Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The book that made me cry...

I feel like I lost a really good friend.

Every time I finish reading a book that I've become attached to, those are the initials words/thoughts that come to mind.

It wasn't any different this time.

Well maybe it was. I haven't read a good book for a long while. I read three this entire summer compared to times when I was able to finish three in a week. Nothing has been appealing and I just havent been into books.

But Sophie Kinsella never fails to disappoint.

I just finished reading, Twenties Girl

by the renowned author of the Shopaholic series.

I love her books so much. They always always make me laugh.

Sadie just died at the age of 105 and is now haunting her great niece Lara to help her find a necklace that holds sentimental value of some sort. Sadie comes back not as the 105 year old version of herself but a 23 year old version. And her and Lara bicker like long time best friends. While searching for this necklace of Sadies', they both learn about each others lives and help each other see the bigger picture and that the grass
is truly greener on the other side.

It's a hilariously written book, and really, I dont do it justice with my synopsis.


So why did I cry?

I'm not some sap who cries over books and movies. Other things, yes, but not those things. And this wasnt even supposed to be a sad book. It's rated comedic.

However it just seemed to hit a nerve and I thought of all my relationships. Past and present. With friends and family. Grandparents.Mom. Dad. Sisters. Brother. Cousins. Aunts. Uncles. Best friend. Close friends. Good friends. Acquaintances.

Feeling guilty. Sad. Mad. Annoyed. Happy. Lucky. Confused. Jealous.

All of it.

So many thoughts and emotions all at once, I couldnt help but get misty eyed.

The bottom line is that this book teaches you that family can be friends. And that friends can turn into family {whether or NOT you sing and/or dance with them!}

As cliched and sappy as it may sound, I loved this book and think you all should go read it so I have somebody to talk to about it.

P.S. I'm sooooo excited to read her other book Remember Me?



Selba said...

So far, I only read 3 books from Sophie Kinsella.

The Twenties Girl sounds interesting, need to find it soon :)

Kate said...

I've never read any of those books, I'll have to check them out. I hate when a great book ends, it always makes me wish that it would go on forever and that I'll never find another one that I like as much. But it also makes me want to go and write. There's nothing else like a good book!

PerplxinTexan♥ said...

I totally felt you going the My sister's keeper route. Glad you liked it, greta write-up!

Mutmainnah said...

I liked it to, G needs to hurry the hell up so we can talk about it!

Lopez said...

Okay, I can't read this post...b/c i have 30 pages left in this book (I KNEW I SHOULD HAVE FINISHED LAST NIGHT, RATHER THAN CONTINUING ON MY WEEDS EPISODES!)

I. Love. Sophie. Kinsella.

She is my favorite (and only) chic-lit writer. She is my favorite british writer...i even wrote a blog about her right before shopoholic came out in the theaters!

I am so excited about reading your blog...b/c this was the first post you put up!!! And my book post is going up in a couple of days!

Artistic Logic said...

im gonna read it!!

i judge books by their covers and this one is pretty artsy

i must read lol

kirstyb said...

I love her books but i havent read that one! Im gonna have a look for it tomorrow xoxox

Mina said...

Sounds intersting...will look it up, thanx for the review.

Madame Lefty said...

I'll have this author on my to read list.

Chuckle said...

was it honestly that good??

Faith in Writing said...

Oh, I always wanted to read these books but the chic lit thing always made me not. I can't wait to see the shopaholic movie!! Yaya, you gave me permission (in a way) to read them. Woot woot.
I'm just finishing (ok, starting) Infidel and then I'm on it :)
BTW Infidel is BEAUTIFULLY written,and I think more a cultural thing than anything Islamic.. but I'll post about it when I finish and know her whole story.

provoking invoking said...

wait so was that "confessions of a shopaholic" movie based on this author's books? because that movie was kinda awful..

and i dont read anymore, i wish i had time. its on my list of things to start doing again. maybe i will when life slows down and gets all domesticated

provoking somthin said...

seriously though that shopaholic movie was terrible. and so cliche.. i don't know how i sat through it (probably because isla fisher is cute). did hollywood ruin a good book or do i just not get the whole 'chick-lit/flick' crap?

fuelMybrain said...

I have been having a hard time getting into any books this last month... I'm currently in the midst of 3 different books right now, none of them grabbing me in. :'( So I love a good recommendation, maybe I will get this one! My BF and I have been trying to find a book we can read at the same time so we can analyze it together (we're nerds like that). Thanks for your suggestion!

LiLu said...

I LOVE Sophie Kinsella. I'm stoked to here that was good- perfect airport book when I travel for a wedding in a couple weeks!

Amalia said...

I loved Remember Me :) I'm sure you will love it too!

Anonymous said...

oh man, i've read all her books and LOVE THEM!! i'm so excited to read her new book now.

and i too feel like i've lost a best friend whenever i finish a really reeeeally good book. sigh.

fuelMybrain said...

Ok girl, I read the book. I actually finished it a week ago, but as you probably notice, once again I'm MIA in the blog world. But I've been thinking of you, and did so the whole time reading it. I actually thought a lot about how you and I come from completely different backgrounds, as does Lara yet we can all relate to this story. I used to sit up late with my grandmother and make her tell me stories of when she was young. I've even told these stories to my mom who'd never heard them. I LOVE looking at old pictures of my older family members. And although there were a few irritating things in this story, I really enjoyed it. It was a cute book that could easily be made into a movie (she tends to write that way).

And your recommendation couldn't of come at a better time... so thanks!!!

I'm now reading the Time Traveler's Wife. So far so good!