Sunday, April 19, 2009


Curves, originally uploaded by Rabujee.

It's been a really stagnant Sunday, I should be writing portions of my final design submission or studying about radiation but all I've done so far is place my books on the bed this morning.... haven't cracked them open since. Walked past them, shifted them around, stared at them.... and that's about as much service as they'll get today.

Remember back in high school (God, I feel old starting a sentence like this) when seniors all spoke proudly of having "senioritis." Yea, I think I have a case of that again as a senior in college.

At work, one of my coworkers is leaving (actually already left) work, the country, and his current life to go backpacking through South and Central America. I keep thinking how nice it would be to be able to get away like that, especially these days. Sometimes, I just get sick of hearing "bailout", "recession/depression" mentioned everywhere... Imagine getting away for 1.5 years and not worrying about any of the current issues. I wonder what will have changed in the world by the time he gets back.

On a related note, I watched this news show once documenting the kidnapping of 3 CIA agents (or something) from a mission to Columbia by some huge Colombian rebel group. They were held hostage in the jungle for nearly 5 years before they were rescued, and the one thing that I always remember is one of them saying ipod's hadn't been invented when they disappeared and when they came back they were like mp3 WHAT?!?.

Moving on. Currently, I'm sitting in my room staring out at the drab sky and feeling somewhat sickly thanks to this HORRID flu that's been going around. So my neighbors across the street are a really interesting group of people, either they are a huge extended family living together or they have a bunch of renters sharing one house. There must be at least 12 people living in that house (including children). Anyways, what's most interesting is their favorite past-time...they like to hang out in their garage. ALL of them. Its not like the normal hanging out in the garage session know the type where you move the car out for a few hours and lounge around, maybe have a mini bar-b-q...I've seen many people do THAT. But this is something else. They have a complete living room IN their garage...they never park their cars there thanks to their ample driveway... so they've basically cleared out the garage and made it into a sitting area.

They have a card table with a few chairs, a refrigerator, a huge rug sits in the middle of the floor i guess if someone wants to bring a pillow and take a nap (?!?!), a small tv (the very old kind that you have to turn a dial on to switch the channel), umm a shoe rack and a coat hanger. And unfortunately as I started typing this they've closed the garage door (CRAPola), so I can't remember what other treasures lie inside.

Promise, I'm not a creeper or anything I only know all these things because they have that door open all the time and they just lounge around, smoke, watch TV, eat....etc. It's like their little clubhouse I guess.

I always wanted a clubhouse when I was a kid or a "boxcar." I used to read this book series called Boxcar Kids (I think), it was about a bunch of friends that hung out in an abandoned train boxcar...I thought it was SOOO cool. Thinking back to it now, that sounds creepy...REALLY creepy.

I'll leave you on some random notes (not that the rest of the post hasn't been random thus far), there are a lot of weird things being fed to children through the media if you think of it. Here's one example:

Ever watched Winnie the Pooh? Yea I didn't either but I've seen enough clippings of it to know some of the characters. One of them that's really disturbing to me is Eeyore. Can't remember him?? Does manically depressed donkey ring a bell?

So, he sings this song "Nobody wants to be my friend" and it goes like "Nobody wants to be my friend, except for....." and then he goes on listing the 23892348 friends he has, but he still feels "sorrow." Whatever happened to counting your blessings donkey?!?!?

Winnie is another story, all he ever talks about is getting those "honeypots." He's such a single-goal oriented person...err bear. What happened to teaching kids about exploring their options and being well-rounded... though I guess he IS physically well rounded. Also, what type of bear eats only honey? Last I heard they're more into the bees that make the honey...and umm umm fish ...and PEOPLE.

Speaking of dinners, haven't had mine yet so talk to you later!

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Constructive Attitude said...

winnie the pooh was the most boringest cartoon ever! the entire show used to just be so blah. and i used to watch one saturday morning all the time, and as soon as winnie the pooh would come on, i would switch it off.

it was extremely dull.

Mrs. Cullen said...

i feel like everyone uses the recession as an excuse for EVERYTHING.

Faith in Writing said...

Pooh bear whinnie the pooh bear.. wherever you go, oh won't you take me please, pooh bear I gotta be the-e-ere...
I loved it!!
And I'm sick of hearing about the recession too. My mum won't stop going on about it. Every sentence she says relates back to it somehow, like a big recession essay. Boooooring.
And cool about your neighbours. It's like reality tv, except you can't hear them talking... or can you? lol. The people next to my parents live in their garage. They have a lounge and a pool table, but they're way tacky. They get drunk all the time and they're about 40. I think that's a bit sad, to play pool and drink in your garage at 40. 18 maybe, but then just stop. get a life..

N.L=D said...


LOL, no I'm joking, I like the phrase Credit doesn't meeeean anything, just two words randomly strung together...

Falling Up said...

Piglet was so retarded and scared all the time. Everyone was weird except the owl. Tigger was rude and obnoxious. Rabbit was grumpy. pooh was obsessed with good. Eeyore was depressed.

Oh but I also think this negativity is all in people's heads. We create it bc we feel like it? I mean, did the characters really have an effect on you? did you ever in your life think bert and ernie were more than jsut friends? I thought they were brothers!

Cheryl said...

I bet Piglet smells bad cause like, he's a pig and all. I don't know why none of the characters have called him out on it yet.

the girl in stiletto said...

i don't understand how some people get so crazy with winnie the pooh because honestly, i think it's the worst animation ever! he looks like a she. he's not cute even though he smiles all the time. his name is winnie for god's sake! ahaha lol. sorry winnie the pooh's lovers.

Artistic Logic said...

Faith in Writing: You're right, hanging out like that gets played out after that many years... change the venue

N.L.: mmm reminds me of a cereal... now im hungry

Falling Up: I never watched Pooh and yesssss kids pick up so much from TV so i think it does effect them... also, i thought ernie and bernie are brothers too... till i read your comment... they're not??

Cheryl: Ok but every cartoon has a pig in there and its usually all clean and supposed to be the "cute" one of the group

Girl in Stilettos: agreed =)

Chuckle said...

I watched that episode of 20/20! I am obsessed with that show for some reason. that and 60 minutes and 48 hours mystery. Did you watch the episode of 20/20 where diane sawyer did a special on the mountain people in kentucky? or when elizabeth vargas went to "baby-land". oh man i love that show.

and it's ok to be observant! i am not a very observant person and i get into trouble because of it.

yours truly... said...

hahaha Boxcar Kids...that is greatness right there.

I'm observant, and obnoxiously nosey at the same time!

Lisa said...

Here in Austin, all the hippies celebrate Eeyore's birthday once a year and I'm not joking! And of all the characters, it has to be droopy, depressing Eeyore :)

I wish this recession would just go away already. I can't even find lavender pine sol anymore because the buyers aren't buying it. Much less a job. Arggghhh!

As for the neighbors, no thanks. They don't have a cool pool, heck their not even barbequeing. And who wants to be home all the time anyway? I say take your fun to a park picnic table on Memorial Day and The 4th of July only. And as for playing pool, I'm sorry but how boring can it get? It loses it's luster after the first 10 times, and then it's time for something better.

Great post sis! Love you lots.

1900CL. said...

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