Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mrs. Cullen: The NotSoHappy Camper

Dear Friends,

I went camping this past weekend. It was fun. I was head counselor of this camp that I help plan every year. I was bummed because it was supposed to rain all weekend. It did. I really wanted to get a tan. I did not. On the first day, during the first activity (which was capture the flag on a hill as it was raining and the grass was very wet) a girl slipped and fell. Then she started screaming in pain. I thought she was joking but as I ran over I noticed she was crying and not laughing. She was holding on to her knee. I really didn't know what to do and wished my dad was there. He was a chaperon for the weekend but had just gone home for a dinner party, and was to come back later on at night. Hes a Physical Therapist so he would have known exactly what to do. We told the camp people and one of them came over. He told her that she needs to lay down and keep her leg elevated and ice it. So I helped pick her up. Her one arm was around me and the other was around another counselor. We took her all the way up the hill and then up some stairs into the dining hall. There she laid on a couch. Someone got her ice.

Then when everyone went to the campfire she stayed behind with a few friends. Then she decided she could not handle the pain and it was time to go home. Her parents came late at night to pick her up. The next day they took her to the hospital and it turns out she fractured her knee. How painful.

Nothing else exciting happened the rest of the weekend. Oh wait. A few boys fell into the lake while canoeing. But that always happens to the boys. I really wanted it to happen to the girls but it didn't. Boo. It would have been fun to see. I also encouraged all the boys and girls to play pranks but no one really did. Except the last day before departing some girls (who I cannot name..not that you would know them anyway) hid a bunch of guys luggage. Then they put a bunch of riddles directing them where to find it. Those boys were really mad and it just made the prank so not fun. People are so boring these days. I need some excitement in my life.

Yours for the Sake of War and Discord,
Mrs. Cullen


Anonymous said...

I loved how you wrote this post. I thought it was awesome. Except for the part about that girl fracturing her knee. That was not awesome. I know that is true, because as I was reading it I thought: "Wow, that is not awesome." That last sentence may or may not be true.

Constructive Attitude said...

You're in love with drama.

Snake Charmer said...

i concur with CA

Chuckle said...

Oh my gosh.

In nursing school they taught us that you have to immobilize above and below the injury before you move the person. And ice it.

And no one seems to have a sense of humor nowadays... Maybe because of the economy? I dunno blaming the economy always seems to work.

Chuckle said...

I just re-read it. She fractured it? Whattheheck did she do?!

Artistic Logic said...

chuckle, before everyone blamed the economy they used to blame canada

i miss those days

even though i love canadians

yours truly... said...

OMG! haha this is cracking me up, no idea why. I can just picture all of the events unfolding and its hilarious....and no pranks, really?? I would be going crazy...lame.

fuelMybrain said...

What boring boys... we would of had so much fun with that one.

Ouch about the knee thing, I was cringing while I read that.