Friday, February 13, 2009

To accept or not to accept..

I got a job offer today.

With a school.

Eeeek, right?

Well the thing is that it's not really a teaching position, but more of a paraprofessional position. (Teaching Assistant)

I always complain that I didnt go to school for four and half years only to become an assistant to someone who has my job. I can't help but consider this position though. For obvious reasons. (Or maybe the reasons aren't so obvious?)

I interviewed with this school like a month ago for an actual teaching position, and they were really interested in me. As I was in their school.

However they decided to cancel the position and hire someone in the fall instead. They even let me know ahead of time that they were really considering offering me that same position in the fall.

It was a huge disappointment though. To not get it, I mean.

But when they called me again today, I couldn't help but feel excitement and hopeful.

I haven't made a final decision yet. I still have to talk to madre and padre about this. I called them right away. (I dont know why some people have phones when they never answer them. I called like a million and one people when I found out, and finally got a hold of Mrs.Cullen, who gave me her words of wisdom. )

What do you guys think? Should I or shouldn't I?

I'm working at the Physical therapy place and my beloved call center. But neither are helping me pursue my career oriented goals. This new job position is related to that goal (not to mention it'll pay more). This new job wants me to start next week too. However at the present time, it looks like I wont be working in the summer if I do take this position. I can't be jobless in the summer. I'll go crazy.

Soooooooooo what should I do?



Artistic Logic said...

Yay, Alhamdulilah!!!!Take it. The least that can happen is you're one step in and when fall rolls around they would have had a few months of observing you to bring you in as a full time teacher... and if you're worried about being bored in the summer then maybe you should just rest ... but if you need to work for other reasons then you can always go back to the call center hahahaha jk... you can apply anywhere else for that ... maybe that school would even have some other summertime position you could take up... Also, while you work there you should keep applying to other schools and who knows what will happen!
This is just my advice...hope you'll know what you're going to decide soon??
and im sorry i missed your call ... i was asleep on the couch lol
*sigh* stupid me

Artistic Logic said...

i love the cartoon lol

Mrs. Cullen said...

just work at the call center for the summer=)

CC said...

i don't get the cartoon.

Mrs. Cullen said...

me too i dont get it also

MarjnHomer said...

Can't you work in the summer at the call center? and I would go for the parapro position because you could sub in the mean time and if there ever is an opening you're always there to snatch it up. Go for it!

Jennifer said...

Congratulations!! I say take it if it's on the path of your career goal. I'm sure you'll be able to find a summer job too.

Anonymous said...

Just take the job! :) and you didn't call me, shooot.

Cheryl said...

Do it! Do it! Do it!

Okay, by now it sounds like I'm telling you to go do the dirty, but what I really mean is,


PS, teaching assistants are nerds. hahahahaha

Mrs. Cullen said...

i am so happy for you. cutie.

Constructive Attitude said...

Everyone: I think I'm going to take the job. God willing. Thanks for the encouragement :D :D

C.C. and Mrs. Cullen: What's there not to get. You guys are idiots. The cartoon is basically say, "Oh who would've thought that YOU (of all people) were gonna get the job"..

S.M.:You were next on the list to call if someone hadn't answered. Although I'm pretty sure you wouldnt have answered either.

DEFENDrights said...

take the job, they want you there and they are making it happen in a different way then intended. Get your foot in the door and perhaps you could land the teaching position, and maybe you will be doing greater things in the summer because of this job, or it will be a spectacular summer regardless. But in the end do what feels right to you

supreem said...

i'd say if it helps you better your career... then do it. inshaAllah.

Chuckle said...


Nickie. said...

I def. think it'd be a good start if you take it!! Hopefully it'd help you get the teaching job you want..and where may I ask do you live that there are so few teaching positions?! I thought teachers were needed everywhere?!

Good luck!

fuelMybrain said...

Good to hear you are taking it! Are there also available summer school teaching opportunities? Anything to build your resume is worth taking!

Impulsive Addict said...

So...did you take it?? This job may help you decide if you REALLY want to persue teaching. I did it for 7 years and I quit. I started hating it...not the kids...just the other stuff that went with it.

I need a beer just remembering the stress of teaching.

Good luck~