally involves rinsing your hands, your mouth, nose, face, arms (to your elbows), wiping your head, ears and neck, and then rinsing your feet (to your ankles) with WATER, basically in that exact order.
Can you imagine walking into the bathroom to find someone with their foot in the sink?
Ew right?
Haha. I would never EVER do something like that. hahahahaha.

Ok FINE! I did! But I had to pray, and time was running out, and I'm usually really good about making sure no one sees me. I mean who the heck would want people pointing at you saying,
"Ohhh MYY Gooddd. That girl was showering in the SINK!"
"Ew that's disgusting"
"Poor thing musn't take showers at home"
"Yeah those weird towel-heads"

So I'm in the bathroom, waiting for this girl, who's taking a freaking era to put on her makeup (We get it lady! You look beautiful! Now get out! Rubbing your cheek really isn't going to change much). Finally she leaves, and like a tornado I'm doing wudhu at the speed of, well a tornado. And as usual my hearing is on extra sensitive for the door's creaking, the sound of footsteps, and out of NOWHERE there's this girl RIGHT NEXT TO ME. And my freaking foot was in the SINK. The Sink!!!!!

And I froze. I mumble, "Well this is awkward", but I couldn't see what face she was making. I was blind, cuz my glasses were off. But I think she was smirking. No..yeah...she probably was. But at least she pretended to ignore my very obvious, very brown foot in the nasty sink. I mean maybe she didn't notice. I was standing really, really, really still. Then I realized I might as well take my foot out of the sink like it was the normal thing to do and just wipe it casually. Which I did. I still couldn't tell if she was smirking, but I think she was, just because she looked brown (south-asian) and I'm sure she's used to brown people doing weird things (because we do. Have you seen Indian movies??).

And you probably find it very disgusting and creepy too. But if you had to do something, no matter how weird it was, as long as it wasn't wrong, then shouldn't you do it?

Well I needed to anyways.

Anyways, I thought I was going to die. This was so embarassing. I waited until she left, finsihed my wudhu, took a deep breath, and walked out of the bathroom. I was so scared there would be a group of students gathered ready to point and laugh. There wasn't.

I think

Well I'm not going to talk about the other incident now, just because this post was long enough. But you should know, that I've declared war on a group of Muslim boys, they just don't know it. But they will !

*(The 5 pillars of Islam are, bearing witness to one God and his last Prophet, performing the pilgrimage to Mecca once in your lifetime, fasting during a specific month called Ramadan, giving to charity, and praying 5 times a day).

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Look out world, here I don't come

I want to travel. And I don't mean to Canada.

I mean actually travel, with a friend, to places away from responsibilities, where I go "oooh" , "ahh","Ew", "cool", or "Oh My God! I love the accents here!" or "Did I just tell that guy he looked like a fish in the toilet instead of asking him where the bathroom was?".

This isn't a recent item on my wish list. As long as I could remember, I've really enjoyed traveling (minus the earsplitting pain I used to get on the plane on my way to India and back) and its been my dream (among a hundred others) to explore the world or just discover a new experience away from my daily surroundings.

Being raised as an Indian Muslim girl, at least in my family, traveling around with a friend to random places would be a feat that can only be dreamed about. I'm not saying all Muslim girls or children have the same trouble as me, but I know that at least the majority do (i think it's more due to the South Asian culture than anything else though). So, slowly I've come to accept the fact, that my world tour with friends is obviously something that will not be happening. At least not now.

Then came C.A. and she had the same dreams, and we decided we would do it. We would go to places like Ireland and talk to Irish people (or Irish guys :) ) with their cute Irish accents (in a completely non-flirtatious, modest, and business like manner as required by the rules of Islam- like ordering fries a thousand times at McDonalds just to hear them talk. )

Despite the actual circumstances we live in (financially, culturally, or whatever else-ally), sometimes me and C.A. convince ourselves that its going to happen. That we'll make it happen.

But unlike my other friends who I've gone through this with, she's really convinced me sometimes that we'll go to England, Australia or wherever. She and I will start saving now, and one day we'll go. I don't think I've had anyone else ever make me believe like she does. But a lot of times reality hits and I really don't see how we would ever pull this off with time running out, school, money and parents. She can't sleep over at friends' houses and I have to make sure I don't overdo going out and hanging with my friends knowing that parents will say no, if they want to.

