Monday, April 20, 2009

Dear Readers

Some time not too long ago, you encountered a post by F.U. (HaHa F U...). And through this post she somehow managed to rev all of you up for a field trip to my room.

So you're curious about my room?

Some of you even threw across the theory, that I, THE Controlled chaos, have a room decorated with frills and the color pink. Maybe it is...

Maybe I have pink hearts covering my entire wall, with a bright pink bed and a lacey comforter, and unicorns dangling from the ceiling. And a carpet with pink butterflies and flowers.

Gosh golly if only you could see my room!

These rooms wouldn't even stand a chance!

And maybe I have four different guys in my house...

Or maybe I do have newspaper clippings ALL over my wall... And soon you will come to realize that the government is actually run by aliens from planet meow.

And frankly I can't care if I'm being lame P.I. (HaHa Pee!). And if I lose my friends because of my lameness, at least I'm not losing them from having a room so pink that they hurl.

Are you that curious about my room that you want to have a group field trip?
Go right ahead.

Just make sure to get your parental consent forms signed, and a waiver saying that neither me or my room will be held responsible for your health, mentally and physically.

And don't cry if you step on cereal or injure your foot by stepping on a pin.
And don't start whimpering when you find a greenish, black oozing sandwich or dishes from a couple months ago. Especially if you feel like you saw the "sandwich" move.
And don't start crying from the awful smell coming from my ever growing pile of laundry clothes.
And don't scream in pain every time you bump into or hit against a piece of my furniture. Or have something crash onto your head. F.Y.I if something does crash onto your head, you will be paying for the costs. (This will be included in the waiver)

Lovely to puke at Lovely to scream at the mold.
But if you break it Consider it sold!

And I will not be in a hurry to call 911 after you pass out or have a heart attack or whatever else possible syndrome involving the loss of consciousness.
And you may wish to leave as soon as you enter, in which case I may be tempted to keep you in my bedroom longer, to make you regret you decision. Again I will not be held responsible for any damages that occur during that time.
And if the "sandwich" has spores that may have entered your respiratory system....Wachya gonna do? Ask me to call 911 in a hurry?

I laugh at your naivety.

But not to worry, there are some things you don't have to worry about.

You can be grateful that the "sandwich" , my cat, myself and a couple of security spiders are the only living, moving things that can be found in my room. Actually my cat isn't too fond of entering my room, so the furry creature that you see is probably an older generation " sandwich". I call it "Ungu".

You can also be grateful that I will have unfinished packets of food, like chips or popcorn or candynfrom some time ago, in my room somewhere in the case you cannot escape from my room for some unknown reason.

And finally you WILL at the very least be able to satisfy your curiosity about the mystery known as my room.

P.S. Once you enter the room you can kiss any hopes of me serving bubble tea goodbye :-)


Artistic Logic said...

your story's full of holes

Simply me said...

Remember the time I told you not to go into my room and you did? Maybe karma will bite you in the butt one day!

Lisa said...

I so want to see your room now! It can't be any worse than Kendra's on The Girl Next Door, you know that Playboy bunny who needs a hijab :) Love you!

Constructive Attitude said...

that black picture thingy at the end is creepy.

like seriously.

for some odd reason i thought of angel from maximum ride.

Mrs. Cullen said...

i hate you for putting up that scary picture. i don't know how people thought F.U.s picture was scary. this is so scary. i will not be able to sleep tonight, i swear=(

Artistic Logic said...

i thought that hairy thing was a cutie

Faith in Writing said...

We do really need to see the rooooommm noooooooooow...... I love mould. Bring it on.

And Lisa, I love the girls next door... they should be called "the girls next door who have air for brains" though, lol. I swear they were so boooooring, but there's something about seeing pretty dolls that makes me relax. Perhaps from my youth with Barbie :)

the girl in stiletto said...

lol! your room makes everyone more curious then they already are. hahaha. four guys huh? damn! you're better than me :P

Falling Up said...

great! So when do I stop by? I'm thinking you have classes {I won't believe you so I'll figure your schedule out from someone else}. but I most likely will drop in on Saturday. :)

Cheryl said...

... Do you sleep in your room...?

Youthful Wisdom said...

I think you missed the hadith where the Prophet said "cleanliness is half faith..." You'll find it in the second book (Kitaab at-tahara) in Muslim. It's the first hadith mentioned in the book.

Just food for thought =D

Nickie. said...

Id totally love to see your room! =] So stop teasing! lol.

Artistic Logic said...

hahaha i love what youthful wisdom said

MarjnHomer said...

creepy pic at the end. should've put it in the beginning to creep everyone while they are reading the post. hahahah

fuelMybrain said...

Oprah says that state of the environment you live in (ie room, house) is a reflection of what's going on inside. Ha ha ha, I just quoted Oprah. However, despite some of her views, I agree with her on this one.

So do tell, what's going on inside that you just want to bury under a pile of clothes and/or science projects (sandwhich)?