Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mrs. Cullen: The Hater

Dear Friends,

So lately I have been really annoyed with people and the world. So I wanted to write--- I mean complain about people and people and other stuff too, I guess. But then I realized two things. 1. If someone read this post they would just think I am a typical teenage girl who complains about everything and doesn't even have real issues. (Which is not true because I am not a teenager nor am I "typical"). And 2. Complaining would just make me more upset than I already am and I don't want that. I want to be happy. So, here is a list of things I love and/or am grateful for--I mean should be grateful for. (Not in any specific order, thanks.)

1. My idiot of a brother. Even though at times he can get on my nerves and we get into heated arguments which were just supposed to be informative conversations --he is still a cutie, at heart. I know I am a jerk to him because half the time I am busy and not paying him any attention (like right now..he is talking about his first day at work). But he is a really thoughtful person. He brought me Arabic food home today. And yesterday he came into my room and fed me chocolate cake. I wish I was as thoughtful and caring towards him. Sigh. But then again he does love my older sister more. Boo.

2. Studying. I don't know why but I am loving it. A few weeks ago I started studying for this big exam I have coming up in a few months. And I am loving it! I am enjoying the material which is basically review of everything I have learned in my Science classes these last 4 years. But I also love the fact I don't have to clean my room or do any chores around the house because "I have to study, Mom. I don't have time."  I am also loving being alone and not having to talk to people. Its like my excuse to be anti-social and I love it. Because normally if you are anti-social and distance away from your friends or acquaintances or schoolmates they ask you "Whats wrong?" or "Are you mad at me?" or "You are so boring" and stuff like that. But nope. Not me. Not when you have to study for something. You should try it some time.

3. Shopping. I am going shopping tomorrow with my friend and I am so so so super excited. I got paid a few days ago and didn't bother to deposit the check into my bank account. Instead, I plan on cashing it tomorrow and spending all that money at the mall. This way I wont feel guilty because I wont be taking out money from my bank account. It'll be like spending money I never had. I don't know if that makes sense to you, but thats what I keep telling myself to make me feel good. Anyway. I plan on buying a bag I saw at Victoria's Secret a few weeks ago. Sigh. I hope its still there. Also, I wanna buy those Spring dresses that are in style right now. But too bad they are like $30 each. And I want like 10 of them. Hmm. I also want different color mascaras. During my Spring Break I met a girl who always wears blue mascara and it looked so pretty! Yay me.

4. My BFFs. They make me happy. If I was stuck to my best friends, then I would always be a happy person. And not so angry all the time. Sigh. If only. Anyway. I have the two bestestest friends' ever. Neither one of them will ever read this so I can be as mushy as I want =) Lets just call them M1 and M2. M1 lives far far away and I miss her. But she comes to visit every summer so I get so excited. And even though she lives far away we still talk all the time. Its odd though. Because when she comes to visit, it feels as if she never was gone. Sigh. I miss her. M2 is here and rather annoying at times. But maybe because they are here always and not away like M1? I dunno. But what I love about both of them is that I can trust them completely. When we talk I don't have to say "thats just between the two of us" because thats not needed. Its just known. And loyalty. We are loyal to each other and value our friendships so much. I think loyalty is the most important thing in friendship. I also love that I can tell them anything and I wont be judged. But still -- they tell me if they are concerned and look out for me. Thats important as well. I love that they are selfless and genuinely want the best for me. As I do for them!!!! Sigh.

5. I love my Cat. The one that goes "Meow." Honestly, she is my life. I love my family and friends but you know the other kinda love. The love you have for a significant other? Well I never thought I could feel that. Nor did I even know what it was. Until I met my cat. I love her with all my heart. Even though shes not even human. I love her. But I am not crazy like those people who leave millions of dollars in their Will for their cats and dogs. Thats just silly. And thats not even love!!! I really do love my cat. This                          


6. Food. I love food and Lord am I grateful for it! I had chicken tenders and fries for Lunch. Rice and beef for Dinner #1. Arabic rice and fries for Dinner #2. Yum-mie! Seriously though. Seeing homeless people on a daily basis searching in garbage cans and dumpsters for food -- it really makes you appreciate what you have. I am always too busy complaining on how I want new shoes and new purses when this simple thing--food--is not so simple for someone else. A bad thing about seeing homeless people every day is that you just get used to it. Annoyed of it. Mad at them. Always asking you for spare change or something to eat. We just get used to it. Learn to ignore it. Learn new things to say to them. To avoid them. But it really shouldn't be like that. Anyway. On a side note, if you ever see a homeless person..give them food. Not money. Take them out to eat. Seriously. Or tell them where the nearest shelter is, or where they can get help. Or just smile. Honestly. Thats what WE want when WE are going through a rough time. Sigh. I don't know how I got onto this topic. But um.. I love food!

7. This is too long. I will stop now. 

Yours for the Sake of Peace and Brotherhood,
Mrs. Cullen


Marwa E said...

Wait, I thought you were complaining? And when'd you get a job. I read alot and didn't know you worked? Where at? So many questions, so little time.

P.S. I'm a pretty big hater too.

Mrs. Cullen said...

When did i say I have a job? I said my brother has a new job. But yes, I have a job as well. But I don't recall mentioning that in this post. I have been working for 3 years on campus and it sucks =)

Paula and Skip said...

HI, there was atime where I was complaining, moaning, not content at all. Someone told me to write down what bothers me so much - I should write in length... and should keep it in my bedside drawer. Weeks later when feeling better, She-someone asked me to write what I like about life. To my amazemtn I compared these 2 lists and figured mostly I complained about things/ persons which now are exactly same things/ persons I like. Nothing had changed except my attitude. I think you had done wonderfully. Thanks for sharing. Paula
P.S. Nothing like the purr of a cat, right?

supreem said...

sometimes we need a good... you know... complaining blog post in our lives... :) but if I complained as little as you did in that post... it'd be amazing. But once I start i don't stop.

controlled chaos said...

Pls come to cc

mary evelyn said...

i love food. food is the best. and best friends. there's nothing like having someone in your life that just gets you.

Falling Up said...

great minds think alike. I've been in a complaining mood and thought about listing all the thigns good in my life. YOu beat me to it. I love food, too. :) and cats. and BFFs. and everything, actually!

Constructive Attitude said...

Yayyyy! I'm so glad you're enjoying the studying!

Chuckle said...

i thought i already commented on this? hmmm. well now i forgot what i wanted to say..... ?... i just really like reading your posts.
because it really makes me either :D or :) or both.


Cheryl said...

My BFF lives like half way across the world.

Damn the expat life.