And also the reality is, as annoying people keep pointing out, the more realistic future holds school, finding suitable spouses ( People don't seem to understand that I don't need one since I have my cat), and jobs. And that's it. Everything else is a dream until you get married, and then you and hubby achieve your dreams together.(whoop de doo. You hear that future hubby?!)

But honestly I'm not giving up on this dream. I mean so far, I've accomplished some of my goals (getting a cat, volunteering at a soup kitchen, working at an orphanage, learning martial arts, and some other things that I can't think of, but I'm sure they would make my list sound cooler. Yes, I realize this list isn't exactly bragging-worthy, but it means a great deal to me. It's the fact that I'm slowly accomplishing things I've wanted to do since I was little kid growing up in Saudi Arabia).

And I don't care how life is actually going to happen, or what is realistic, or how our friends and families make me depressed about life. I'm still going to try and keep dreaming and planning for it. And one day, insh'Allah, insh'Allah, insh'Allah, insh'Allah ( GOD WILLING. Please God!) if and when, me and her, and whoever else can join us, do go, it'll be miracle that I'll shove into everyone else's face.


Until then, here's a blog of a couple of twenty something year old girls traveling the world:

P.S. I discovered today that my father does not know how to work an oven. I'm still trying to overcome the shock. And I'm waiting, tensed and ready for feminists to come smashing through the windows Rambo style, and giving Daddio a crash course 101-The Kitchen and it's Appliances: How to use it while asking 3 questions or less.

P.S.S. I really like P.S's . I learned from Cheryl the full potential of P.S's. Thanks Cheryl!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Disheartening Incident

My mom wears niqaab (the face-covering).

I don’t.

Her level of faith is just at a level that completely surpasses anyone I know really. She’s decided to wear it about two years ago. It’s never bothered me and to be honest I never really notice it much anymore. The more you see something the more you become desensitized to it.

Today I met up with my mom at Meijer’s to do some grocery shopping. I haven’t really been out with my mom in a really long time so it was nice catching up. After we bought everything we were on our way out of the store and group of really elderly white ladies passed us by. One of them looked at us and said in a pretty loud voice, “you should take that stupid thing off!” I was taken completely aback. My mom looked like she didn’t even notice. I turned around and looked at the lady and she looked at me smugly, turned around, and continued walking. I just shook my head in disgust and kept walking.

I told my mom once we were out of the store, “Mom did you hear what that lady said!?!”


“She just said ‘take that stupid thing off’!! That’s so incredibly racist!! How could she? How can you call yourself American and do that to others? It’s so disrespectful!"

“It’s not her fault. Maybe she didn’t know. She’s probably never seen a woman wearing niqaab. She didn’t know how to react.”

“I don’t care if she’s seen a woman wearing it or not. What she did was wrong. May God guide her!!!!”

Then Mom and I parted ways…I went to my car and she to hers. The whole time in the car I was just fuming. All I could keep saying was “May God guide her” because I was trying to bite my tongue and not the say things that I really wanted to say.

For a lot of people, this type of discrimination is normal. But living in a city with a large Muslim population and attending an extremely diverse university, I just grew accustomed to people already knowing, understanding, and respecting Muslims. Last time I ever dealt with discrimination was at the airport and that's pretty much normal now, unfortunately.

I really just wish I had the strength and serenity my mom has. She faces discrimination everyday because she chooses to take on the challenge of wearing niqaab for the sake of God. But she manages to somehow never let it get to her. People could attack her all they wanted with rude comments but it would never get to her.

God says in the Qur’an, “Yes, if you remain patient and conscious of God and the enemy come upon you [attacking] in rage, your Lord will reinforce/help you with five thousand angels having marks [of distinction]” [3:125]

You know what I really love about Islam? It helps me bite my tongue and reflect upon moments like these. My mom could have gone off on the lady about how rude her comment had been. She could have gone off about how she chose to wear what she's wearing and its none of anyone's business what she chooses. But she didn't. She stayed calm and patient, trying to be understanding of the opposite side. She would rather have five thousand angels helping her, writing in her book of deeds that she didn't harm anyone with her tongue.

And you know what? Her blood pressure was probably a heck of a lot lower than mine was because of it.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Just wanted to say

Happy Valentine's day/SAD (Singles Awareness Day)

I decided that it is impossible for us to pass today without some kind of acknowledgment for the day that overloads your exteroceptive senses with every possible shade of pinks and reds, teddy bears, roses and hearts (Oh the Joy!! It's like becoming temporarily shape and color bind for everything else).
Ok I don't hate this day either. I promise, I don't.

