Thursday, April 16, 2009

Watch your back, CC, I'm coming for ya.

Wouldn't it be sweet if plane seats were like this? These are MOVIE THEATRE SEATS. They recline a full 180. They were advertising the seats and I wasn't supposed to go behind the tape and actually sit in them. Good thing I got a pic in before security yelled at me.

Do you like my Indian clothes? I like red. :)

I'm so excited for bagels.
And Coldstone.
And the gym.
And instant hot water.
And drinking water straight out of the tap instead of getting special typhoid and parasite free water.

PS - don't ask what I did to my face.
PPS - If you are confused, I am going home for a little bit. :)
PPS - If you don't get the title, please read about it HERE.


controlled chaos said...

first i was like awwww
then i was like whatttttttttttt
then i was like OMG!

Cheryl said...

Oh God, that is like the creepiest picture ever....

Constructive Attitude said...

i thought this was a headless person. i was SO confused.

i have to agree yo, it is a REALLY REALLY scary pic.

the girl in stiletto said...

lol is your hijab matching with your skirt? faceless ngah ha ha. come on people, that's not scary at all.... :P

Faith in Writing said...

I love those clothes!!!! I see women wearing things like that here (ok, not a lot in Australia but some) and I wish it was acceptable for me to wear them.... but if I did, they'd call me "White Indian Wannabe!!", I can hear them jeering now.... Plus, my husband's head would get dizzy from constantly rolling his eyes at me. He does it enough now and I wear Aussie clothes, lol.

And I want that seat for my loungeroom!! It is soooo unfair that it's not mine (evil face)

Faith in Writing said...

And..... hip hip hooray for instant hot water, and hot water that stays hot. I missed that when I was in the Middle East... and now I realise what a princess I really am. I like being able to shower any time I please, not just when the sun has warmed a tank, and I also like toilets you sit on.
God bless civilisation and advancement.

Faith in Writing said...

Was it you who once complained about cockroaches? My husband's from Palestine and he "claims" they have none there... and he's paranoid about our poisonous spiders. We have a few roaches here because they love all the greenery I guess... lol. Do you think you have more different bugs at home or in India (it sounds like I mean as pets, lol)?

fuelMybrain said...

LOL, my brain couldn't even make out what it was until I stopped the 25 other things I was thinking about to focus in... very nice (besides the face that looks like you just watched the RING video)- red is my fav color!

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who didn't find your picture scary? I actually thought it was funny! Have a safe flight home!! And boooo to SNOW!

Artistic Logic said...

yea that pic scared me and had me confused for a while


yayyyyyyy you're comin you're comin

Mrs. Cullen said...

welcome home!

provoking invoking said...

=D i LOVE that outfit mashaALlah(by the will of God)

i can't wait to see you ( yeah you better make time for me in may.. and come to school with me til then!)

i dont have ur number =/

Falling Up said...

Sorry i scared most of you. I guess it didn't look so bad to me because i did it. Oh well. I just hope no kids saw it.