Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Real Life vs Blogger Life

My sister thinks my blogging style and speaking style don't match up. I think she's right. My voice is high pitched and I get hyper and talk fast a lot of times. Especially when it's something I love or a debate on anything from world events to shoes.

And I don't speak about my actual life and what happens in it because that life is boring. I'm a med student and spend a little time studying, a little time wasting away my life or sleeping. My fault, but I feel like there isn't much to do here. I don't get out much because:

1. My friends can't get out that much. The Indian parents I know in MI and India generally have this rule if you go out you can't go out for the next two weeks or so. Luckily my parents have it every other day. lol.

2. I don't like going out because the guys here are pretty cheap. And stare and stare and stare. I don't want to knowingly subject myself to that. And since I don't wear the long robes {Burqa, Jilbaba, Abaya, etc} that some Muslim women wear and don't cover my face {a Niqab}, I'd rather stay inside.

So I end up blogging about little, dumb, yet life altering things like my cockroach incident, cheating or being caught without my head covering.

I am pretty shy and quiet. Not so much as before, though. Despite being the "serious" one in the family I am the one with the most friends and the most social. I make friends much more easily than my siblings. I tend to talk a lot more but not if I'm jet-lagged/sleepy/sick/had a bad day/find someone intimidating.

Ohhh and I hate hate hate small talk. Especially if it's with people I see regularly. If it's someone I don't know at all it's fine. But if I've known you for years, I don't like it. Which is why I'm always hesistant to come back and mingle with people I haven't seen in years so we have drifted and there's not much else to say because it's been so long we can't catch up in 2 minutes, hence the small talk. Maybe I should open up more so I don't die of boredom. I'll try it out next time. Luckily I have a bunch of friends it's not like that with.

I am on the serious side. My sister follows me around the house saying, "Aren't you glad you have such a funny sister? If I wasn't here you would have bored yourself to death!!" I don't think I'm boring. I just don't know how to crack jokes. I'm a joke killer, I'm not quick when it comes to making witty remarks. I can't help it. I'm not this way by choice. The rare occasions that I am witty everyone needs a replay of what I just said. lol.
Arright I didn't expect to open up so much on a public blog but I have. And I'm sure you are all sick of me writing about me. This blog is slowly turning into therapy or something. Of which I don't think I need, but whatevs.


Chuckle said...


i am happy that this blog is doing good things for you. i think its doing that for a lot of the authors in here.

Artistic Logic said...

and what about the readers, chuckle??

falling up: i relize that as i grow older i lose abilities... like the more i study engineering, the less fluent i am as a speaker =( (which sucks at work when im trying to ask a question i feel like an idiot cause i have no vocab)
and the more i get involved in other hobbies i guess the less funny i become... like REALLY i used to be able to make people laugh but now ... not at all.

Cheryl said...

I hate small talk. Honestly, there's nothing worst than standing their awkwardly trying to make small talk with someone you haven't seen in a really long time, or worst, making conversation with someone who thinks you hooked up with them but actually hooked up with your cousin, and he's standing there talking about that move you did that turned him on the most and you can only stand there horrified like "oh my god, this is how my life will end" but it doesn't and so you're just forced there to stand there and listen.

Faith in Writing said...

Well.... I LOVE YOU anyway!! And i don't think you're boring at all. You know, each time I read these posts here I never know who they're by anyway, since the name comes up at the end. And your writing voices (lame new phrase) seem the same to me.
I don't get out too much either... what with my baby and all. I love seeing my extended family and am the quiet one there, but with friends I've known for ages I'm a joker....
And MY blog is definitely so different to the way I speak, lol. I don't put hardly anything in my aussie way. I actually try not to write Aussie because I've never found myself reading a good book and thinking "Gee, what I wouldn't give for them to write it with our twang, as in: hoows it gowen, mayte!.......I did actually read two pages of a romance novel that was WRITTEN in a Scottish accent..... Oh... My.....God.... I wanted to tie that lady up and never undo her for wasting my time with that. I gave that book to my mum, he he.

But yeah, keep it all coming. I was much more quiet at uni than I am now... but I'm still quiet. But I value everything you have to say and LOVE THIS GROUP -and that, includes Y-O-U!
Ps: I love smalltalk. About the weather especially, lol. It makes me HAPPY!!! Esp with old people.

Lisa said...

I wouldn't want to go out with any of those guys either! Their wallets are pretty empty, they don't have anything serious or interesting to say.

I like your serious side. Some of the blogs are pretty much just about fashion, and I like what you are doing instead. Love you sis.

Constructive Attitude said...

My sisters used to say the same thing about my blogging style and speaking style.


Mrs. Cullen said...

"Aren't you glad you have such a funny sister? If I wasn't here you would have bored yourself to death!!"

HAHA that sounds like something I say to my siblings. Except you can also add to the "funny" ...pretty/genius/beautiful/amazing/etc..

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

o ya!!! it happens.... :)
i myself hardly do talk to the 'etc' people.. i prefer stickin to my close friends.. but then i have a huge language problem here..... :( :(

i appear more open on the blog and a few ppl notice that...

but i guess its ok... i mean.. if i have a reason not to talk to people, i shudnt . rite????
but i see no reason why i shudn be bloggin in the way i find ok!!!

and well... those little things you write bout.. they are beautiful dear :) that's wat makes life worth living!
how can they be boring??? :)
i love your posts :)

Falling Up said...

Thanks for the comments. :) Unfortunately I got hit by the lazy truck and cant seem to get on the computer as often as before. I take that as a good thing but bad that I didnt reply.