I even went through the trouble of creating a card JUST for you, and not the rest of the readers.

I ask you, who; WHO would go through all the trouble of making a card full of love for you, instead of studying for an exam that's on tuesday and working on a two-day lab report that's due monday ?? Me, that's who.

Dear Reader (and nobody else),

I made an eCard just for you.
You can pick it up at:

Hope you like it!

P.S. I'm not the one responsible for coming up with SAD.

P.S.S. I found a cat and mouse that share your sentiments for valentine's day. Another gift, just for you. It's not possible to find a better valentine.

Friday, February 13, 2009

To accept or not to accept..

I got a job offer today.

With a school.

Eeeek, right?

Well the thing is that it's not really a teaching position, but more of a paraprofessional position. (Teaching Assistant)

I always complain that I didnt go to school for four and half years only to become an assistant to someone who has my job. I can't help but consider this position though. For obvious reasons. (Or maybe the reasons aren't so obvious?)

I interviewed with this school like a month ago for an actual teaching position, and they were really interested in me. As I was in their school.

However they decided to cancel the position and hire someone in the fall instead. They even let me know ahead of time that they were really considering offering me that same position in the fall.

It was a huge disappointment though. To not get it, I mean.

But when they called me again today, I couldn't help but feel excitement and hopeful.

I haven't made a final decision yet. I still have to talk to madre and padre about this. I called them right away. (I dont know why some people have phones when they never answer them. I called like a million and one people when I found out, and finally got a hold of Mrs.Cullen, who gave me her words of wisdom. )

What do you guys think? Should I or shouldn't I?

I'm working at the Physical therapy place and my beloved call center. But neither are helping me pursue my career oriented goals. This new job position is related to that goal (not to mention it'll pay more). This new job wants me to start next week too. However at the present time, it looks like I wont be working in the summer if I do take this position. I can't be jobless in the summer. I'll go crazy.

Soooooooooo what should I do?


Little yellow corvette

Little yellow corvette, originally uploaded by Rabujee.

Yellow corvettes are so hot.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mrs. Cullen: The Grouch

Dear Friends,

Mrs. Cullen here. I don't know why I just said that. Anyways. Usually I write a post because something stupid or funny happened to me. Or something crazy. But I have nothing. Sorry guys. Lately I just feel like I have been facing a series of unfortunate events. Ok nothing like the Baudelaire orphans. But still. Bad enough to make me sad. I was thinking and thinking of something semi-funny to write about but nothing came to mind. I then realized that I always just try to make fun out of everything that happens in my life. And then I always just let people laugh with me [or at me..sometimes I don't know] just because I'd rather face a problem that way then dealing with it straight up. So I kept trying to think of ways to make these events funny, but I can't do it. But if you are cruel [like my stupid boss who laughed at one of the following events] then go ahead and laugh, meanie!

Oh, I would like to put some blame on Simply Me who totally caused one of the events to occur. Last week, she kept on texting me with her cool phone as I was driving. I was like, seriously, STOP TEXTING ME. But she wouldn't stop. Anyway, I ran a red light right outside of my subdivision [which happens to be located right next to the police station] and a stupid cop pulled me over. And gave me a ticket. I promise I did not run a red. I am sure it was yellow and maybe turned red. But I am pretty sure it was not red before I crossed it. Stupid cop. Anyway, I convinced my parents that I didn't run a red and that the cop was racist. So izz alll good. But I am super scared about going to court in two weeks. I wanted to plead NOT GUILTY but my brother said to plead GUILTY because they will get rid of my points that way and if I plead NOT GUILTY and am guiltified [um..proven not innocent?] then I will have the 3 points and the fine. I don't know what to do!!!! I wish I could dress all skanky and shake what my momma and grandmamma gave me and everything would be ok. But unfortunately for me [and the judge] I can't really do that.

Anyway, I will keep you updated on how that goes. And if my parents end up killing me or not. I know you are just dying to know what happens. Speaking of parents my poor momma has been sick lately. The poor lady had a stroke the other day [her second one in a year]. She is ok but I just feel really sad because shes sick and looks so weak. And that makes me sad. I hope you all pray for her health so she can have a long long life and keeps paying my credit card bill till I get married [then my husband will pay it..DUH]. Hmm. 

