Friday, July 31, 2009

Cubicle Humor & Weapons of Choice...

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9 months pregnant and waiting on her due date, today I watched one of my co workers prepare for her maternity leave.

She was handing off her projects to fellow engineers so they could take care of them while she goes away to change diapers and cuddle with the cute ones (something I know our reader,Cheryl, has been DYING to do all her life ;) ).

Now before I get to the good part, I have to bore you with some details like... the project they were discussing is a hospital being built in Jordan, which happens to have a 92% Muslim population. So naturally, this hospital contains some quarters to allow people a private area for offering their 5 daily prayers and wudu (ablution) rooms to clean up before prayer. (Some of you may recall from CC's earlier post on the dilemma of washing feet in public.)

So while they're discussing all the itty bitty details of these prayer areas, I, sitting a few cubicles away, overhear bits and pieces of their conversation and some of it went like this:

(PL for pregnant lady, CM for confused man)

PL: "....the prayer areas... ventilation ...bla bla.... assume they're in use 24 hours"

CM: *taking notes* "uh huh...praying... 24/7..gotchya"

PL: " along with these prayer rooms, here are some ...uh ...bathrooms, if you will " *chuckles*

CM: *confused laughter*

PL: "...there are some sinks for washing feet in....and...

*CM interrupts*

CM: "You said what?"

PL: "...oh you know, sinks to wash their FEET in"

CM: "Oh. Hm"

PL: "What's wrong? You look confused"

CM: "WELL...I was just wondering.... how do they wash their FEET in the sink?"

Both: *Awkward Pause*


After the riot in my head died down, I thought of inviting them to spend one hour in our university's bathroom and find out exactly how acrobatic Muslims are.

Anddd now for the "Weapons of Choice" part, a few weeks ago CA posted her take on Wifely Duties 101... so today when I was reading up on some Islamic lit., I couldn't help but think of you all.

Ladies, begrudge your duties no more! Here's the best weapon we have in making our (future for some of us) husbands get their lazy butt's off the couch and help us out. Read and be amazed...

The Importance of helping one's wife at home:

One day the Messenger of Allah (Muhammad peace be upon him) paid a visit to the house of Imam Ali and Fatemah (his daughter and son-in-law.). He saw that Imam Ali (a.s.) was sieving the pulses and Fatemah (s.a.) was busy cooking. On observing this the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) remarked, "O Ali, I do not speak except what is revealed to me. Anyone who helps his wife in her domestic affairs obtains a reward of one year of worship equal to the amount of hair on his body. This year of worship will be as if he has fasted during its days and prayed during its nights. Allah will reward him equal to the reward of all the patient ones, Hazrat Dawood (a.s.) and Hazrat Isa (Jesus a.s.)."



Constructive Attitude said...

I'm going to make this into a huge poster and hang it in my house.

In every single room.

And then I'm going to kick up my feet and every time whatchamacallit complains about doing some housework, I'm going to point to the poster.

Thanks for sharing :) :)

Heckety said...

I really like that! Would a similar scenario work for Christians too as I sure could use some help with the Man?!

ellen557 said...

Thanks so much for that beautiful hadith <3 There are a lot of good things we can learn from Imam Ali's(as) & Bibi Fatima's (as) marriage!

And erm, I agree with CA. I think I'm going to laminate this and put it above the sink, meaning: Dear Hubby, do the dishes!!!

LiLu said...

Ha! As someone who is OCD about not going to bed with dirty feet (weird? I know) I have totally perfected the art of washing-feet-in-sink. :-)

Soda and Candy said...

Oh man, I knew there was a downside to being an atheist. I've no chance of help in that quarter!

(Just kidding, my Husband is pretty good already, thank goodness!!!)

Chuckle said...


I'd just like to say: FINALLY.

Yasemin said...

I'm printing out this as well for husband when he walks in tomorrow~

I still can't believe that lady is that "un-flexible." Has she never done a cartwheel, I mean it's not THAT hard to put your feet in the sink LOL.

Love you and reading about this, so funny!