Thursday, February 19, 2009

What? Cuz you never do anything embarassing?!

You know those moments when you're doing something that's not really wrong but are embarrassing as heck when someone catches you doing it?

Like pretending to be Harry Potter in a Quidditch match with the broom you're supposed to be sweeping the floor with (don't ask)

Or singing a song in what you imagine to be your best Whitney Houston voice.

Or dancing in the rain like they would in a movie.

Or talking to yourself out loud.

And then find someone watching you.

Well that happened to me today. Twice.

Let me explain. Muslims have to pray 5 times a day. Its one of the 5 requirements of being a Muslim*. For each prayer, which HAS to be performed during a specific time allotment, you must be in a state of cleanliness/purity. So if you, say, used the bathroom to pee or whatever, you have to clean yourself spiritually and physically for prayer. This is done by a process/ritual called Wudhu.

Wudu generally involves rinsing your hands, your mouth, nose, face, arms (to your elbows), wiping your head, ears and neck, and then rinsing your feet (to your ankles) with WATER, basically in that exact order.
Can you imagine walking into the bathroom to find someone with their foot in the sink?
Ew right?
Haha. I would never EVER do something like that. hahahahaha.

Ok FINE! I did! But I had to pray, and time was running out, and I'm usually really good about making sure no one sees me. I mean who the heck would want people pointing at you saying,
"Ohhh MYY Gooddd. That girl was showering in the SINK!"
"Ew that's disgusting"
"Poor thing musn't take showers at home"
"Yeah those weird towel-heads"

So I'm in the bathroom, waiting for this girl, who's taking a freaking era to put on her makeup (We get it lady! You look beautiful! Now get out! Rubbing your cheek really isn't going to change much). Finally she leaves, and like a tornado I'm doing wudhu at the speed of, well a tornado. And as usual my hearing is on extra sensitive for the door's creaking, the sound of footsteps, and out of NOWHERE there's this girl RIGHT NEXT TO ME. And my freaking foot was in the SINK. The Sink!!!!!

And I froze. I mumble, "Well this is awkward", but I couldn't see what face she was making. I was blind, cuz my glasses were off. But I think she was smirking. No..yeah...she probably was. But at least she pretended to ignore my very obvious, very brown foot in the nasty sink. I mean maybe she didn't notice. I was standing really, really, really still. Then I realized I might as well take my foot out of the sink like it was the normal thing to do and just wipe it casually. Which I did. I still couldn't tell if she was smirking, but I think she was, just because she looked brown (south-asian) and I'm sure she's used to brown people doing weird things (because we do. Have you seen Indian movies??).

And you probably find it very disgusting and creepy too. But if you had to do something, no matter how weird it was, as long as it wasn't wrong, then shouldn't you do it?

Well I needed to anyways.

Anyways, I thought I was going to die. This was so embarassing. I waited until she left, finsihed my wudhu, took a deep breath, and walked out of the bathroom. I was so scared there would be a group of students gathered ready to point and laugh. There wasn't.

I think

Well I'm not going to talk about the other incident now, just because this post was long enough. But you should know, that I've declared war on a group of Muslim boys, they just don't know it. But they will !

*(The 5 pillars of Islam are, bearing witness to one God and his last Prophet, performing the pilgrimage to Mecca once in your lifetime, fasting during a specific month called Ramadan, giving to charity, and praying 5 times a day).


Artistic Logic said...

hahaha your brown foot in the sink

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry but I laughed out loud through this entire post. Now I think people are looking at ME wierd!

Constructive Attitude said...


omg. after FIVE years of doing this,i cant believe you were finally caught.

Mrs. Cullen said...

HAHAHAH promise this is so funny. anyway um i feel like i know what the second story has to do with okbye

Mrs. Cullen said...

dear hitler, how come you can write two posts in a row and i can't
very afraid,

*mary* said...

Hey, it is embarassing but the good news is that you get over it in time.
I can count on the mailman coming to the front door the very second Violet wants me to sing some horrible kids' song and dance with her in the living room. It is SO reliable that if I'm waiting on mail I will sometimes mess my hair up and start singing, and there's the mail! Lol.

MarjnHomer said...

Lol. I always did wudu in the ugl 3rd floor and washed my feet. Sometimes I did not care if people seen me or not because I got so use to it. One thing that's been bugging me forever, well two is people who keep thier cotton socks on while doing wudu and (boys in particular) doing prayer with their shoes on. I made a comment about it but no one listens. Gosh!

MarjnHomer said...

Oh I just had an aha moment in the bathroom. If your embarrassed about washing ur feet in front of people, then carry a bottle to the bathroom, do all ur wudu cept the feet and take the bottle to an empty stall and wash it there. it seems icky but hey at least you wont be embarassed

Anonymous said...

ahahahhahahhahahaha. Oh man.

