Saturday, July 11, 2009

Third world Ceiling: The Sequel

My sister thinks I need to stop blogging about med school. I have no life. I just go to rotations and come home and take a nap, drink juice {sounds like Kindergarten!!} and start studying.

Oh I didn't tell you, did I? My sister's in my class, too. She joined when I did. But I did a year at WSU with the other girls on this blog. Then after she graduated we both went to med school in India. It wasn't planned. Spur of the moment, really.

Anyways, remember the ceiling in the bathroom? Well it must be contagious because my room is starting to peel, too!!

The ceiling
All over my chair.
All over my desk. White flecks. Tsk tsk. How's a girl to study with it snowing on her?
Pieces on the floor.
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provoking invoking said...

i should come over and re-mud your ceiling and paint it :)
(i am such a handy-man when i have to be)

but nah just ask your driver or pay someone on the street to re-paint it for you.. i know how annoying it is for ceiling to fall down on you :( i had to paint the ceiling in my lab at school so it wouldnt interfere with my chemical solutions, cause you know WSU physics is third world too.

Maggie May said...

med school...i've heard the stories. you are brave and determined.

Artistic Logic said...

provoking.... WSU engineering is just as neglected but glad to see the brand spankin new bio/med/pharm buildings lol....easy to see who they favorrrr

Faith in Writing said...

I love how you showed the offending peel!

provoking invoking said...

AL, whaat? um, last time i checked, engineering has a brand new spankin building TOO, with brand new shiny white and blue labs. so its only half neglected.
but yeah i'm just praying this new biophysics thing will bring in some doughh to physics God-willing. i am spending half my time FIXING things instead of experimenting.

but yeah, wish i could help FU! u'll be done before you know it though and be back with us inshAllah

Snake Charmer said...

i love ur stories..don't stop!

Constructive Attitude said...

the peeling ceiling looks like bats.

Artistic Logic said...

provoking, yea NOW we get this new building which has no functional use since all the labs and usable rooms are still in the existing wing... the new wing is just kinda ... there... for visitors to marvel at i guess.... we still get to spend all our class time in the ugly part of the building wooptydoo

Cheryl said...

I disagree with your sister. You should keep blogging about how you're not studying.