Saturday, October 25, 2008


Dear Blogger,

Recently I promised my friend I would do something with her. But it just seems so WRONG, and everytime I picture the moment, I wanna start fake crying.

I really don't want to do it, but my friend guilted me into it, and now I have to.

I blame this completely on teeny-boppers. If it weren't for them, they would be no too-lame-for-words movies, and if weren't for the too-lame-for-words movies, my friend wouldn't wanna watch High School Musical 3. And if she didn't want to watch it, she wouldn't guilt me into promising to watch it with her.

I think I'm about to start fake crying, like I did when Disney Channel announced, a couple days ago, that there were three more days until High School Musical 3.

And you know what else isn't helping right now?
My baka brother going around the house singing "OOOHHH if I could talk to money. How great my life would be. We'd tell each other secrets...something something "
(It's a song from spongebob, sung by Mr. Krab-if you've ever watched it, you understand what i'm talking about)

Anyways, here's the best part. Do you know HOW she guilted me???
Apparently, when I watched all three of the Lord of the Rings movies in theater with her she was dying. Well, not literally of course.
Apparently, she wanted to get out of there as soon as possible every time.

But I didn't know this. I couldn't possibly conceive the thought that someone could actually NOT LIKE Lord of the Rings . I mean they're only one of the best movies ever. Then later on, when I was ranting about how I loved the movies( i thought I was talking to a fellow LOTR lover, sadly I was mistaken) she revealed to me that she was so happy she's done with them.
And that's when I went like "WHAT????"

So then, last weekend, she calls me while I'm studying for a stupid exam, that I'm pretty sure I failed anyways (stupid chromosomal aberrations). She starts off by saying,
"Hey do you know how I sat through all the LOTR movies with you?"
And I go like yeahh
"Well can you watch a movie with me?)
Note: The caller starts off by mentioning something she did that she apparently disliked, and makes it seem like she did it completely for you. She also uses the word ALL, to make it seem so much bigger. She also uses a very meek tone, making you feel like some horrible bully. Also when she asks the question, she makes her favor seem so small, and easy. Thus, effectively making you feel guilty.

Ok so when she asked the question, I knew what movie she was talking about. And of course, as a good friend, I felt it was my duty, regardless of whether or not she watched LOTR, to come through for her.
Who knew, that later when I came to my senses i would regret it.
Maybe it isn't so bad?
Maybe the gayness won't kill me?
Maybe I'll end up liking it?
Maybe I'll end up becoming a Zac Efron fan, and you'll see me wearing his T-shirt 24/7 and squeal with the highest pitch everytime I see his picture?
God, please don't. I really should start praying now.
If I come back and say that it was kinda cute, you know that the movie did something horrible to me. Like send subliminal messages to poor old me while I was innocently watching.

I guess we'll find out. I hope my friend doesn't all of a sudden decide to get up and find and read my blog. I'll just add it to my list of 150 billion things to worry about.


Artistic Logic said...

who is zac efron?

thanks, this post really helps me in figuring out ways to make you do stuff for me

Constructive Attitude said...

hahahahahahha. ok you cant watch the third one without watching the first two. i hope your friend makes you watch the first two!

have fun yo! i think it's ten times worse than an indian movie.

Artistic Logic said...

haha i def. agree with ca on the "worse than bollywood movie"

and who is this, i think i want to give her a call and remind her you haven't watched 1&2

...Love said...

No advice here. I'm a el ed teacher anything Disney is in my genes, Zac effron if beautiful, yes, beautiful and spongebob should be a political option.

2 is a complete waste of your life, 1 is legit and 3 will complete your soul. Also I'm not a fan of LOTR I've fallen asleep (at sometime) during all 3. The third just like HSM is my personal fav.

P.S. If you make lil jokes in your head during the movie it'll be alot more enjoyable-for both of you.

Mrs. Cullen said...

um how do u know indian movies are bad. uve never seen any. so don't talk about them. they mean a lot to me.

supreem said...

hahahahhahahahahah!!! LOL! dude.. as geeky as I am... I loved the HSM movies... well i just love musicals :) so bring me sappy indian movies and i'll just love the singing and dancing. it makes me happy.