Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mrs. Cullen: The Witness

Dear Friends,

Funny story. Last week my dad was out of the country. Two times that week we had Jehovah Witnesses come by. They always asked for my dad and I told them to come back next week. They spoke to me and were very kind. They even asked me my name. Then they told me it was beautiful.

I went to the library this morning because our printer wasn't working. When I came back home they were in the living room talking to my dad. They saw me, said hello and even used my name. They remembered! I thought this was funny. The fact they were inside talking to my dad and trying to convert him.

I never knew much about Jehovah Witnesses. I used to think they were Christians and could be Catholic, Baptist, etc and the only reason they were called Jehovah Witnesses was because they went house to house dressed in black and tried to convert people. Well I guess that's not true. They weren't wearing black. And, they are their own sect of Christianity. They believe their God's name is Jehovah. They don't celebrate Easter or Christmas. Oh. Well I guess I still don't know much about them.

Anyway. I went to my room while my dad spoke with them. One of the men is Indian and so is his wife. They used to be the "Sikh" religion and converted ten years ago. The others were white ladies. I think they purposely brought an Indian couple, thinking we can relate to them and that would help us BELIEVE!

Ok. So when they left, my dad told us what was said. He said that the Indian man was talking about their religion and wanted to read my dad something from the Bible. But he didn't have the Bible in his hand. One of the other ladies had it. So he asked her for it.

---Normally, when you ask someone for ANYTHING, you get up and get it from them. Or they get up and get it for you.----I mean, sometimes I throw my brother his car keys or the phone--but if its a book--never.---And if its my parents or someone older than me, or someone I respect (not that I don't respect my brother, cuties) then I would never throw anything at them. That's just something I've been taught since I was a child.---

So, he asks the lady for the Bible. The lady is sitting on the other side of the living room. She throws it at him. There are two ways to throw something. One is hold it and and gently throw it towards the side. The other way I would call a chuck. Its lifting it up in the air and throwing it--like a ball. That's what she did, but to a book. And not just any book; the Bible.

Anyway, my dad was so surprised that this happened and he told them this. He said, this is the word of God and you are throwing it? Anyway, basically the people were so embarrassed and they left. The End.

I kinda feel bad. Maybe it was a simple mistake. I dunno. I am sure not everyone is like this. I just can't imagine throwing the Qur'an like that. Or throwing it at all. I feel so terrible if I accidentally drop it. I place it on the highest level of my bookshelf so I am not accidentally pointing my feet towards it as I sleep. I dunno. I just thought it was an interesting story. The End.

Yours for the Sake of Peace and Sisterhood,
Mrs. Cullen


Muslim Girl said...

Uh oh I bet that lady got in a little bit of trouble at the end. I can't imagine throwing any type of book, nevermind a religious one!

Rationality said...

Oh poor lady, she threw the book spontaneously like it’s a toy or she knew your father long time ago. I think her partners got mad at her when they left your home.

By the way the principles you grew up with are right and what you said is absolutely true.

You are so descent and mature ma sha allah, May Allah protect you. Waiting to hear more from you.
All the best

Constructive Attitude said...

thats so funny because CC and i were just talking about jehovah witnesses yesterday and how we didnt really know what they believed in, and she asked me to talk to them for like five min (when they come to my house) and get an idea of their beliefs.

Little T said...

I am just as confused by The Witness folks as you are. Perhaps I will find one that blogs to learn more:-)

thenerdqueen said...

She really threw it? How utterly mind-boggling. I don't think that I'd feel comfortable watching anyone throw a religious book, much less my own. And actually throwing it? Not a chance.

Chuckle said...

how can this be sad and funny at the same time?

that takes talent i tell you. talent.

Okie said...

Wow...that's crazy. Great story. Funny and thought-provoking all at once. I will admit that there have been times when I have tossed books, but in those cases it was generally either a book that was actually inside some kind of protective cover (my scriptures are actually inside a leather case that can zip closed...kind of like a padfolio) or it was a slight toss of a foot or two between roommates sharing a book, tired out of our minds and not willing to stretch the extra foot to hand it.

(Of course, there was that one exception with college textbook that shall remain nameless but underwent plenty of throwing, kicking and ripping after a particularly horrific study session)

In any case, if a group like the JWs are trying to make an impression about their religious point of view and their specific respect/understanding of the Bible...throwing their work of scripture certainly isn't the way to get the message across (unless their message is that religion is a casual, easy going thing that can be chucked around however you like, but I doubt that's what they were going for).

info said...
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Soda and Candy said...

Haha, that is funny that they got embarrassed about throwing it, rightly so! There are a lot of JWs in my town but they don't bother us too much.

PS - When you say "sick" religion, I think you mean Sikh.

Mrs. Cullen said...

Oh! Thank you so much. I'm an idiot.

provoking invoking said...

IMO the strangest thing about jehovah witnessses is that their religion believes that only 70,000 or 140000 (i cant remember) people will ever enter heaven... so why do they spend so much time trying to convert people and increase their numbers when such a limited amount of people get to go to heaven? if they succeed converting someone else what if that person takes their spot in paradise!

mind-boggling i say

supreem said...

yeah, i've never really understood jehova witness faith. :x Probably it's because they come on too strong, that it doesn't appeal to my curiosity. I cannot believe she threw the book, that's so random. I hope they never have a repeat of that :X

*mary* said...

That is truly odd. What would possess someone to behave that way in someone's home? She must have felt very comfortable there I guess.

And I think it is Calvinists who believe the 140,000 people thing. Am I wrong?

fuelMybrain said...

So I spent the last year studying religions... The JWs were one of them! This cute old couple (cuz I'm a sucker for old people) used to come over every Saturday for a couple hours and teach me what they believe. And growing up Mormon, it all sounded all too familiar.

The reason they remembered your name is because they all track their "whitnessing". You became a statistic that day they met you and asked your name. Your name is in their little tracting book and in their numbers forever now. :-)

So I got them to say that the Mormon church is a cult, and then we continued on and discovered how much their church cultured is like the Mormon church culture. In my learning their religion I hope I opened theirs eyes a bit, but either way the little old couple was just so darn funny. He'd cut her off when she'd ramble about the grandkids... and she'd make comments like: "you know the gays aren't in the closet anymore, they're everywhere now"... My DH had to leave the room he was laughing so hard.

shortcake said...

I find this amusing :)