And I think I also know why you don't like muslim boys (reason # 4987487587458430)

I saw the situation and I wondered what was going to happen when you realized what happened (if your situation is what I think it is)

Cheryl said...

I totally learned about the 5 pillars of Islam in University. Did I tell you I studied politics of the middle east for my minor? Maybe that's why am so in love with all of you.

Anyways. On to my comment for this post:
You do what you gotta do what you gotta do.
But I'm going to laugh about it.

Mrs. D Lightful said...

I know, it's sometimes hard to do the right thing, but good for you doing it anyways. :) That was a funny story!

Girl On A Journey said...

LMAO!!! I'm sorry i really should be sympathetic but i just cant stop laughing. Thanks for making my day.

Paris said...

LMAO - I LOVED this post. Rock on! :)

Constructive Attitude said...


p.s. I'm so flipping bored at work. Nothing to entertain me, so i read this post like ten times to entertain me and make me laugh.

Chuckle said...

this is exactly the types of things your blog needs. funny, insightful things about Islam. i think it serves the purpose of your blog perfectly.

and what happened with with Muslim boys?! please tell me!!!

Artistic Logic said...

those darn muslim boys, im with you in this....
so rudeeeeee

also....speaking of marjnhomers comment, i hate it too when they pray with their shoes on

mary evelyn said...

people catch me doing crazy stuff all the time. you're not alone!

good story though :o)

Paris said...

I reread this post...I so love it! :) Looking forward to your next one.

controlled chaos said...

paris -I love you for re-reading this post.

Cheryl- We really didn't know that you did your minors in that. That IS really cool. You laugh at me and I laugh at you. It's a great

Mary-Thank you for relating with me!!

Girl on a Journey-haha I'm glad I made your day

Mrs. D.Lightful- Thank you!

Passionate Bookworm-I'm glad I spread the love like that.

To everyone else-I dunno. I've run out of things to say.

PerplxinTexan♥ said...

You shoulda been more incognito. You know it's acceptable to go over socks if you've already washed your feet for the day. I'm guessing you showered? yes?

uh huh

And besides some people do take showers in the sink and I do judge them.

controlled chaos said...

Actually perplxintexan, you're only allowed to do that with leather socks, not any old socks. If you ask any mainstream fiqh scholar they'll tell you that it's not allowed.
And to A.L. and MarjNhomer, i know for a fact that at least in hanafi fiqh you are allowed to pray with your shoes on.
That's all

PerplxinTexan♥ said...

AL- Glad you said that but, I'm a Islam nut. I've done my research the ruling is that in order to wipe over the socks the socks must be of thick nature and come up to/cover the ankle. The second stipulation is that you must make wudhu then put the socks on for it to be acceptable. The point is to acknowledge that the foot was clean before you placed a medium ( the sock/shoe) over it.

You can find this dhilali in Fiqh-Us-Sunnan

PerplxinTexan♥ said...

If you're interested in the full listing of the 7 conditions to wiping over socks (for the non-traveler)

i) wear socks while in Wudû;
ii) the socks should cover the ankles;
iii) the socks should be of strong material which if need be, can be used to walk on for 3 miles without shoes;
iv) the socks should not have holes in them;
v) they should not be tied on by anything;
vi) they should not absorb water, and
vii) they should be thick.

They do not necessarily have to be leather in the hadith (i believe your referring to) the prophet (saws) was simply wearing leather socks.

If you meet all of the above listed conditions it is perfectly acceptable to wipe over your socks. :)

And you can find that dilili with The Late Maulana Mahmood Ahmed Mirpuri

supreem said...

LOL!!! I just wipe over my socks/shoes... but even just the normal parts of wudu... like arms... people eye you all extra funny... and i just want to be like... you know what?! I'm clean. embrace it, love it, feel it... cuz i know i do!

Falling Up said...

But most socks aka cotton do not meet the above requirements,no? I wonder what else besides leather would be aceptable??

PerplxinTexan♥ said...

In our society it is true most cotton socks do not meet the requirements. But, however the hadith is not limited to cotton. Socks which allow water to touch the feet easily (I believe) are acceptable.

Also, there are conditions BEFORE the element of the thickness. Islam builds on itself suggesting that perhaps the fact that the socks must be worn after initially making wudhu is the main fact.

Anonymous said...


This reminds me of the time I was making wudoo' in the girls' changing room at my school. While I also had my foot in the sink suddenly this girl walks in and because I don't have my glasses on (obviously) I can't tell who she is, but I THOUGHT it was one of my close friends so I casually say "Hey" followed by my friend's name. When she didn't respond I got kinda weirded out (why was she so blatantly ignoring me while staring straight at me?) so I put my glasses back on and lower my foot only to realize it was some other girl who wasn't even Muslim. ...You had to be there.