Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ahhh the elections !!!!

Hi everyone,

So I'm tired, and I want to go to bed already, even though it's only 10 pm. I have a ton of school work I could and should do, but the only thing circulating my mind right now are the elections.

Is it gonna be Obama? Will it be McCain?

Sigh. And whoever it does turn out to be, I feel bad for them. They have to take on being the president of one of the most hated countries in the world (according to everybody else, not me), fix the declining economy, keep both liberals and conservatives happy, and sometimes put aside feelings for what they think is right and do what they have to do, even if it means taking the side of the wrong party, because a lot of the times, their hands are tied.

So I'm scared that Obama might lose.

Then I'm scared if he does win, he'll make the wrong decisions or everyone will be extremely critical of everything he does, and people everywhere will be disappointed with him. Don't even get me started on the hopes Muslims and the rest of the world have for him. If he knew, I think he would crumble under the pressure. Take this interesting article for example.

The next four years I think will be very interesting.

OH and depressingly, one thing this election opened my eyes to was the prevalence, and even in certain areas flourishing cases, of racism, ignorance and discrimination in the U.S.
For whatever reason, five years ago I thought America didn't have serious problems concerning the above three. Then I found out that they still existed, from my English teacher. But then I reasoned it's probably contained to those remote areas and random cases. This year I discovered I was wrong, again.

I'm moving to Space.


provoking invoking said...

i just skimmed the article but that's really interesting. although i'm strict with the principle of the thing, i do hope good comes out of obama. while you're right about racism.. i think he will win. the scary thing, how that article said he will be "the next world leader" to people around the globe. it paints these pictures in my head of brave new world or orwellian stuff.. the world has accepted a face on the american hegemony...

Artistic Logic said...

such a big word

im not smart enough for this blog


oh and i wanna know the story behind your observations (concerning racism)