Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Who am I? WHO AM I?

Controlled chaos/CC here people

I feel like its been a century and a quarter since I've written anything. Or maybe it just feels like that to me since I have another blog now and update it almost daily.

Let me tell you. It is QUITE annoying having two blogs (F.Y.I Quite= VERY, VERY, VERY). I don't know how some of you do it. Anywho, so I keep checking this blog and keep wondering, does anyone miss me? Is someone gonna ask, "Hey, where in the world is C.C.?"

And then I'll fall down and grace all of you with my presence. Dressed in sky blue, one foot slightly higher then the other, with a shinning light, and music playing, attached to a wire and a safety net below me. Then one of you will gasp and point toward this glistening being descending, "Oh my god. It's her! It's CC!"

.....ERRR NOT quite like that.....More like

Only without the whole being a man part......

But NO. That never happened. None of you dear followers even realized I was MIA.

Whatever (btw there's a couple of you that I'm thinking specifically of right now . Please keep an eye out for a comment that will say something along the lines of, "I hate you" or "Hi" or "Not that you care but I'm alive and floating in my boat" sometime soon in your next posts)

So in Islam you're supposed to do this thing where you give people 70 excuses for their behavior or actions, to prevent you from forming negative/bad conclusions or opinions of people (Which we all need to put into practice a lot more..like A LOT more...girls and their gossip...I don't like how they both start with 'G'). Like for example someone is being really rude to me, so instead of getting annoyed and ranting about how rude and terrible she is, I should consider things like maybe something is going on at her house, or she had a really bad day or something. Like 70 of them. (I usually stop at 10, and pretend its 70 and start going off....sigh)

So excuse number uno (1 for all you spanish challenged individuals): I wasn't really gone for a while so I alone felt that way because of my other blog.

2. There are so many authors on this blog that you didn't even notice that I didn't write (....here's a shovel, please start digging your own grave)

3. There are so many authors on this blog that you thought that we are all supposed to be taking turns disappearing and re-appearing.

4. There are so many authors on this blog that you're just plain confused

5. .....Dude I give up.

Considering that, what appears to be a Mary Poppin's bag for endless Symphonic Discord authors', is the reason you didn't notice me gone, I shall attempt to address this issue.

I am going to tell you who we are (Yayy ! How Fun! NOW SIT THROUGH THIS)

Oooh I know let's try and do this basketball style:

Symphonic Discord, trying to accomplish its goal of becoming "the cool, new blog" (I don't know how we'd count as new but whatever), is alive and running for its second year. With ever changing layouts and what seems to be an endless supply of authors, it promises to be...uhh...something...

Writing from India, where she has been temporarily located to for medschool, we have Falliinnnnggg UP.

"What do you have to add about Falling Up, C.C.?"

"Well. She used to hate living in India, but now I think she's gotten more comfortable there then she realizes. She usually is just missing her friends in America a lot. She's usually the nicest one out of all the authors, and is the shy, girly type. Something I'm not. Oh and the funniest thing about her is that she went from wearing flip flops when there was snow outside to blankets when it's like 78 degrees."

Playing Power Forward, the most patriotic author on the blog, and self-proclaimed to be "awesome" at all times, we have Constructive ATTITItudddeeee

"Now C.A., I have to say is a very amusing person to talk to. Especially when you start picking up on her "God bless America" and "It's all about me/I thought we were talking about me" attitude. She's a recent graduate of teaching school, and is currently a part-time teacher at an elementary school. For her, her professionalism is her biggest asset, so that is one thing you do not belittle her on"

"I'll keep that in mind C.C."
Next, we have newest addition to the team, YouthFUL Wisdommmm

"So what can we expect of her C.C?"

"Well Y.W. is the calmest person that I know. She says that she used to have a really bad temper but then worked on it and became this incredibly patient person. She has this great thirst for Islamic knowledge and has the greatest knowledge on the Arabic language among our authors. She'll be going to Egypt this summer to expand her studies and while we haven't seen much, we're all expecting a lot from her"

"Wow I can feel the pressure"

"Haha George. I think she'll be fine"
She's short, she's an engineer, and creativity runs in her blood, we have ARTISTIC Logggiicccc

"She's short huh?"

"Well actually she's roughly the same height as a couple other authors on the blog. A.L. likes to go camera crazy, and capture amazing shots that you find in magazines, we've seen a couple of her shots in her posts. You should see her flickr. She's VERY, well, artistic. An area a couple of us are challenged in. She's finishing school with a degree in mechanical engineering, and is also working as an engineer. She loves cars, everything about them, and also is known as the one that can do the most and best housework. She cooks, she cleans, she likes to host parties. I just don't know how she does it. "

"Is is true that she always used to dress like a tomboy?"

"It was George. It was"

Next up, one of the most elusive members (I say most, because you can't deny that half the authors seem to be elusive at some point) of this blog. Showing her name once in three months...PROVOking INVOkingggg

"P.I. is quite the character George. She is what I would definitely classify as definitely different. She works on a different wavelength then most people I know, but then again so do I. She's very straightforward and can intimidate people that don't know her too well and is very strong in her beliefs. She's currently a physics student and has one of the most amusing laughs that I've ever heard. "

"Wow, a physics student?"

"Yeah she's incredibly smart. She says physics helps bring her closer to God. The only thing physics brought me closer to was failing"

Known as the drama queen by C.C., she complains, she makes you laugh, and will whack off anyone who gets in between her and Edward Cullen. In Center, welcome MRS. CULLEN!

"Mrs.? Does Edward know he is married to her?"

