Thursday, October 30, 2008

I am 62 soul years.

6.4 magnitude eatrthquake hits southwest Pakistan this morning killing 170 people so far, leaving 15,000 people homeless and scores more buried beneath the rubble. Rescue efforts have begun with the military and medical aid being deployed to Baluchistan. The government is not asking for international aid at this time.

45,000 refugees are fleeing a refuge camp in Goma within Democratic Republic of Congo, because of the onslaught of rebel fighters. The UN General Secretary has said that the violence is creating a "humanitarian catastrophe". What's basically going on is that there are 2 political parties at odds with each other, the government and the rebels. The rebel leader, Nkunda, is gearing for an assault on Goma with his renegade militia.

Syria accuses the US of launching a raid against them from Iraq, killing civilians. The US may close their embassy in Damascus after the deadly raid. They have no comment on the attack.


controlled chaos said...

that's is so sad. Oh and I love it how abc news mentioned nothing about the six children that were killed (according to bbc news)

Constructive Attitude said...

Is "humanitarian catastrophe" just another way of saying all hell is breaking loose over there?

Artistic Logic said...