Sunday, July 26, 2009

My family is WE-ird

First off, Falling Up, that food is grossing me out. (everyone see post below)
Just straight up grossing me.

I mean bacon with peanut butter cups?!
ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Ew. (No offense Imnotbenny.)

I think even Paula Deen might be scared off by some of the food on there. And she uses fat like candy on Halloween. On the other hand, I'm pretty sure she invented some of the other ones on there.

Moving on, I never kept up with my, "My family is weird" segment

So I'm going to change it to a "My family is mean" segment for today.

Yesterday, while we were getting ready for a wedding, I was standing by the mirror poking and prodding my face.
"Mom.. My face looks like crap."

My mom didn't hear me (i think) but then my 16 year old brother who was standing besides me goes like

"...Your face looks like it always does"

And then he walks away.

Oh. Um. Thanks Buddy.

... I have no idea how to take his response. An insult or his pathetic attempt at a cheer-me-up. Then again it's my brother. I don't remember the last time he even tried to cheer me up.

I guess it's better than C.A.'s reply this one time, "...Your face always looks like crap"


OH and my youngest brother just broke into a rap. The lyrics?

"This is why you're fat. This is why you're fat . This is. This is. This is why you're fat. Fat. Fat. Fat. Fat. Fat. Hmm mmm mmm You're Fat. "

So my family is still weird...and mean.


Constructive Attitude said...


the truth hurts.

p.s. does this mean you consider me family?

*mary* said...

Yeah, that food was pretty horrible! Also- I watched that show of Paula's yeaterday... for a moment. I felt my arteries hardening just watching it. Yuck. NO ONE needs that much butter in a lifetime!

And family is good for that sort of thing, aren't they? You should hear some of the gems my siblings have bestowed upon me.

PerplxinTexan♥ said...

I've added some recipes to that site I'm also contemplating creating a site entitled "This is why you're not married"

JennyMac said...

LOL...this is a riot.

Kate said...

That's so sad! My favorite is when Paula Dean's pants fell down!