Thursday, April 9, 2009

Trust me, I'm a {shoe-less} doctor

So this morning I was walking along a very muddy path when my sandals decided to break. They were the thong type since I refuse to wear closed-toe here, except while running on the treadmill. And they're cheap because I don't believe in standing for 3 hours straight in stilettos or anything cute, because pretty shoes are not worth wearing to school.


I know.

Good thing my driver was right there with the car.

Good thing my sister thought her shoes were going to break any second and brought an extra pair.
Good thing my sister and I are the same shoe size.

ps - I like my driver now. He's grown on me. But he weighs less than me so I'm kind of jealous.

pps - Are you loving my random photos? My sister and I rediscovered Jenga. It's so much fun. :) I challenge all of you to a game. You will lose, hands down. :D

pps - I'm not even done typing and I'm PSing.

Always carry and extra pair in your car. You never know when you'll need it. And people always break their shoes here. I'm not the first. I can name about 5 people who have broken their shoes this year, some more than once. Quality, people. Invest in good quality shoes. Mine were two dollars. But lasted two years. And everyone thinks I get my shoes from very expensive places. I don't. I guess my feet are doing a good job of making me look classy.

So we started our rotations again after a break. I know someone's going to ask me what they are. They're basically spending time in the hospital learning how to examine the patient and take a proper history of the patient. We then present the cases to the doctor and he critiques us and tells us what we did wrong and what to look for in that particular disease, etc. It's actually very helpful. Few people participate because most of the doctors are scary. They think scaring and being mean and telling you that you'll amount to nothing if you don't study is the best way to teach. NO IT IS NOT. It just makes me avoid presenting cases so that I won't have to face Dr. Meanie.

Anyways, in one year from now I will be a doctor. God willing. If I pass. God Willing. I always wonder if I'll be a good doctor or not. Not in India. My Hindi has improved but it's definitely not as good as my English and interacting with an English speaking patient would be much more easier. Plus the slang here is so different. You'd have to grow up in this city to know what the patient means when he uses certain phrases or words.

But aside from the language barrier. I wonder if I'll be great. I wonder how I'll tell patients bad news or deal with their deaths, etc. It's really scary being "in charge" of someone's life. I know ultimately it's God's decision on whether the patient lives or dies and disease is just an excuse to go. But thinking about it scares me.


Mrs. Cullen said...

there is no reason to buy expensive shoes in india. they get ruined so fast because you walk so much. cuz when i would go and visit they would get ruined. so i stopped buying pretty shoes there. also i will beat you to jenga!!!!

Mrs. Cullen said...

in jenga***

Chuckle said...

that's how my instructors make me feel. and i'm not even becomning a doctor. i guess they just want us to develop thick skin or something.

and i thought i was "zanga" not "jenga". is that the india version or somethng?

Chuckle said...


i thought it*

Faith in Writing said...

That's great to learn about you becoming a doctor, and good to know you're only human too and scared of doing the right thing by the patient.

Lol at your feet making your shoes look better..... i think my feet just let my shoes down... they make my shoes look cheap, so I just wear thongs and then I'm done. Can't get cheaper than thongs/flip-flops :)

Constructive Attitude said...

I think shoes/flip flops being referred to as thongs is just..weird.

And when I buy cheap shoes they last me a while as well. But my mom always yells and says to spend more so they will last longer. but im a very frugal person and refuse to spend money (or a lot of money) on things besides clothes.

you'll make an exceptional doctor, iA. its only human nature to worry and think otherwise.but i have faith in you, my dear. so dont fret.

Constructive Attitude said...

p.s. i was playing jenga with my students and i was getting all into it, and then they totally ditched me cuz they wanted to hula hoop.

stupid kids.

Artistic Logic said...

hahah CA

i also think "thong" for flip flops is wierd

Falling Up said...

Mrs. Cullen: I challenge you to a Jenga duel!! Whenever I meet you, whenever I meet you, that is.

Chuckle: Maybe it is the thick skin. but so far, I'm still an overly sensitive cry baby. lol. And it's Jenga all over the world? Does India know about Jenga? I bought mine in Michigan. Never heard of zanga.

Faith: Flip flops are the best thing ever invented. So light, so comfortable. And the best thing about India is that everyone wear them here so I come across really nice, stylish ones. :D Except they're not the rubber kind.

CA: I think it's weird, too. but flip flops makes them sound too casual. The shoes I was wearing were the flip flop style but not rubber. iA I become a doctor. a good one. So will you trust me with your life? Just kidding you don't have to answer that.

AL: I third it.

yours truly... said...

I once broke my sandal at Wal-mart, I fixed it in the store with superglue...which resulted in all 5 of my toes being superglued together. Greatness.

The Demigoddess said...

Good luck on your last year in Med School. The doctors I have dealt with are like totally desensitized and emotionless.

mary evelyn said...

you'll do great!

Falling Up said...

Yours truly: ahahaha. Sorry, but that's soo funny. I super glued myself to my tweezers one time.

Demigoddess: I hope to become like that. I don't think I'd be able to work otherwise. and thanks :)

Mary Evelyn: Thanks :)

Girl On A Journey said...

Soooo you just brought bak horrible memories of being at a really fab party with a broken shoe with NO rescue from a sister or even a friend with the same size feet!! lol

Lisa said...

I'm so excited for you. It all sounds very Grey's Anatomy, only you guys look better I think. Inshallah these feelings will pass and when your abd (a bonefied doctor) you'll be laughing at us little people :)

Interested to hear what kind of doctor you are looking to become?

Not a big fan of flip flops, but I live in dog poop central an our maitenance staff doesn't clean up the poop well. One time, I had an Old Navy flops incident where the dog poop landed on my toe. After that I decided closed toes were a must :)

Love you lots! Great post dear.

Falling Up said...

Girl on a Journey: It happens to all of us, huh? Hope it doesn't happen again.

Lisa: I love you, too! Maybe I'll post myself in my surgery outfit. Plus the mask, lol. :) I don't watch doctor shows, but maybe I should start. They're interesting sometimes. I jsut got into scrubs. I'll check out the rest when I'm in America. :)

fuelMybrain said...

What specialty are you going into? If I didn't have kids already I'd go for Med School, but for now it's just Nursing. :( I too will have a hard time with Dr. Meanie... maybe I'll have a special blog to curse them out and be able to vent somewhere. :-)

Old Navy Flip Flops 2/$5, can't beat that!