I wanted to attach a picture but it just wont do my beautiful car justice. A stupid bird hit my windshield as I was driving on the highway on Sunday. My windshield was COMPLETELY shattered and it was really sad. I didn't know it was a bird because it happened so fast. When I saw the blood, guts and feathers thats when I realized it was an idiot bird. I don't mean to be rude but that bird kinda deserved death because she had no freaking brains. What bird flies so close to the ground? Where there are moving objects? Most birds I know [other than Big Bird], fly away when they see the slightest movement. Stupid bird. But um. In case you are wondering, I am fine=) There was no other damage except a little. To my heart. I was traumatized and the doctor said I should be looking for symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Oh, my doctor is WedMD. 

One of the LAST things that has been bothering me is kinda complicated. So I will just keep it short. I problem I kinda have is that I don't open up to people, much. Even my close friends. I just don't tell them how I feel about something if something wrong happens. What I hate is when I finally do open up, even just a little and say how I feel, its not appreciated it. I hate that. It makes me not want to open up or ever share how I feel. It makes me feel blah. I feel blah right now. I am sad to be me right now but I know I would be more sad if I was Chris Brown. Poor guy has been having a terrible week. Oh, if you are living under a rock and don't know who CB is, well he is Rihanna's [soon to be EX?] boyfriend. We dated for a while and he asked to marry me but I said no because of personal reasons. It really hurt me inside because we had amazing Chemistry and everything. But now I am just glad because if we were married then I'd be all bruised up right now and would have missed the Grammys. Phew! Thank God for that decision. Anyway. Hope I didn't make you fall asleep and hope you all are having a better week than me and CB! And I am sorry Chuckle for not making you lol today. 

Yours for the sake of Peace, Sisterhood and Sesames Street,

Mrs. Cullen

PS: Please pity my sadness and change the layout to this blog because it makes me more sad, C.C. Thanks.

Monday, February 9, 2009

HP laptops

I'll make this short.

I have a laptop. A HP laptop. It's a stupid laptop, but I still love it. Because it's my first laptop. HP is actually the stupid one for screwing with my laptop and stealing the remote control that comes with my laptop.


Part Two:

Should I explain?
Should I really? Really? Royally explain?

I got this laptop. And I spent lots of my OWN money on this laptop. And I'm terrified of commitments so I was convinced I would return this laptop just because I knew it would screw up on me. Surprise, surprise, it does just that. BUT I ended up keeping my laptop.
Cuz you know, Hey I need a laptop, and it's about time I got one. Not to mention everyone in the world and their cats said I should keep it.

(Note to self, don't ever listen to everyone in the world and their cats. You are the only one ever right)

So I kept the laptop. Complained to HP later on about ALL these problems I'm having. They tried fixing it over the phone and it wasn't working (and NO I was not imagining the problems. I waited to see if other people using my laptop were having the same problems. And they did. And so it's not my fear of commitment that was acting up).

So I ended up mailing my laptop to them. They told me not to send any accessories, like my charger since they would not be held responsible for anything. So I was like, this is easy as scaring my cat ( note: I don't enjoy scaring my cat. She just enjoys acting scared and running away. I'd prefer that my cat wouldn't be so scared all the time. I mean how is she supposed to save me from robbers and murderers? I guess you have to accept the faults of the ones you love). My laptop comes back, and it's working fine. Hurray!!!

Baby brother, named C: Why is there an empty space on the side of your laptop?
Me: What? WHAT?
C: Look
Me:' TOOK MY REMOTE!!!!!!!!

A certain class of HP laptops come with this small remote that fits in on the side. And mine doesn't have one anymore just because I forgot it was there.

This is roughly what it looks like.

If anyone of you find one in your mailboxes or on the street, or near someone else's laptop and don't know whose it is, I'd be extremely grateful if you believed it to be mine and mailed it to me.

You can contact me at

No, I'm serious.

And all the problems have kicked in. All over again. Good job fixing it guys.
And I recently discovered that I can't watch movies on my laptop even though that was the main focus of the laptop when it was being advertised.

I'm starting to think HP sends out its laptops to random geek guys who are hackers for a hobby and pay them to fix out laptops. And I would be perfectly fine with that or even with yeast fixing my laptop IF my remote control wasn't STOLEN and my laptop worked just like it does with those people on the sales papers, that are always smiling with their laptops.

