Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I dont want...

I hate change. Seriously. Story of my life.

And I'm a selfish person. Get over it. I'm the first person to admit that. It's not that I don't want others to be happy. I do. I really do. But life would be so much easier for me if I was happy and my needs were met.

That being said, I dont want or need change.

I don't want a new phone. My old,ghetto, broken phone with it's old,ghetto, put-back-together-with-masking-tape-by-my-dad charger works just fine.Thankyouveryfreakingmuch.
I don't want to look at my parents and see them age and see lots of gray hair and new wrinkles that I haven't seen before.
I don't want to get married...just yet. I feel like this is an impending doom.(Save me the marriage- is- something- we -all- have- to- do- sooner- or- later- it's- half- of- our- Sunnah-and-we-must-procreate speech. Been there, heard it all.) Seriously. You know how there is a phrase that goes something like, "There are two guarantees in life : death and taxes." I think they should revise that to say "There are three guarantees in life for a Muslim/Desi/Arab/any other culture that likes to get their daughters/sisters/nieces/ married A.S.A.P.: death, taxes, and marriage.
I don't want my parents stressing themselves out trying to find me the "perfect guy" (idiot sounds so much better, no?) for me.
I don't want to have conversations with my brother that start off with "Remember when we used to..." or "Let's do this, just like old times"
I don't want Sue and Billy (my niece and nephew) to grow up and become bratty toddlers. They're so cute and adorable just the way they are.
I don't want my friends throwing stupid phrases at me like "Keep in touch". Are we in high school or something?
I don't want my friends telling me "Wow, it's been so long since I've seen/talked to you."
I don't want my friends to go off and get married or go to grad school and move to some God forsaken state or country.
I don't want to look for a new job even if I hate my current job
I don't want to call X University my alma mater and receive annoying phone calls asking for donations.

I don't want change. I want it to go away.

I just want some things to stay just the way they are. Is that too much to ask for?

But I do know that some things are inevitable and there's nothing you or I can do about it.

Except complain.

So that,my friends, is what I will continue doing until I am satisfied.

I know I can just suck it up like a big girl and except it, but seriously, who wants to do that?


Mrs. Cullen said...

change is gonna happen whether you want it or not. so get over it. and accept it. its just a part of life. learn to love it.

Anonymous said...

You're so annoying! Change isn't always bad.

PS. Keep in touch cuz I haven't seen you in so long.

Snake Charmer said...

wow, that was insightful

fuelMybrain said...

LOL, you guys are funny.
I totally hate change too. Joining the next age bracket this year SUCKED *SS too. My kids aren't cute anymore (you know what I mean, like when they were 3), and my husband is almost bald. Old soccer injuries resurface to taunt my anti-aging mind set. I forget things, man if I got paid a nickel everytime I forgot something... Oh and you start saying stupid things just like the nickel thing.

I better stop before I get another wrinkle.

Anonymous said...

change is inevitable. try not to complain so much about the life that Allah gave you, we seem to forget that when we complain. this is the life that He gave us and as His servants we should be happy and grateful for whatever comes our way. I'm not judging you, just trying to offer you some advice.

Mutmainnah said...

Umm arent you supposed to be the "this day in history girl?"
and how come Im nevr included in your stupid blogs.

Artistic Logic said...

haha i didn't even think about that... (what mutmainnah said)