Saturday, November 15, 2008

speaking of bailouts.. when will we talk about the ROOT to all problems?

Taken from Friday Nasiha ("advice") by Young Muslims canada.


The origin of all problems is greedy desire (shuhh). The Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings upon him) explains this in the following sahih hadith:

"Beware of shuhh (greedy desire), for verily it destroyed those who came before you. It ordered them to be miserly and they were miserly, it ordered them to commit oppression and they oppressed, and it ordered them to cut family ties and they cut family ties."

Shuhh, which is the greedy desire of the self, causes miserliness by withholding objects of desire which have been acquired, and causes oppression by the taking of the property of others, and causes breaking of family ties, and it causes envy - which is to hate others possessing what one does not have, and wishing for its destruction. Envy itself entails miserliness and oppression, since envy is miserliness with that which one has been given, and oppression by wishing for others to lose the good which they have acquired.

Compiled From:
"Enjoining Right and Forbidding Wrong" - Ibn Taimiya


(and the entry cannot be complete without) Qur'an values:

"If the Truth were to follow their whims and desires, the heavens and the earth and everyone in them would have been brought to ruin."

-Qur'an, 23:71


Artistic Logic said...

this is so so so right

very much needed

thanks for posting it

controlled chaos said...

thank you for that :)

Anonymous said...

How did I not see this post? I love the ayah from the qur'an, I've never fell across that before.

provoking invoking said...

Thank you guys.. and you're welcome. greed has made the wealthy and powerful of the world so so short-sighted. the things they talk about on the news are so silly in light of qur'an.

simply me: i'm glad i had the opportunity to introduce you to that verse! like i said, it comes to my mind very often when i'm looking around me. i hope it affects you in the longterm also. =) peace