The end of Part Two

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Newbie

I think a lot. I analyze even more. What can I say, I’m a psychology major. It’s just what I do.

Recently I decided it’s time I put my thoughts on paper. Or on Word. At first I wasn’t going. I’m not gonna lie, I wasn’t really into this whole blogging thing. I’ve had a few blogs here or there but not ones that lasted long enough for people to “follow” them, whatever that means.

Anyhow, I was thinking to myself the other day, what if I could really impact someone else through putting my thoughts into words? It’s like that one song from Prince Caspian that my sisters are ALWAYS singing by Regina Spektor. “The Call.” Except we’re not running in circles and worrying about saying goodbye.

Basically I’m putting my thoughts out here for the world to see because I want to make an impact in someone’s life. And because I don’t want to be 35 years old one day and hit a midlife crisis.

I was once told by a mentor, “Be the lamppost that gives light to people in the dark.” That’s my motto. So long as the flame is burning, I’m gonna try to bring light to others.

After deciding all this, I was chatting with Constructive Attitude last night about how I’m jumping on board with Symphonic Discord. After “initiation,” what was the most important requirement of me? Finding a shnazzy name. I told Constructive Attitude that I would leave the name up to her, seeing as I’m not that creative, and I would yay or nay it. Then instead of discussing plausible names I started complaining about the pain I’m having in my upper right wisdom tooth.

And boo ya! A light bulb went off in my head. I’m relatively young and I’m writing the wisdoms that I’ve come to gain thus far in my short life.

And there you have it.

Introducing… Youthful Wisdom.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Water in the boat is the ruin of the boat, but water under the boat is its support.

Three of President Obama's nominees for cabinet so far have been found evading taxes.

The financial giant, Wells Fargo, which our government bailed out earlier this year, was now caught planning
a lavish retreat to Las Vegas. I didn't get to hear on the news what their excuse was, but I heard they tried to justify it.

A man by the name of Madoff, pulled an outrageous "Punk'd" on the investor market. Over the past decade he amassed over $50 billion dollars in investments with fraudulent intentions. I love practical jokes but I'm not laughing Mr. Madoff.

The Securities and Exchange Commission, despite repeatedly recieving whistle-blower tips, never investigated into Madoff's scheme. They are proud, however, that they've recovered $1 billion of the stolen money. Woop-ti-doo.

While Wall Street suffers dramatic losses, executives soar high, recently awarded $18.2 billion in bonuses. Who decides this stuff?

Looks like these big guys and girls in Washington, New York, and God knows every corner of this blessed Earth, are the water in OUR boat.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

HoW i StUdY fOr an ExAm

Me, a week ago : Must study for exam on Monday. Must start studying now. Must not make same mistakes as last semester...and all the semesters before that. Must do well this semester and not cry about grades at the end.

Me, half a week ago: No worries, I have time, I've started worrying way ahead of time. I'm ahead of schedule.

Past thursday: Yeah. Awesome. I've opened up all the slides. And I've figured out where to find the lectures. And he changed the exam to multiple choice. I'll be fineeeeeeee

This past Saturday: crap. Crap. CRAP. What the heck is this thing talking about?? SCREW YOU Darwin's Postulates. I cann'tt studddy right nowww. THIS IS SOO BORING!! Hmm...maybe I can find some music to help me study.
Six hours later, middle of the night-what the heck have I been doing watching Indian Movie Song Videos?? And these Indian Commercials are soo hilarious. I'm definitely putting these on the blog.
Ok I'll stop now. It's 3 am, I can start studying now until morning. I'll get something done.
(I fell asleep half an hour later...I don't even remember what happened.)

Sunday Morning:
Ok Ok I've got this. It's ok. I've got this. What does this slide say? Oh ok that's nice. I don't get that. . . Blah blah blah...some pictures of birds. This is so useless. Why does he put pictures of stuff that aren't even important? I don't get this either. I'm sure it's not important anyways. This is so annoying. What am I going to do with this stuff anyways? Everyone's looking for jobs. The economy is freaking out on itself. What if everyone just got married to someone rich? Blech. I don't wanna get married. Not to some stupid guy who's gonna make me clean. I hate cleaning. OH GODD I'll BE USELESS. Ohh haha what was that movie that I had watched when I was reallly little? The girl hit the the guy on the head with her book or bag or something really hard . Haha that was funny. Oh yeahhh. Anne of Green Gables.
Hmm maybe I can find it.
Ok I'm just gonna see what youtube has about it. Oh. My. God. It has the entire movie.




