Sunday, March 1, 2009

The summary of our (or at least my) school life

So I was emailed this hilarious forward from someone, titled Universal Representation. And I had to share it with you guys.

It's so funny!


New semester:

At the first week:

At the second week:

Before the mid-term test:

During the mid-term test:

After the mid-term test:

Before the final exam:

Once know the final exam schedule:

7 days before final exam:

6 days before final exam:

5 days before final exam:

4 days before final exam:

3 days before final exam:

2 days before final exam:

1 day before final exam:

A night before final exam:

1 hour before final exam:

During the final exam:

Once walk out from the exam hall:

After the final exam, during the holiday:

For whatever reason, my friends came to some agreement that it looks and acts like ME (just cuz I flap my arms like a chicken, and procrastinate, and bang my head against the wall, and cry and act like my life is over every time..)

Whatever. I take it as a compliment.



Cheryl said...

We are totally the same person.
That pretty much summed up my entire life, except now, instead of final exams, it's deadlines.

Girl On A Journey said...

LMAO!!! Unlike you and Cheryl, I can't do the whole night before thing I'd die

Mrs. Cullen said...

lol to cheryl

mary evelyn said...

i'd say that's a fair representation of myself as well, it made me smile, thanks!

Rochelle said...


Artistic Logic said...

haha these things were so cute...
just like u

Nickie. said...

hahah thats totally me too!!!

Nickie. said...

hahah thats totally me too!!!

Youthful Wisdom said...


I'm such a good friend, mashaAllah.

controlled chaos said...

Me, Cheryl, Maryl Evelyn, and Nickie are going to create a Procrastinators club (right guys?), anyone wanna join? ( Girl On a Journey, you can be a special exception)

And Y.W. you are an AMAZING friend...for starting that movement

fuelMybrain said...

Good to know most everyone else going through the same blocks of emotion that I do.