"I don't know George. I don't know. She's the romantic of the group. There was a time when all I ever heard from her was, 'I want to get married. SIGH'. She still says it in her head a lot, but doesn't say it out loud as much. She's aiming for dental school, and has these incredible highs and lows. Sometimes you feel like her life is a roller coaster. Oh and it's very important that you don't think that she's just a "dumb blonde" ( I don't mean this as an offense to blondes. I couldn't find a better phrase), she' s actually very smart. Just doesn't know how to be smart all the time. sigh"



Finally, a returning author, she does the news, the politics, the food, and has one of the best hugs I have ever experienced, we have the most versatile small forward, SNAKE CHarrrrrmerrrrrrr

"First thing that comes to my mind, when I want to describe her, is Obama believer. She and P.I. have actually gotten into arguments over the topic of Mr. Obama. She's a really sweet girl and I thought I was going to die of a heart attack when she left the blog."

"You think you're going to die of a heart attack over a lot of things C.C."

"Shut up George. The point is, S.C. is basically the intellectual of the group. She also runs on a slightly different wavelength, and not to mention LOVES making food. Oh I enjoy her posts. I learn about the world through her. She truly believes in political activism and plans on leaving us to join some pre-med college in Utah or Idaho or Iowa or something."

"Looks like we're done C.C. Job well done"
"Not quite George. Not yet"
"We have another author?"
"No. We have somebody out there"
"Oohhhh Scarrrryyyy. Who is it?"
"Somebody out there, is not one person George. It's a shared account created through which any of the authors can write from, and remain anonymous. It's also for people we know that want to write on the blog once in a while. In which case, we give them the user name and password for somebody out there, and they can contribute to the blog . So basically somebody out there, can be anybody. It can be one of us, or just somebody out there. Haha get it George?
"Haha. No"
"Shut up George"

huh I just noticed that I started with small bio's and ended with really big ones. Wow I'm still in "Hey George" mode. Ok I don't even know a George, but that's the first name that popped into my head. So my invisible friend became George.

Oh and I'm C.C. I get confused easily, I over think, I can be really, really deep or just plain dumb. I get annoyed very easily, but I can forgive easily too. I like my cat. I'm hungry. I don't really like facebook. And now we're done.


Constructive Attitude said...


man, i LOVE your posts.
but dont let that get to your head.


-Person who loves saying God Bless the U.S. and Long live America.

yours truly... said...

yeah, i'm confused! :)

But I still love this blog and all the million authors of it. :)

Maddy said...

I just love the '70 excuses' approach. I think I shall have no choice but to adopt it. [I'm a newbie to this site in any case]

Artistic Logic said...

longggggggggggggggggg post you're getting to be an expert on those but i don't mind... yet
when they become novels, ill let you know

Artistic Logic said...

also, i can't believe george experienced a hug by snake charmer.... *gasp* scandalousssss

i bet u didn't catch that huh?

controlled chaos said...

I'm the person in red A.L.
Yours truly- You're still confused after alll that? sigh

Maddy- i'm glad you liked it :)

fuelMybrain said...

This is one of my fav's of your's! Thank you so much for wrapping it all up so nicely for us. Hilar too, as always and of course expected!


mary evelyn said...

thanks for the run down of symphonic discord characters. i was getting to know you all bit by bit by your posts, but it's nice to have a "cheat sheet".

i DID miss you, btw :o)

Cheryl said...

70 things? Really?

I can't even think of 25 things I like about MYSELF.

Youthful Wisdom said...

LOL I love this post. Like really really love it. I did the same thing CA did.... scroll down to find my name, ignoring everyone else :) But I did end up going back to read everyone else's descriptions too.

Wow do I feel pressurized or what. I think I'm gonna start sighing like Mrs Cullens.

Lisa said...

This is hilarious sister and I feel like I know everyone a little better. I am adopting the 70 excuses too. I just added a third blog and I also completely hate having more than one. So I feel your misery. Love you dearly.

PerplxinTexan♥ said...

How stupid, you sound seriously cracked out, but I read every word....

well most. P.S you guys are following me on twitter, I don't think I've ever been so excited for people to follow me. ever.

No 70 excuses there I'm just thrilled.

P.P.S. CA's my favorite, I think. I'm not sure because I just make mental notes so I'm not sure if she's my favorite or you're my fav but, I know it starts with a C...unless it's Mrs.Cullens.

oh phew! now I'm confizzled.

controlled chaos said...

fmb- so you're George. Hmmm how weird.
Mary E.- I don't believe you
cheryl- i'm just not going to say anything.
Lisa, thanks for feeling my pain
Pt- ...u make confused...

Faith Confusion said...

You did "Hi" in my comment the other day,lol!! You cheeky thing. I thought it was something but i wasn't sure, lol.

And I get you about having more than one blog. I find it difficult just to keep up with comments on 1 blog and other blogs of other people's.... I don't know how AMW has a million (lol, joking, but it is quite a few!)
I don't even look at my cleaning blog much... neither does anyone else!!!!!
lmao with the "hi"
Oh, and "Hi". snippety snip!

Faith in Writing said...

Ps: looks at my cleaning blog :)

MarjnHomer said...

i was gonna ask who is george cuz that just popped out of nowhere..lol

MarjnHomer said...

i was gonna ask who is george cuz that just popped out of nowhere..lol

PerplxinTexan♥ said...

CA keep your attitude over here :P

I am following you...well some of you, most of you. Who's minor crisis?
There's too many of you symphonic'ers.

P.S. If I'm too tired/stressed to fix my blog what makes you think Im going to take the effort to link. Common!

EmptyWords said...

hehe i laughed at this

Mrs. Cullen said...

"she doesn't know how to be smart all the time"

haha thats the perfect way to describe me. for realz.