No. Stay away. Must stare at diagram of finches and learn how whales and camels are related to each other morphologically but not molecularly......Maybe I can do both. Yeah it'll keep me motivated. I'll just watch a small bit.

(Couple minutes later)

"OMG! I can't believe she did that! This is awkward.
HEY! Those guys are soo mean!! HAHA she broke her chalkboard slate on his head!!!!!

(Half and hour to an hour later)

"Yeah Anne! Wow she's soo funny!! Ooh that dress is pretty. HAHA. That's right Anne, you don't need him. Wow she's so smart.

(SiX hOuRs LaTeR-finished the first movie and started the movie's sequel, with bits of studying in between)

YEAH ANNE MAKE SOMETHING OF YOURSELF. She scored first in the exam again! Wow she's so smart. wow look at her make something of herself. She's so amazing. I want to be like that. Awww he's so cute. Aww Anne he LOVES YOU..this is soo sad..NOO HE CAN'T DIE! Wow this is so inspiring. She's so determined and strong.

12:30 am (Now Monday)
I'm gonna be like Anne and become awesome.. WOW. OH S*** !! I DIDN'T STUDY. crap. crap. crap. crap. crap. crap.

(an hour later I fell asleep)

During the exam: hAHAHAHA... I don't know WHAT he thinks I AM...but these questions make no sense!! This is stupid!!! Hahaha...great now the people next to me think I'm stupid for laughing to myself. OMG. WHAT is that kid doing handing in the paper already?! It's only been 15 minutes!! Why do these questions make no sense ....

"Professor, for this part, are you talking about the whale being morphologically or molecularly closer related?"
"Just as we discussed in class"
"Ohhh ok"
No freaking idea.

I should have searched and watched the third part of Anne of Green Gables, what a waste of time studying.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Tag! I'm it?!

Our blog was tagged in the "List twenty five random facts about yourself" by Learn to fly.

Here are the rules:
Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits or goals about you. Then tag 25 people, including the person who tagged you.

So like I originally started this post and left it in draft and while I was busy at work, making money, Controlled Chaos decided to fill in some blanks.

I could have and should have deleted some of the things she wrote, but honestly she knows me so well.

It's quite sad and just goes to show how obsessed she really is with me.

(But in all honesty I couldn't stop laughing at some of the stuff she wrote. So I left them. And I added my own commentary in parenthesis)

So 1-13 are from her. And the rest is from yours truly.


1. I'm those annoying drivers that drives right at the minimum speed limit.

2. I used to be very sensitive, now I'm just moody sensitive. (Whatever!)

3. I'm a proud, blonde, American who wanted to be Mexican while growing up. (I really did! Mexican girls are HOT!)

4. EVERY TIME I start an important conversation, I start with "ummm" and "so like"...

5. I love answering a question from a friend or family member with another attitudey question (I don't give attitude to everyone, I only give attitude to her and my sisters).

6. Up until some time ago most of my conversations started with "I had a dream..." and not the MLK Jr. kind..(This still goes on, she just doesn't listen to me)

7. I LOVE my friends..(some of them. The rest I just like)

8. I DOUBLE LOVE my family, but they're convinced I don't show it enough..such drama queens sigh..of course everyone wants to be with me.

9. I have one of those contagious laughs.

10. I have a hate-like complex with my career which has yet to take off. (No one wants to hire me. I've been to like a trillion interviews. And everyone says the same thing. We're hiring in the fall. blah blah blah.)

11. I'm a work-aholic. (I just work two jobs. Hardly a work- aholic.)

12. Sometimes I'm the only one keeping the blog alive (I just want to be on Blogs of Note one day, is that SO HARD TO ASK FOR?! SERIOUSLY there are just some people who DON'T deserve to be on there. And it's NOT fair.)

13. I started making my friends sound like me when they talk...sigh...seriously being so amazing is so problematic sometimes (It seriously is!)

14. I've had so many nicknames in the past.Here's just a few:
  • Fajita
  • Happy
  • Fairy
  • Fairy Nugget
  • Fanny
  • Foffle
  • Fifi
  • Fefe
  • Strawberry
  • Faikhana (don't ask. My brother and guy cousins are SO mean)
  • Farn
  • Princess
  • Potato Princess
  • Farina (you know like the cream of wheat)
15. I try not to be a sensitive freak. I try my best too. But it's hard. And if I can be sensitive to others sensitivity, why cant they reciprocate it?

