Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I think I was high off of cocoa puffs

*Hello there!

CC here, with a post I typed a while ago but didn't publish. Reading back on it now I really don't get the post but whatthehay it's kinda interesting**

Sunday morning.

Cocoa Puffs and sunday comics.

Once upon a time (three years ago) that above list would have included, Sunday morning cartoons. So for the heck of it, I decided to give my old friends another chance.

I mean anything to escape the studying. It was a good cause...you know old friends and stuff.

So there was this once cartoon, that I remember had started a little before I basically completely stopped watching Sunday morning cartoons. I can't remember the name, but it involves a gaming world, and monsters (no not Pokemon...stupids) . And there's this green monster/hero guy.

So anyways, the green monster/hero guys says this line in the cartoon, "Only the strong can afford to trust" (Or was it, "Only the powerful"?) . So first I snort in my head over that extremely stupid, Star Wars like, line.

Then I started thinking about that line.

Only the strong can afford to trust...huh...it actually makes sense.

Note how the line says, CAN AFFORD. It doesn't say should, or would, but that they could afford to. Yeah, you could throw a lot of examples at me, and show me how the strong actually become more paranoid, or can afford to trust less. But as a general rule, it makes sense.

And that from a cartoon with monsters (and its still not Pokemon).

The weak can't afford to trust, because they don't know who or what is going to eat them alive. Both metaphoricallyl and literally.

Voldemort could afford to trust his hunchmen. Why?

Because he was strong, and believed they could never do something against him

His hunchmen couldn't afford to trust him. Why?

Because they knew Voldemort was stronger, and could afford to kill them.

Humans, generally can afford to trust their pets. Their dogs are tamed and submissive. The human is the master, the stronger one. On the other hand, one would not generally trust a stray. Especially if those strays enjoy running chasing you (don't ask).

It is the strong that know that would be untouched even if the weak wanted to hurt them. And trusting someone or something, is different from being comfortable. Though, the two are related.

You might be comfortable around someone, but do you trust them? Maybe not completely. But why? Because they could still hurt you? How and why could they hurt you? Because you're vulnerable to the hurt, you're not that strong of a person, you have weaknesses.

Also, notice that you can describe strength in different ways-mentally, physically, emotionally etc.

Ok I'm gonna stop myself here. I'm sorry about that post, but I really wanted to share that lame hallelujah moment with someone. Just think about it. It's kinda fun.

Promise it is.

On a side note, my laptop crashed. And I forgot I had a blog for a couple days now. HP really knows how to make great products. I talked to a HP guy today who was pretty helpful.

But seriously, I did not pay all this money for a laptop that's making my life harder. And his suggestion was to get another year warranty for another couple 100 dollars.



I already PAID you money, to give me a good, relatively durable laptop. YOUR laptop keeps screwing on me, MY warranty is ending, and I get NO compensation for the hell I've been put through.

Instead I get the option to pay MORE money that I do NOT have, to cover problems that I SHOULD NOT be having.

Can someone please call HP on my behalf and yell at them.

I ended leaving the conversation giving a 9/10 for my overall HP experience.

I don't even know how it happened.

I'm pathetic.

Hmm I smell food. Bye.

p.s. Just to update you all, my warranty expired and my laptop is still having issues and my backspace key is missing. Maybe I should try the Windows 7? I have a feeling no one is going to respond to my question but I'm asking anyways.

p.p.s. I really don't know what was going through my head when I wrote that post, I sound like I was high but I promise I wasn't. At least not on anything illegal. And you should get a prize if you got through that post.


*mary* said...

Haha, that is okay. I once wrote a paper on inter-species relations after watching a gang of cats and a dog trying to interact. It wasn't for school, I just wrote it. Everyone was like, "What were you on?!" Boredom, I guess. Maybe Cocoa Puffs.

Constructive Attitude said...

you got ALL that from a comic?

you're thought processes are funny.

Youthful Wisdom said...

extremely funny. and sort of random, actually.

β said...

When I was a kid I used to be obsessed with cocoa puffs. I even got my mum to let me have them for dinner once...

Facta Non Verba said...

Its surprising what you find in childrens cartoons when you actually watch them. My brother is ten - and he watches a lot of cartoon - okay i admit it - i like them too - anyways - we watch them - and i find myself marvaling at the life lessons being panted in you - my brother just gets the action/ the fights / the cool colors - but i get the life lesson = about not giving up even when the odds are extreme. And this little montage of yours is really cool. Its extremily true -except in the case - and i think this is an ideal anyways - but a believer-trust in his/her(pc!) lord to see him through any hardship. Meep!that failed.

Facta Non Verba said...