Tuesday, February 3, 2009

HoW i StUdY fOr an ExAm

Me, a week ago : Must study for exam on Monday. Must start studying now. Must not make same mistakes as last semester...and all the semesters before that. Must do well this semester and not cry about grades at the end.

Me, half a week ago: No worries, I have time, I've started worrying way ahead of time. I'm ahead of schedule.

Past thursday: Yeah. Awesome. I've opened up all the slides. And I've figured out where to find the lectures. And he changed the exam to multiple choice. I'll be fineeeeeeee

This past Saturday: crap. Crap. CRAP. What the heck is this thing talking about?? SCREW YOU Darwin's Postulates. I cann'tt studddy right nowww. THIS IS SOO BORING!! Hmm...maybe I can find some music to help me study.
Six hours later, middle of the night-what the heck have I been doing watching Indian Movie Song Videos?? And these Indian Commercials are soo hilarious. I'm definitely putting these on the blog.
Ok I'll stop now. It's 3 am, I can start studying now until morning. I'll get something done.
(I fell asleep half an hour later...I don't even remember what happened.)

Sunday Morning:
Ok Ok I've got this. It's ok. I've got this. What does this slide say? Oh ok that's nice. I don't get that. . . Blah blah blah...some pictures of birds. This is so useless. Why does he put pictures of stuff that aren't even important? I don't get this either. I'm sure it's not important anyways. This is so annoying. What am I going to do with this stuff anyways? Everyone's looking for jobs. The economy is freaking out on itself. What if everyone just got married to someone rich? Blech. I don't wanna get married. Not to some stupid guy who's gonna make me clean. I hate cleaning. OH GODD I'll BE USELESS. Ohh haha what was that movie that I had watched when I was reallly little? The girl hit the the guy on the head with her book or bag or something really hard . Haha that was funny. Oh yeahhh. Anne of Green Gables.
Hmm maybe I can find it.
Ok www.youtube.com. I'm just gonna see what youtube has about it. Oh. My. God. It has the entire movie.




No. Stay away. Must stare at diagram of finches and learn how whales and camels are related to each other morphologically but not molecularly......Maybe I can do both. Yeah it'll keep me motivated. I'll just watch a small bit.

(Couple minutes later)

"OMG! I can't believe she did that! This is awkward.
HEY! Those guys are soo mean!! HAHA she broke her chalkboard slate on his head!!!!!

(Half and hour to an hour later)

"Yeah Anne! Wow she's soo funny!! Ooh that dress is pretty. HAHA. That's right Anne, you don't need him. Wow she's so smart.

(SiX hOuRs LaTeR-finished the first movie and started the movie's sequel, with bits of studying in between)

YEAH ANNE MAKE SOMETHING OF YOURSELF. She scored first in the exam again! Wow she's so smart. wow look at her make something of herself. She's so amazing. I want to be like that. Awww he's so cute. Aww Anne he LOVES YOU..this is soo sad..NOO HE CAN'T DIE! Wow this is so inspiring. She's so determined and strong.

12:30 am (Now Monday)
I'm gonna be like Anne and become awesome.. WOW. OH S*** !! I DIDN'T STUDY. crap. crap. crap. crap. crap. crap.

(an hour later I fell asleep)

During the exam: hAHAHAHA... I don't know WHAT he thinks I AM...but these questions make no sense!! This is stupid!!! Hahaha...great now the people next to me think I'm stupid for laughing to myself. OMG. WHAT is that kid doing handing in the paper already?! It's only been 15 minutes!! Why do these questions make no sense ....

"Professor, for this part, are you talking about the whale being morphologically or molecularly closer related?"
"Just as we discussed in class"
"Ohhh ok"
No freaking idea.

I should have searched and watched the third part of Anne of Green Gables, what a waste of time studying.


Constructive Attitude said...


ur an idiot.

Mutmainnah Q said...

I am totallly like that. I have to read three chapters and write notes, and then I say after I take a shower, after I get out, something to eat, After that Nooo I dont feel like studying I wanna watch a movie. HAHAHAHAH

MarjnHomer said...

hahah... i hated studying! anyways go to the ugl 3rd floor. no cell and dont tell anyone where ur at and study for crazy a few hours a day with no distractions...

hahahahaha...too funny!!!!

Mrs. Cullen said...

that is exactly how i study (or not).

DEFENDrights said...

the story of our lives

:) come visit my blog ladieeees

Artistic Logic said...

u totally ruined
Anne of Green things for me

don't u know i was gona watch that

Cheryl said...

You just described my entire University experience.

Procrastination and unproductivity as its finest. I am so proud.

C.C. said...

awww thanks Cheryl :)

fuelMybrain said...

Completely understand... I'm blogging instead of studying right now!

supreem said...

lol... i have no hope.. i can't study... i was supposed to be studying all day today for my comprehensive exams.. and alas.. i have not.

Eloquence said...

haha this is soo me, i give myself the same excuses plus who can say no to youtube, yah Anne of greengables is de bomb :p