Friday, November 21, 2008

Why I SHOULDN'T become a teacher.

I dont know if I want to do this. After three months of it, I still dont know. I'm tired and cranky and want to strangle little kids all day long. So is this the career for me? Or am I just doing it just for the sake of it getting a degree in something. Anything.

Although my posts about student teaching are written in jest, I think its pretty obvious that I enjoy it a tad bit. However, sometimes alarm bells go off clearly signaling that maybe I should think about a life without lesson plans and red ink pens and snotty, spoiled brats.

And just so you can see how my brain works, here are my top ten reasons why I shouldn't become a lifelong underpaid babysitter--err..I mean teacher.

10. Every single teacher that I have met thus far, hates---with a capital H, checking papers. I like it. Actually sometimes I feel like I love doing that more than anything. Time goes by pretty fast when you're doing it. I like checking papers with a red ink pen too--the traditional way is the best way, in my opinion. And it makes me happy to put words like "Awesome, Stupendous, Teriffic, Fantastic, Fabulous, Wonderful, Marvelous, Great, and Good" when students get A's or B's. I wouldnt mind bringing papers home and checking them either. I know all teachers complain about bringing work home. But that's like lesson plans and thinking about what you're going to do the next day, week, or month. Of course no one would want to do that. Because it requires brain work. Checking papers doesnt. Maybe thats why I like it so much. Because I really don't have to think. I have an answer key. And everyone says that they love teaching and everything about it, except checking papers. I dont really like doing alot of the stuff like teaching and answering questions and coming up with creative, "fun" lessons. But I do like checking papers. Am I the only one that thinks somethings off with that?

9. I have favorite students. Everyone says you shouldnt do this. And that all of your students should be treated the same way.Yaddi yaddi yadda. And you shouldnt show favoritism. But I do. There are just some kids who listen to everything that I ask them to do.Kids who come to school prepared. Ready to work. Kids that never interrupt me during a lesson, never fight with their neighbor, never get out of their chair while talking, never make smart-alecky remarks. Basically kids that were like me when I was in elementary school.Kids that just sat there and did every single thing the teacher asked them to do. Kinda like a I -ask- them -to -jump- they- ask- how- high kinda relationship there. Those kids have become my favorite students. I have soft spots for them. And I think some of the other kids know this. And you know what? I dont really care.

8. I think it's funny when kids are scared of me. Some of my students are terrified of me. One death stare from me, and they are just about ready to cry. Or pee in their pants. Or both. And I think that's hilarious.

7. I'm not very creative. Some of the lessons I've come up with put the kids to sleep.

6. I dont like talking in front of groups of people. I'm a very shy person. And I know these are just kids. Nonetheless, it's nerve-wrecking.

5. I'm a big procrastinator. Ok so this may not be that big of a deal for certain people. I know people who procrastinate more than me and wait til the eleventh hour to do stuff. But I actually remember when I didnt used to procrastinate. Freshmen year of college. I was on top of my game. I used to cry if I was running behind with assignments. Now I'm just like ehhh,whatever, I have time. But with teaching you have to meet lots of deadlines. It's annoying. You have to be prepared when you enter the classroom. Teaching can't be impromptu. It has to be planned. And I'm too lazy to deal with all of that. And it's not such a good thing if you're a procrastinator and the future of America is depending on you.

4. Summer vacations? What exactly am I supposed to do for three whole months?

3. I hate explaining stuff. Just ask my youngest sister. She's stopped coming to me for help with her homework.

2. I dont answer questions as effectively as I should. (See this post for elaboration as to why)

And the number one reason why I shouldnt become a teacher: *drumroll please*

1. I dont really like kids. I'm not too fond of them. They get on my nerves. This probably sounds like blasphemy to educators everywhere. Whatever.

So there you go, my reasons for not wanting to become a teacher. Notice how a teacher's salary wasn't included. Contrary to popular belief, teachers make a hell of a lot more than you think. They just like to exaggerate and wallow in self pity. Another reason why this profession just isn't for me.


Artistic Logic said...

u did complain abt the money u said it right before ugot into the 10 reasons lol... "underpaid" see....
and i thought that was one of the reasons u didn't like it?

im in your boat at this point too.... i don't wanna b an engineer.... i just don't .... im done with it .... before i even begin it really....
i think its cause we're just sick of all this schooling .... and working ....

Mrs. Cullen said...

u complain too much. get over it.

Constructive Attitude said...

and you dont complain at all.right.


Mrs. Cullen said...

i know... right?

Anonymous said...

The solution: become a housewife! We all know that's what your heart secretly desires.

And you'll get used to speaking in front of a large group of people, don't worry. All you need is practice!

Falling Up said...

10 is a negative point? You said u like it.

And you were on top of your game in freshman year because IIII was there. ;)

Annnd I don't like kids, either. Maybe you should move up to middle school/highschool. But that requires essays and crap. And more obnoxious people.

And Simply Me, that sounds great. I would go for that. Too bad we already paid for my med school. Oh yeah and I moed to a third world country for this. I better become a doctor. And work, too!

provoking invoking said...

F.U. - she is saying that she only likes checking papers and not the other work that comes with being a teacher.. so she thinks there's something wrong with that.

I think that you COULD just feel this way because of the nervousness.. I think once you get used to it and stop feeling any pressure, you will get used to it and if you are just relaxed you will be able to know what to do and how to plan stuff. Yeah, at first it takes some work, but after the first couple of years you'll have the same general lesson plan and know how to modify it every year and work around it. with time you will also become comfortable with kids (because you know that deep down you do love 'em more than hate, and its just the new situation.. it takes time to build patience for LOTS of kids at once.)

the answer to #4: TRAVEL TRAVEL TRAVEL!!!! man that's so awesome, when i make money all i think about is using it for travel. and like you said, you will make good enough money.

i wouldn't back out of this.. but like falling up said, maybe a different age group? i don't know how much more school u would have to do.. but hey its really about adjusting!

controlled chaos said...

Hmm do you just live on the blog??
funny post yo

fuelMybrain said...

Is this really my daughter's teacher? lol she sounds just like this...
I wish she would realize she HATES teaching and do us all a favor and QUIT!!! If your heart is not in it, it will show.

I keep quiet and I secretly hope my daughter's teacher will retire tomorrow, or get hit by a bus. :/

...Love said...

I hope for your sake your NOT here daughters teacher ^^

Unfortunately I agree with Mrs. Cullens teaching is about educating and making a difference. There's nothing wrong with not wanting to do it what is wrong is that you've wasted so much time and money only to discover you don't want to do this.

A- I too have favorites which you'll understand after my next post or at least my next 2 post.

B- You're a step up from me because I don't actually grade the papers. I just assume that most of the answers are either right or wrong and the rest are usually complete failures so I :) :( accordingly.

true story.

controlled chaos said...

oh And dude seriously
MOST people have those "alarm bells" go off in the midst of working toward their professions.
Some listen to them, others don't, and others fall into the 'other' category.
And from those who don't listen, some end up regretting and others don't.
Life's about choices,and making the best with what you've got. And I think you're a fine teacher...or will be insh'Allah

...Love said...

Umm yes sometimes in the next month this post will serve as inspiration.

Mutmainnah said...

Well so many of my stupid teachers told me they dont like kids, but look at them. Oh wait one of them quit and became a full time casino worker, and the other one wnet back to Africa, hmm anyways you complain alot& you really dont explain things. But i honestly think youll enjoy it.