Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What have I been doing?

C.A., Mrs. Cullen and I have been in New York this past week.
Actually it was for a little over a week.

We were there for a friend's wedding reception. And it's been forever since we posted.
Mostly cuz we just didn't have ANY time.

Come home 3 am. Go to bed at 5 am. Wake up starting at 8 or 9 or 10 am. Run out of the house to the train station. Hopefully make it in time for the train at State Island. The train would then take us to the ferry. Wait for the ferry. Take the ferry over to rest of New York City. Then walk over to the subway station, from where we would decide where to go and what subway to take.

It was the longest process in the world. And we would have to do it twice a day. On the way there, and on the way back.

I would be snoring half the time on the subway. Not that anyone else on the subway would care. They would be sleeping as though there's no tomorrow. I kinda felt bad for a lot of those people. They always seemed so tired.

I used the computer like twice during the entire trip. Five minutes each time.

And man it smelled like pee at so many places.

But Times Square was beautiful.

P.S. The first day I was there, I noticed that the guys on average were taller and much better looking than the ones here. It didn't take long for all of us to pick up on that.


Artistic Logic said...

haha about the guys


*mary* said...

I love NYC! I haven't been there forever though. I'd like to go back sometime soon. Yes, there is certainly a disctinctive pee smell in lots of places, though I noticed it in other big cities (namely Chicago!) too.

MarjnHomer said...

its competitive in NY so you gotta look good always..find anyone interesting?

controlled chaos said...

Mary- HI!!!!!
We learned to hold our breath in new york. Or at least i did. It was great lung exercises

MarjnHomer- Nope! Well we met loads of interesting people but not the type you're thinking of

Lisa said...

Hope you got to head over to Ground Zero and especially Serendipity for the hot chocolates. It sounds so incredible and very Carrie Bradshaw! Love you guys!

Faith in Writing said...

Lol the guys. Maybe go back to pick spouses?? :)
Where are you by the way (not for stalking, just curiosity. I'm in Sydney anyway, it'd take way too long for me to bother going there)

provoking invoking said...

haha, i just love imagining the lot of you running around the city :D

there's this sewage smell on my walk from my car thru the alley to my office.. its been a while. its funny and ironic actually because this alley is covered with rose bushes. reminds me of that outkast song.. "i know you really think that your sh** don't stink/ but come a little closer and you'll see/ roses really smell like poo-oooo-oooh"
i totally sing that everyday on my way to work.