Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Excuses, Excuses

I hope I'm not boring anyone with these Student Teaching posts. Honestly, that's all that's going on right now. As lame as it sounds, nothing else is new. And don't you worry, once I'm done with it (December 11th baby!!! 29 more days!!!) I'll go back to my oh so wonderful and entertaining "This day in History" posts. I'm sure you all miss them so much.

Or maybe I'll find something new to write about.

Anyways, for now, back to student teaching.

(Whatever. Now that I'm thinking about it, at least I'm writing, what's everyone else's excuse?)

And speaking of excuses, little kids are the masterminds of excuses.Or in my opinion---lies. Seriously.

Before I began student teaching, I did a semester of pre student teaching (total waste of time, I tell ya). During my pre-student teaching days, a kid bit a girl on the arm. when asked why he did it, he denied it. After much probing and threatening, he finally revealed that he didn't bite her, instead her arm ran into his teeth.

(At the time it was a horrible thing to hear, but after about two minutes, I couldn't stop laughing)

And when it comes to returning their homework, they never use the "my dog ate my homework" excuse. Instead they use the "It's there in the homework tray, you didn't find it?" excuse (or should I say lie). When it's clear by their awkwardness that they didnt bother to do the homework, let alone bring it in.

Another homework excuse: My mom didn't remind me to do it. She told me to go to sleep.

(Yeah right.)

One girl kept telling me that she had to go to the bathroom. I didn't let her go. She just got to school. She hadn't even been there for five minutes. We dont allow them to go to the bathroom that early. They should have used it before they came to school. Don't you think? Because alot of the time they just want to get out of the classroom and roam the halls. Anyways she ended up using the bathroom on herself. And I was just so flabbergasted by it, I let her go to the bathroom (Ok so I was obviously late, but at least I let her go).

(I was also kinda sorta terrified that her mom would come after me)

Another girl was being ungrateful and didn't want a cupcake that was given to her because she wanted another flavor. Her excuse? She was allergic to chocolate. Who the heck is allergic to chocolate, I ask!

Sometimes they lack creativity though: A boy punched a girl. (Kids are so violent these days) When asked why, he said "Cause I wanted to."

I'll admit, sometimes I fall for these excuses . Mostly because I don't want to hear the endless explanation that comes with it.


If only college professors gave up just as easily as I did, life would be perfect.


Mrs. Cullen said...


Mutmainnah said...

if life was easy, you would be living my life! bahahababa

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Falling Up said...

a lot of people are allergic to chocolate!!

MarjnHomer said...

chocolates counts as dairy and many are allergic to dairy...