Friday, July 3, 2009

Kids peeing and me touching it

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I'm posted in pediatrics right now.

I don't like kids. They don't like me. And I don't know what to do with the ones that rarely do like me.

Imagine the pressure I'm under. haha.

Yesterday we were taking a case of a baby with Gastroenteritis. And basically the baby had diarrhea for 8 days before finally coming to the hospital. It's sad. People blow off illnesses because they can't afford to see a doctor and when they finally do, the disease is so advance that the treatment is more expensive. *sigh* but at least that's not the case in this baby's condition. I think it's ignorance. People think problems will go away. Or they're scared. Remember this always: the earlier the better. Way better.

I was going to palpate the femoral artery because we have to check the pulse everywhere and the baby peed. And I didn't know it. So when I had to lift up his shorts to palpate all I felt was wet. eeeeew. And THERE'S NO SINK IN THE WARD! Not that I could see, at least.

You might be wondering where the diaper was? Well the baby didn't have one. Again, they are too poor to afford them. Diapers are relatively new to India. They use cloth "nappies" or whatever British people say. Very thin nappies that don't make a difference.

You must be thinking about the cleanliness of the hospital by now. It's not clean. It's a teaching hospital which means it's very very cheap which means that maintenance is a minimum due to lack of funds. Well they do have funds but that's not what the money is being used for.

More baby stories to come.

PS - this baby didn't cry when it saw me. Indian babies are generally very very very super friendly and go to everyone. But a baby is a baby is a baby and I didn't warm up to it even though it smiled at me while I was examining it. Maybe a little.


Artistic Logic said...

i never ever understand when people say they don't like kids... it just doesn't make sense to me... i mean a bratty 5 year old, OK.. but babies are too cute..

anyways so hospitals are very hard to keep clean no matter how cautious one can be... its just a box full of germs what can one expect... (this is what i learn from designing hospitals at work)

Anonymous said...

Sorry for my bad english. I would like to get updated with you new posts as I love to read your blog. Add me to your mailing list if you have any.