Saturday, July 25, 2009

Don't you remember me?

Weddings here start really really really late. We have dinner at 10:30 PM and I'm starving and can't wait to shove the entire table of food into my mouth. I usually get hungry around 6:45 so imagine.

Anyways today a miracle occurred. I got ready late of course and took my time ironing out all the wrinkles and everything. I put on the dress. IT DIDN'T FIT. It was a dress from one billion years ago. I had my tailor alter it. He made it too tight. So I ironed, changed, put my scarf and makeup on in less than 20 minutes. I am amazing. Well, My sister ironed my pants. But Either way. I'm proud of myself. Usually in the middle I get frustrated with something throw everything off and start screamed. Yes, I am 23... Why do you ask??

Anyways, something embarrassing happened at the wedding. An aunty* came up to me and said hello. I very enthusiastically met her because I had no idea who she was. Then she was like, "Do you remember me? You don't? Seriously?" OMG WHY DO PEOPLE DO THAT? They're asking for it. lol. I met her 4 months ago. I knew she looked like someone I knew and didn't know her name. I can't remember I met so many people in the past few months. It would be bad if they came over regularly but for once for 15 minutes? I can't remember all that.

What's the worst that could happen? I LET DOWN MY FAMILY NAME. If she's mean she could go to everyone and be like, "Oh Em Gee that girl FallingUP'sMom's Daughter is sooo retarded she doesn't even know who I am. Seriously does she think she's the only important one in the world? Someone needs to tell her to get over herself" Yes, this CAN and DOES happen but hopefully it won't. I met her daughter and she probably does the same thing but you never know. She was kind of cool about it? Meh. I can't memorize everyone's faces especially right before my exams when I'm all tense.

I just called me mom and told her she's not allowed to do things like that.

And I'm telling you guys, too. You're just letting yourself down if you do.

*Aunty: Any woman in the Indian subcontinent who is old enough to be your mom. Instead of "Mrs. LastName" we say "FirstName Aunty/Uncle" This is why all brown people are so close knit??


Constructive Attitude said...

I remember aunties. i just dont know how to properly speak to them. I just answer their questions by mumbling something and just stand there awkwardly afterwards cuz i dont know what else to say.

Artistic Logic said...

^ im the same way

fuelMybrain said...

Thanks for explaining the "brown people"-close knit thing. Silly girl!!

I vote: NAME TAGS! at big social events like that.