Friday, October 3, 2008

Newsy Poosey!

I feel high so if any of this post makes no have been forewarned!

Signed Sealed and ....Delivered!
The $700 Billion bail-out plan passed the House this afternoon and was signed by Speaker Pelosi five minutes later and then sent to the President who signed it into law in the Rose Garden. Interestingly enough it took an added $100 billion of pork for the House Republicans (fiscal conservatives anyone?) to vote for it- and even then, majority of them voted against it.

Pakistan at war! with...itself?
After sharp criticisms of Pakistan's "blind eye" towards Taliban militants in it's tribal areas, the army has finally decided to something, they've been attacking these areas for the past two months with really nothing to show for it except for the deaths of 2 minor Taliban militants as compared to hundreds of civilian deaths in the NW province. An estimated 250,000 people have fled to Afghanistan to escape the fighting. The army's General Ashfaq Kayani, says that the militants are extremely well funded and the Red Cross has declared the area a war zone. Civil war anyone?

Unemployment rises..has it ever gone up during this administration??
America sheds 159,000 jobs in its 9th straight monthly drop. With people who have been laid off and no longer looking for work, not counted into the statistics the estimate is that the unemployment rate is far greater than 7%.

And now the debate from last night...
Other than the fact that I wanted to smack Gov. Palin's smile off of her face during all of it, and other than the fact that she told the moderator in essence that she wouldn't answer any of the questions that she might be asked; she did pretty well. She exceeded expectations in which most people thought she'd set the stage on fire..I wish she had. One thing she did do though was to say, in essence, that she wants to control the senate by expanding the powers of the Vice President...Dick Cheney anyone? Ohh and also she's decided that she won't allow anyone to interview her anymore (Katie Couric anyone?)...So um yeah

The last thing I wanted to talk about were pirates! Yes pirates!
So Somali pirates stole a Ukranian ship laden with 33 Russian made tanks and is holding it up for ransom, along with the crew. They want $20 million. Russia's already dispatched a war ship to the horn of Africa and the EU has taken anti-piracy measures that won't go into effect until November. Now the pirates are surrounded by US Navy warships, with Malaysia sending warships to join in surrounding the pirates. We wait for a UN resolution (really??) to resolve this. On a side note Somali pirates have already taken $30 mill in ransoms so far this year.

I want to see religulous!!!!

The End.


Constructive Attitude said...

I didnt watch the VP debate thingy, but everyone said that Sarah Palin did a decent job, much better than everyone predicted. Weird.

Artistic Logic said...

i don't like palin, shes a joke... just like bush

and no one covers whats going on in pakistan except maybe the bbc... they're being forced into this war thats not even theirs...
makes me SO mad

provoking invoking said...

i loved it. it was a clean-coal-and-isreael love fest!

the clean coal thing is funny.. how come no one talks about fuel cells? or hemp? or solar energy? oh yeah.. because all that is TOO clean, and the energy companies would pay US!

another favourite: holy crap, joe biden knows where osama bin laden is!! why didn't he tell us sooner? obstruction of justice !

i still can't decide who loves israel more.. and who hates iran more.. at least its clear who hates pakistan the most! i'm so happy i have a choice between the two!!

..lets go see religulous together! one of these weekends. i miss royal oak anyway

......Love said...

Palin got you too with her ghetto-ized hip hop shout outs to Elementry schools?