16. In relation to number 15, There are five things I hate being called. (If you're joking it's one thing. But even still, if you're joking I might get offended and/or upset) :
  • fat
  • lazy
  • stupid
  • ugly
  • boring
(And I've been called these things before. Like a lot.)

17. I used to want to live in Alaska.

18. When my sister is mad at me, and shes driving, she speeds because she knows it pisses me off. When I'm mad at her, and I'm driving, I slam on the brakes every five seconds because that pisses her off.

19. I was born and raised and still live in "da hood".

20. There are people I truly admire out there that just so happen to be younger than me. (For some reason I find that odd about myself)

21. I'm a woman of my word. If I make a promise to you, I will try my darn hardest to make it happen and/or fulfill that promise. Even if I die trying.

22. I didn't truly grasp the idea of hijab until I got to college.(Even though I was practicing it before then)

23.I don't believe in the death sentence.

24. Sometimes I feel like Grey's Anatomy has helped me become a better Muslim. Don't ask how...Because I really don't know how to explain it myself.

25. Truth be told (even though a lot of people will disagree) I don't really like talking about myself. I get really awkward and try to divert the attention to someone else. God only knows how my wedding day will be.

So now I guess I have to tag 25 people to this. So I tag YOU--the person reading this. (Because I don't feel like looking for the links of people I'd like to tag) (And yes that includes the other million bajillion people that claim to be "authors" of this blog)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Do they make training wheels for cars?

The other day I asked a complete stranger to park my car for me. I just couldn't do it. It was so frustrating. (Ok he wasn't completely a stranger. He was just some new guy that recently started working with me)

I think I need to take driver's Ed again.

Actually seeing as how I never took driver's ed, I probably should start there. Just take the class.

I'm twenty three years old, and got my license when I was 21 -ish going on 22. (Which I'm totally not ashamed or embarrassed to admit. Whatever. I know people who are over the age of forty, who don't drive. So it's all good..And the only reason that I got it was because my mom told me to have some courage for once in my life. And also because I was getting kind of sick of being dependent on others.)

Basically, to make a long story short, I was, (and still am) terrified of driving.

I'm scared that I'm either going to kill myself, or someone else. Or both.

And I thought that once I got used to it, I would be fine. And I am fine.


But when I go through a long period of time where I haven't driven though, for like maybe a day, I feel like I lost the hang of it. I've heard people say that you can never forget how to drive. But believe you me, you can forget.

I mean, when I do remember, it's not like I'm that great either. I drive like an old lady. 60 mph. Or whatever the speed limit is. I've even found that occasionally I will drive below the speed limit And if I can help it, I will stay behind a huge semi truck so people wont think that I'm the one driving slow.

One time, it took me two hours to get to a place that was half an hour away.

There was a period of time too, when I had the hardest time reversing. I didn't know which way to turn the wheel. My sister always tried explaining it to me by saying " You turn the wheel whichever way you want the butt to go" Yeah, I never understood what that meant either.

And don't get me started on parking. Oh man. I leave for my second job two hours then I normally have to, so I can find a parking spot on campus. And I park super far because 1.) the place I park at is free 2.) I know my friends are too lazy to leave the university library to give me their parking pass and I'm not even going to bother asking them and 3.) I actually know how to park there. It's a pain in the butt in the winter because I have to walk to main campus, which is like freaking ten minutes away. And when it's cold and snowy outside, and there's icy water everywhere, my socks get wet and I get frostbite. And when I leave campus late in the evening, its really really creepy to go that particular area.

I can't parallel park (Actually a lot of people can't. So that kinda makes me feel better).

I used to never check my blind spot. One time I decided that maybe I should, and thank goodness I did, because there was a car behind me.I don't check it with a quick side glance though. I have to completely turn my entire head to make sure there isn't a car there.

All of this makes me think of how I used to get really irritated and aggravated with my sisters' driving. And I used to think that they were the biggest idiots for not knowing how to park a car or drive a certain way. It looked so freaking easy. Looked being the operative word.

So yeah...basically karma is a you know what.

And to sum up, my driving is crap. I blame the driving road test person for not failing me.