Monday, April 13, 2009

Dear Controlled Chaos

Consider this your last warning.

I don't think anyone has seen your bedroom. Sure, I've been over tons of times but never upstairs. I'm not a nosy person but you make everyone curious when you threaten them if they even think about going upstairs. {If anyone has seen her room, please inform me right away}.

This is the final straw. I WANT TO SEE YOUR ROOM. Last time I was messing around and started to run upstairs. Do you remember what you did? You almost killed me! Folks, the woman grabbed me by the ankle and almost tripped me on the stairs.

You are psychotic.

Is it a messy room? We all get messy sometimes. One time the cleaning lady refused to clean my room when I was younger because it was too messy. She took one look at the room and and instantly refused.

Another time my room was so messy that I had to create a pathway around my room by clearing away clothes, books, etc.

Anyways, I'm going upstairs this time. And if you resist I will sneak up there and take a picture and POST IT ON THE BLOG. And if you delete my post I'll POST IT ON FACEBOOK AND MAKE MY PROFILE OPEN TO EVERYONE. AND TWITTER AND EVERYWHERE ELSE HUMANELY POSSIBLE.

This is a fair warning. You have three days.

Get ready, 'cause here I come.

Your friend since the seventh grade, and maybe even the first friend you made when you moved from Saudi Arabia,
Falling Up

PS - NO AMOUNT OF BUBBLE TEA CAN APPEASE ME. *shakes fist violently*


Constructive Attitude said...


Artistic Logic said...

you and this army of bloggers will enforce this threat cause iv never been granted privelage to go in her room either... she even freaks out if i walk past the front door into the kitchen... so basically im usually confined to that first room on the right

the girl in stiletto said...

wait, you guys stay in the same house/building and own such an awesome blog???!! OMGD THAT IS SUCH A DEDICATION I LOVE YOU GUYS TO BITS!

ok, sorry. i'm kinda new here :) so, hi everyone!

that dear john letter was hilarious!

may i suggest one thing? i live in a house with 3 other brilliant girls. and whenever i refuse their entry to my room (which happens once in a blue moon), they will jokingly say:

which guy you have in your room now?

and i let them into my room straight away, just to prove to them that there's no guy in my room. lol. maybe you can try that on her. LOL.

Anonymous said...

i enjoyed this just before bed.
thank you for the bedtime narration ;)

controlled chaos said...


.......stop giving this author ideas and motivation...

And Dear AUTHOR,

Did I tell you about how I won at boxing against two of my friends? Like a week ago?
Just thought I should let you know.
Good day.

Youthful Wisdom said...

I AGREE 100%.

Muslimah2Muslimah said...

Okay... check the blog again and let us know if you see the pics now... inshallah!

Faith in Writing said...

That was hilarious!! How funny. I wouldn't have let you in my room until yesterday... i'd not put away washing but i'd kept doing other washing for a week so there were about 5 piles of washed clothes, lol.

You've got to wonder about someone called Controlled Chaos... what if the only place she can't control her chaos is in her personal space... perhaps she hoards toast and pictures clipped from newspapers... alllllll.....ooovver....tthe..... roooooooooooooooom.

Artistic Logic said...

or maybe her room is covered in pink frilly lacey-ness and she just doesn't want to show anyone... (that would totally go against her tomboy image)

the girl in stiletto: welcome, glad you like us!! and we don't live WITH each other but we live around the same area and get to hang out a lot at school (and elsewhere)

provoking invoking said...

3 days, forreal??

and i dont see the big deal about someone's room. i make my whole house my space. my room doesnt 'define me'. i think cc is being ridiculous though, but come on she always is.. gotta love it.

also (hate to be the devil's advocate but) it's islamic etiquette to respect someone's space if they dont want you to see it. =p you're all silly.

with that said, cc, stop being lame and give the girl permission. i mean she made a post just for you.

if you dont stop being lame, people will not wanna be your friend anymore 'cause then they would be lame by association (its a law of physics), and no one wants to catch lameness by association.

basically you're cornered now (ha, pun) =P

provoking invoking said...

also, i like AL's theory. pink and frilly until proven otherwise. consensus?

Falling Up said...

AL - We can take her. Let's raid her room.

Girl in Stiletto - We don't live together but we've grown up together. BUT if she reufses I'll try with tithin earshot of her MOTHER. lol.

Americanising Desi - I'm glad you enjoted. :)

CC - I'll get my own army. And I am DEAD serious about taking a pic and posting it on the blog. I have my ways.

Faith - Oh I'm not this bratty and annoying about people's rooms, It's just that she refuses to show ANYONE her room. She must be hiding

PI - I normally wouldn't demand it, but she's made it so tempting over the last few years. And we're good friends so I'm treating her like my sister. I know it doesn't make it right but..I can't resist the temptation.

MarjnHomer said...

now im curious about the room too...inshallah you gt some great pics!

MarjnHomer said...

Actually I would just drop by unannounced with an army and storm into her room. that would be the best idea. she cant stop all of you. heheheheh

Youthful Wisdom said...

Yea I wanna see it too. Group field trip anyone?

fuelMybrain said...

My curiousity is peeked now ladies! Can't wait to read the follow up.

Cheryl said...

What do you mean no amount of bubble tea can satisfy you...

Falling Up said...

I love bubble tea. CC bought me my first one last year. :)