Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm with stupid

Or should I say I am stupid.

I wish I was smart. Everyone around me is really smart and intelligent. (Mashallah)And good for them. I have family and friends who know what they're talking about. Me on the other hand, completely and hopelessly B.S. my way through certain situations and sometimes seem to lack common sense. I'm the idiot that answers every question with a shrug of the shoulders and "I dunno".

(This is kinda like another "catch" phrase that I should really stop using.)

(Me admitting this in no way gives anyone permission to call me an idiot or stupid. I'm sensitive. So don't call me names)

Majority of the time I really don't know the answers to questions. Sad? Yes. Pathetic? Heck yeah.

However in certain situations, when I think I know the answer ,I hesitate. I hesitate because I'm unsure (and because Google is nowhere near me....I kid. I kid....Errr... Kind of)
And I hate being put on the spot. And also because I don't like giving people wrong information. So my solution thus far has been to take the easy way out and give the best possible answer that I can come up with, which would be -- I.

So being busy with student teaching and all, and actually becoming the teacher, saying "I dunno" and shrugging my shoulders, is just not gonna fly. Especially since this is what I will probably be doing for the rest of my life and all I ever hear are questions from eager little brats.

I need to be able to answer questions. Because me becoming a teacher and what not,again kinda, sorta, maybe, goes hand- in- hand with being able to answer questions efficiently and correctly. No?

Could you imagine if I said I dunno to every single thing my students asked.

Ms. Attitude, the fire alarm went off and the school is on fire, what do we do now?
-Hold on one second, while I Google that question.

Ms. Attitude, why do we have to learn how to read?
-I dunno. Read that book and I'm sure you'll find the answer to your question.

Ms. Attitude, how do we find a certain word in a dictionary?
-You know, I'm really not sure. You should really raise your hand before you ask a question.

Hopefully, I'll get over this ASAP. If not, here's a comforting thought for you: Just think I could be your kid's teacher one day.*


*Disclaimer: This post was written in jest, I am not really this dense. Occasionally, but not always. So no worries yo, your kid is in good hands ;)


Artistic Logic said...

lol pish tosh u always have the answer to my questions....pls teach my kids...
and i hate wen u do *shrug* "i donno"

...Love said...

I doubt your 'stupid' seeing as how you've managed to get this far in life....

Also the utmost of important questions in my life are best answered by "*shrug* I dunno".

And even if you are stupid (which I doubt- I googled it :P ) you'd still be a step above our current president.

controlled chaos said...

haha omg is so right
technically i'm the dumb one
and did you know that it's those people who act 'stupid'/come off stupid that are actually the smart ones.
take you for example

Artistic Logic said...

hahahaha i love what you said cc

Mrs. Cullen said...

1. you are not stupid/dumb/pathetic
2. you know how to answer questions
3. those questions u said at the end for examples, you know that you really can answer each one of those
4. you are an idiot
5. jk you are not i dont know why you think you are. everyone always says i duno. i used to feel like i said it all the time and i did because some loser told me i did. and so i made it a point to not say it anymore. so now i answer questions. u can always answer the questions you are asked MRS. ATTITUDE (JK Miss). Just think and then answer. The only questions you need google and books for are hard questions like something to do with stupid subjects like orgo and history and science and politics and don't worry about that. you are so cute.

Mrs. Cullen said...

oh and
7. i know when you said everyone around me is smart, you were thinking about me. thanks. thats flattering.
8. thanks for taking my "i'm sensitive" excuse. u suck.

Mrs. Cullen said...

9. most of the time you say "i duno" is cuz u dont feel like answering or are being lazy and soo annoying. promise thats the case

Mrs. Cullen said...


Mrs. Cullen said...

k im dumb

Mrs. Cullen said...

omg i meant to say done*****

Anonymous said...

Don't listen to these liars. Just embrace your stupidity, it's ok because we will still love you! And I love how CC made that "stupid" comment because she does the same thing!

supreem said...

i'd like to say 1) no one knows everything... 2) i feel for you in the BS-ing thing, cuz i'm the same way...3)i'm wicked insecure about knowing and not knowing things.. and 4) don't worry about it, the best experience I've ever had was teaching 6-12 graders social studies... and when they asked me something i didn't know (which was like every other day), I either literally pulled out the dictionary/some sort of resource, or gave them like 'candy' if they found the answer and brought it next class (which would have given me enough time to look it up and find the background information, and help the student through giving their answer)

I'm here for you! and I am stupid too :) but i bask (is that how it's spelled?) in my stupidity

fuelMybrain said...

lol, this reminded me of the Friends episode where Joey was always dumbfounded during their casual conversations because he wasn't able to add anything to the conversation. He could only afford one encyclopedia... they caught on when all he talked about were things starting with the letter V (I think it was V).

Anyway, point of that lesson is: just talk to your students about what you know, then you'll never be found saying "I dunno".

Artistic Logic said...

i love joey