Monday, April 6, 2009

I'd Rather Be Bald

Being caught without my hijab, or head covering, is the equivalent to wearing nothing. In front of a very large audience. To me, at least. I get so frustrated when I'm not covered and some random guy walks in or there are people at the house and I don't know. I honestly would rather be bald than have men who aren't priveledged to see my hair.

Muslim women are supposed to cover in front of anyone we can potentially marry. So basically everyone except your brothers, father, grandfathers, sons, nephews, grandsons, etc. BASICALLY your immediate family including your parents and kids' immediate families and your father-in-law and your son-in-law. Oh yeah and most importantly not in front of your husband. That'd be really weird if we had to. lol.

Anyways, it's really embarrassing when I'm walking around doing my thing in my own house and realize there's a man in the room. Gasp! It's almost enough to make me tear up out of frustration. At least they were by accident and no one was at fault. All of the times I've been walked in on have been unintentional but I can't help but shaking my fist at the person. In my head. Because I think it's weird to shake your fist physically. *shakes fist* yeah I just tried it. It looks weird.

Sometimes I get lucky, my cousin will be sitting at my house and he won't notice me walking in without my scarf. As soon as I see him I make a quick U-turn and go back upstairs "do-di-do-do-doooing" to myself until I find a scarf to throw on my head.

And other times, I'm not so lucky. A little while ago I did my hair and looked delicious. And was at home. I walked out of my room to come face to chest {I'm only 5'1, so it might have even been elbow} with a rather tall man. He knew he made a mistake by coming up there without letting us know like he usually does so he quickly asked me for a prayer rug, since he wanted to pray. I didn't know what to do. I kinda of threw him a nasty scowl that said do-you-really-think-I'm-going-to-be-thinking-about-a-prayer-rug-right-now?-NO!-I-really-want-to-punch-you-in-the-face-until-you-rewind-the-situation-and-let-me-know-you're-coming-upstairs. But all I did was go, "Hmmph!" and slammed my door.

Later he apologized's not the same. Good thing he doesn't live here. And good thing he apologized. Or else my evil death glare might have killed him by now. He is scared of me, though.

On a completely unrelated, but equally embarrassing note. Back in the day my cousin moved to Michigan from India and lived with us until he got a job and etc. One day I was dumping my stuff in the basement and didn't bother turning the lights on because I was just going to drop some stuff off. I turn around and see this white light coming towards me. I thought it was a ghost or something coming to kill me. So I start screaming my head off and run upstairs to my mom to tell her I almost died and there's a ghost in the basement. 10 seconds later my cousin comes up, laughing. He lives in the basement but I thought he went out. And it was his glasses reflecting what little light there was in the basement. I don't know how to scream. That was my one and only time actually screaming when I'm scared.

ps - my last few posts have been hella jerkish, I promise I'm not. Ask anyone. I'm a darling little thing. Unless you see my hair.

pps - In my other post about the gourd woman, I didn't even speak to the woman without moving her gourd out of the way. That's because she didn't know Hindi or English and I do not speak Telugu. You can tell. I suppose I would have tried but she very rudely knocked me over a few minutes before. People trample all over me. rawr.

ppps - I took the above pic at the Marriott here. It's random, but I wanted to add something pretty. :D


mary evelyn said...

oooh, i like the photo. very colorful. and i don't think your jerkish :o)

*mary* said...

That was an interesting link. I can't believe that school wouldn't let the poor girl wear her hijab!

LiLu said...

If you're jerkish, I don't even want to know what I am... ;-)

Artistic Logic said...

i know what you feel
sometimes i have nightmares where im out in public without hijab

its soooooo upsetting

provoking invoking said...

yes yes. excellent entry.. and i almost cried for the girl in france. i can't imagine. inshaAllah, God willing, girls will continue to resist and prevail, and hopefully restore some religious freedom for everyone.

i love u tooo and having brothers, i know exactly how u feel about uninvited male guests ARGHHHHHHH

Lisa said...

Mashallah, the Mariott there is MUCH nice than the one here!

I hope you don't have any other run-ins with unwanted male guests. I remember that feeling sister and indeed it's like getting naked for men almost.

I didn't find you're previous posts jerkish at all! Loved the one about the Michigan plates in particular.

Love you so much!

Falling Up said...

MaryEvelyn and LiLu: lol, neither do I. But I'm too sugary sweet in person and my writing doesn't reflect that. I think I should toughen up a bit.

Mary: Yeah, the situation in France sucks. They've banned any form of religious expression or whatever you want to call it. This includes all religion and not jsut Islam.

AL - At least it's just a dream. :)

PI - Boys are retarded. The end. Usually it's my fault because I won't reall ypay attention when someone's telling me people are coming over. I shrug it off until I come to a close encounter. lol.

Lisa - Yeah, it's really high class. And security is tough. They scan the car have dogs sniffinf around for stuff. It's kind of intimidating but it's GORGEOUS. The buffet isn't too bad, either. :)

Faith Confusion said...

i loved this post, and the photo was way cool. I;ll have to look back at your jerkish posts now, lol.

controlled chaos said...

sigh...only you would think your coming off jerkish

Constructive Attitude said...

haha. u said you looked delicious..hehe. u never give urself compliments..

anywho, i second everything u said.

Cheryl said...

Okay I have a question that's been bothering me for like a really long time now.

Who cuts your hair? Immediate family members? Hairdressers?.. Are gay hairdressers allowed to cut your hair?

... I must sound like the most ignorant person ever.

Please don't hate me.

Youthful Wisdom said...'s a legitimate question! We can get our haircut from any female. I usually go to any salon and just get my hair cut in their private spa rooms or something like that by a woman .. it's actually quite relaxing to get your own room for a makes me feel special =D

PerplxinTexan♥ said...

It's not even that I'd rather be bald I would just be straight up depressed it's a piece of me and being seen without it is like being violated. Vision is the only thing that can be oppressive without permission. People can see you without you wanting them to OR them asking.

think about it.

good pot.

Falling Up said...

Faith Confusion: thanks :)

CC, CA: meowww

Cheryl: YouthfulWidsdom answered it but My mom sued to cut my hair but that was because I didn't care. But now that I do I usually call before hand and ask the salon if they have a back room. And there are a lot of Muslims nearby in Michigan who have their own salons with separate areas for women who wear the hijab. Annnd surprisingly there are many beauticians who wut hair in their own homes if you ask them. So it never was a problem. :) Annnd Women can cut our hair. but not men. not even if they are gay. and I'm pretty sure gay women are not allowed to see our hair either. I'll get back to you on that, though. And you are sooo not ignorant! We love it when people ask questions.

PerplxnTexan: True. But that goes with or without hijab, right? I guess it depends on where one is. in America I get respected because of it and boys don't mess with me or ignore me which is pretty nice. :) and then in India I get looks like crazy because these guys are pervs. It depend son where you are when you're getting "eye-raped" or whatever its called. OMG I totally forgot the term for it. So I guess in some places Hijab isn't enough.

I kinda get ya. I get really upset because he has NO RIGHT to see it. Even though it was by mistake. ANd that is only my Husbands right. And all the other mens. Not some random shmo'. Even though I cant call my cousins random. but im going to stop since im rambling