Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'd like to think that things are getting better but my eyes are getting worse, so maybe I miss a lot

I like to drive. I like the speed, the rush, pushing the limit (and immediately checking in the mirrors for cops hehe...what can I say my conscience gets the best of me). I've never sped insanely except for this one time, in a rush and a little frustrated with things, I hit close to 100 mph.

It doesn't help that I have a 4 cylinder Toyota, that doesn't speed up that fast, and always has to fight drag extra hard to keep up with the other cars on the highway. I still enjoy it though.

Two summers ago I used to drive 40 miles to work in the wee hours of the morning and I started feeling like the drive was so robotic to me, I mean my mind was completely relaxed, not engaged in the task most of the time. I knew all the twists and turns of the road, I knew which exits to take, I even knew when to change lanes and avoid those gihugic potholes Detroit is notorious for. If it wasn't for the early timing, I would have thoroughly enjoyed the empty roads on those summer mornings.

That time in the car alone is what I savor. I talk to myself, sometimes loud, sometimes under my breath (I don't care if you think I'm weird for it). When my favorite song comes on I crank the radio up and even dance a little. Okay so those of you that know me can't really imagine this, can you? Well get over it! I stuff my face with food and worry about making a mess. When I get in the car, I immediately go through my cell phone to find people to call, sometimes I get an answer on the first try, sometimes not. I admit I have taken pictures of places/things while driving and I've given it up. Too dangerous and distracting so now I only take pictures from the car if the car is stopped at a light/stop sign or I pull over.

My car needs to be clean/smell nice and there's only one other friend of mine that has a spotless car (cleaner than mine and I must say I am jealous). I hate winters because I never get motivated enough to go for a wash, but you really should if you want to protect the body from getting eaten away by those nasty snow salts.

I think black tinted windows are sexy. My car came with tints and I'm not sure what I' would do if I had to get them removed. (Although they're fading to purple now...ughy)

There are some things I would never do though, that I have seen other drivers engaged in while in their cars:

1. Pick my nose - do I really need to explain?
2. Eat with a fork and a knife - these things become projectiles if you ever are in an accident and I don't want to imagine where they could end up.
3. Leave glasses and china dishes hanging around the back seats/floor - Same reason as for #2 and seriously what do people do in their cars? Have gourmet meals??
4. Read a newspaper/magazine/book/use my laptop - speaks for itself; trust me I've seen this a number of times
5. Prop my foot up on the dash or let it hang out the window - umm I'm too short for this so I wouldn't try even if I wanted to

I'm a decently slick (does that make sense) go-cart driver and I only wish I could take a real car on the track. That's why, one day, I really, really, REALLY want to drive a Bugatti Veyron down the Autobahn at its top speed (250 mph baby...OH YEAH!!).

I also think Mini Coopers are the cutest boring-looking cars out there. If you've ever watched The Italian Job you know what I mean. Also, I have made it a point to snap a picture of cutesy VW Beatles. And then when I have tons and tons of those pictures, I'll make a collage one day. Or maybe I'll use all the tiny pictures added up to make a big picture of a VW. I don't even know if you're following what I'm saying anymore but here, this is what I'm talking about.

Well that's all for my randoms on driving and cars.

No wait, I might have mentioned this before but I really want to learn how to work on cars, you know fix this and customize that. Sometimes, I want to go ask one of the mechanics I always go to, to let me follow them around and learn things but then I get creeped I'll just make my future husband teach me the mechanics of it all. That and learning to drive a manual. Yea...

And for those of you who are left wondering why you've never gotten a phone call from me when I drive home....its just...



uhh.... yea end of post. k bye.


Mrs. Cullen said...

1. I love to drive too. I love being alone and listening to music and sometimes not listening to music and not even noticing it because I too much into my thoughts. But yes when I do listen to my iPod i love singing along and I love slow depressing music.
2. I know the feeling of driving being robotic. Sometiems it would feel like I could do it in my sleep and sometimes I did do it in my sleep. Sigh.
3. I love to eat when I drive
4. Back in the days of Harry Potter, I would read the books while driving..
5. The best time to study is while driving
6. Promise. It really is. Thats how I got As on all my quizzes in Microbio =)
7. I hate getting a car wash. Even though I get free ones at the dealership, I am so freaking lazy.
8. I always wanted a mini cooper
9. I love talking on the phone too. I love it.
10. Bye.

ocean said...

Hi Friend.. Interesting post.. Keep up the good work.. Do visit my blog and posy your comments.. Take care mate.. Cheers!!!

Cheryl said...

The first time my mom tried to teach me how to drive, I almost drove into a construction site.

And why do people pick their noses in cars? I will never understand that. Do they think people can't seem them or something?


Artistic Logic said...

Mrs. C: wow you do all the dangerous things I never would... this means I would get REALLY nervous if you were driving behind me...
Also, we'll get mini cooper's when we're rich and famous (cause they'll be one out of our dozens of cars...duh) .... and then we can race them... =)

Ocean: Thanks for stopping by, I will make sure to check out your blog!

Cheryl: Thankfully I never did anything dramatic when I first got behind the wheel. whew. but that sounds like an interesting story. perhaps one to blog about?
I guess they pick their nose because its their comfort zone like their home...kinda the same reason why they would act extremely rude to others on the road (i.e. road rage) but never do that same stuff if they're standing in a line at a store or at a park. Gross indeed.

Girl On A Journey said...

Driving is great! I got my license last September and since then i've been pushing my mom's jeep over the limit it should be going (ok that's bad but i gues si love speeding too)

P.S I totally agree with Cheryl! thats just...yucky

PerplxinTexan♥ said...

I'm a total #5, I only like driving when for long distances alone or while chauffeuring others around.

The best time to read is actually in a tub or while driving. The best talks I've ever had seem to take place in public and behind the wheel. It's just such an intimate experience.

I never take it for granted.

mary evelyn said...

i must confess to #5 on your list of things you don't do while driving. i don't do it all the time, usually on a longer road trip.

i like the vw beetle idea though :O)

Artistic Logic said...

girl on a journey: just be safe and don't let your mom find out hehe

prplxin: weird isn't it? intimate conversation in public... =P

mary:*sigh* that's alright, as long as you don't use your laptop or shave your legs in the car lol ... i kid... but yea i've seen that in the summer when im stuck in traffic or on long drives... =)

Chuckle said...
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Chuckle said...

i wrote something. i accidently deleted it. but anyway i like driving alone too.

Artistic Logic said...

sure u "accidentally" deleted it hmmmmm

i've never been in the car with you... so you need to drive me somewhere once before i die... ok??

Chuckle said...

of course! and i think that mrs. cullen is kinda scared of my driving. but i assure you that i am a very safe driver with the occasional road rage and speeding ticket and road rage. :)