Sunday, November 30, 2008

India's September 11

Mumbai, India

More than 170 people confirmed dead. 300 wounded.

For 60 hours there was shooting, explosions, and hostages held by several gunmen.

For India, it was September 11.

India's government officials want to name Pakistan, its neighboring country, as the perpetrator. But the country is refraining from saying this outright, worried about ruining the efforts made to bring the countries together, which would also end the 5-year cease fire.
Pakistan's government has completely denied its involvement in the attacks and even vowed to take action against any group that was involved.

The attacks were ruthless and undiscriminating. The internet has disquieting descriptions of the events and pictures of areas splattered with blood, shattered windows, chaotic scenes, and mourners of those who are dead.

People are angry. Why did it take an entire three hours to mount a rescue operation? How was it possible for only 10 men to take control of so many different locations for an entire three days?

I would also like to know exactly what the heck WAS going on while children, grandparents, parents, tourists, Hindus, Jews, Christians, Muslims and everyone else, who was going about their life expecting nothing more than the frustrating traffic of India, were being murdered left and right?

And I'm not just talking about the rescue operation. I'm also talking about the gunmen who I can only picture as soul-devoid, brain washed individuals, emotionless, creatures. Most of you have seen the eerie picture of the one gunman who seemed to have been smiling while shooting at something. It's the type of picture that haunts you at night.

What were they thinking? No way could they be enjoying that. Didn't they feel anything? Did they feel or think at all? Should I be pitying them? What if they were forced to do what they were doing? Am I a monster for assuming that they are monsters? But then again, what about ones who are the victims? I'm sometimes afraid to think about them. To think about the pain of the survivors and the relatives of the victims is despairing. To think about the lives lost, their thoughts and fears is painful and frightening.

Then there's my emotion of fear. I'm afraid of the backlash Muslims in India are going to face. Religious riots in India can be as bloody and as undiscriminating as this bloodshed. Not to mention they can be common. I'm afraid of the backlash Pakistan is going to face. Pakistan's government or any of its normal citizens would never condone any such acts. But that won't matter, not with India and Pakistan's history, Pakistan's some what unstable security, India's corruption and India's almost innate distaste for Pakistan. Then I'm afraid for the Muslims of the world. All those Muslims who are trying so hard to work against all the bloodshed and violence, which are now automatically linked with Islam. They now have another item that can be added to the list of reasons others fear them, refuse to associate with them, are disgusted with them, despise them.

You know you feel it too sometimes. Well guess what. We feel it too. We feel the pain as well when people are killed. Only for us its extra, we feel the pain for the lives lost, then we feel the pain of seeing our religion twisted and deformed. And then we feel the pain of other Muslims facing the consequences.But the rest of the world doesn't care. We're not foreign or inhumane like you may think. And we see your reactions, your looks. We know when you don't want to be around us because of our religion. We know when you make those dirty comments, and don't give a damn.

Like when I said Muslims were killed. You were like "Yeah right you just wanna say that because you're Muslim." But no it's true Muslims were victims too.But you won't believe me. India holds a HUGE Hindu majority but India also holds the second largest Muslim population in a country. Yes, the second largest. Muslims in India are the largest minority and these Muslims are proud to be Indian . I would know, since I'm also Indian.

And do people care that Muslim countries, and Muslims from all across the world have condemned the attacks? Yet the news would rather mention those couple of idiots that are fine, and encourage the mass murders. Then there are those who say that they have yet to see a popular condemnation from Muslims for these kind of attacks.

Well if you haven't seen it yet, here's one.

On behalf of EVERY Muslim in the world old, young, traditional, liberal, American, Indian, Saudi Arabian, Afghani, Pakistani, Chinese, Mexican and everyone here on the blog

I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for your loss.
I'm sorry for your pain. I'm sorry for your fears. I'm sorry you haven't heard me say sorry before.
I'm sorry I'm not there helping you.
Helping you heal, encouraging you, telling you it'll be okay.
Do I expect you to say you have nothing to be sorry about?
No I don't, but I'll still do it anyways.

We feel the sadness for a life lost too.
We would never be okay with those acts.

And we hate what happened to you. We hate what happened to them. We pray it gets better. And that it gets better soon.
Islam teaches compassion, we want you to know that.

And we pray you understand that we meant every word we said.


Falling Up said...

I feel like I should be writing about this. I guess i haven't because the other ones haven't been so publicized or whatever by the media so this is nothing new to me.
This isn't the first attack.
This isn't the last. There have been bombings in the past two years in major cities inclusing two and three in my city. Not as big in my city but a bombing is a bombing.

There were some bombings in Delhi they intially blamed on Muslims. Later they found out it wasn't.

The whole thing, these bombings, hijacking a hotel, random's insane. I still can't imagine it happening. And then we have to deal with the reflex backlash on Muslims. It's all frustrating and very tiring.

You basically took the word sout of my mouth so I'll stop here. I'm just soo disgusted with everything that happened.

Falling Up said...

Oh and then you live in this fear. But then I think to myself..How are the people in warstricken countries holding out.

I need to be grateful for what I have and for what has NOT happened to me.

Constructive Attitude said...

I dont understand why the first thing people look at when a violent crime happens is whether or not that person was "Muslim" or not. And that's what people base their opinions and feelings on. The point is not what the person was or what "religion" they claim to follow. Killing is killing. And murder is murder. And the last time I checked people who commit acts of violence as atrocious as these, are just sick individuals regardless of what religion, race, sex, etnicity, etc they claim that they are.

provoking invoking said...

When the american media gives this much attention to a bombing in another country (and as F.U. said, it's not the first nor the last) there is always a question of the motive, and a question of why the media wants to exploit one tragedy over another.. and who benefits from the resulting aftermath.


Artistic Logic said...

i agree with ^ provoking

MarjnHomer said...

this attack was so much orchestrated and thought out that it could not have been done by simple human beings. why is this happening and why is there such unrest in the world. of course only Allah knows. and my thoughts and prayers go out to those people that were hurt by this. Inshallah things will only get better in the near future for the Muslim Ummah. It just has to but it is up to us to stop and take an account of our sins and such...

Anonymous said...

Woah thats was deep.