Sunday, March 22, 2009


What? Facebook?

I never liked it. Got forced into it. Kept it. And tried getting into it. But couldn't. Mehhh

What? Twitter?

Saw it on some blogs. Wondered about it. Tried registering. Decided it was stupid and didn't make sense. Was forced into registering. Got bored. Checked a friends profile. Found out she was following celebrities. Realized I could do the same.........


OMG I might start smiling NON-STOP! Oh dear

I think Orlando Bloom might be on it as well. But I can't tell if it's really him. There's two of him.

So which is he? Or is he neither of them? Mannn...

And Mary E. from A million miles from everywhere, dedicated a post to me!!! And has one of the cutest looking cats! Another reason I can't stop being happy. I really love her blog. Which makes me extra happy that she likes me enough to make a me a dedicated one.. And actually she
awarded us with the sexy blogger award and we never did a post about it.

Now I have to list 5 sexy things about myself....righhhtttttttttt

Sorry. I'm done...


Ok So umm if I were to go with this definition of sexy, sexually interesting or exciting. Then being a muslim girl, who's supposed to be modest, they should basically cancel each other out. I mean really I don't try to wear loose clothing and a scarf on my head to be sexually appealing...

" Hey you...You look SOO SEXY in those baggy pants and that long sleeve loose-fitted shirt!"
"Um ....yea..... No offense but are you retarded?"
"Hell yea! I can totally not check out your curves (hopefully). That's soo sexy"
"Umm Can you wait here for a sec? Just a sec. I just need to pull out my friend's pepper spray and the local psych ward's number. Just a sec K?"
"Hell yea"
----------The followingconversation was censored due to its sheer idiocity and slight violence---------

So I'm going to go with this OTHER defintion of sexy, excitingly appealing; glamorous.
So here's my five (this FYI is very weird for me. I can't even handle compliments from people. And if you know me, you KNOW I'm not the glamorous type...Seriously Mary E. YOU OWE ME FOR THIS..sigh)

1. My cat
2. I have trouble matching apparently. Or don't really care to match as much as the rest of the world. Or so say people.
3. (I've already run out of things)OH ! I cut my own hair!
4. I like Me :) and my confusing/confused self
5. I like my sarcasm

WOW ! That was soo hard. Thank God I'm Done! :::sigh in relief::::

Okay So now I nominate:
I nominatee

::::drrrrrrumrrrroll (and No it doesn't matter that you have been nominated before):::

. Mary E. (Hah! Bet you didn't see that coming!)
. Memoirs of Basket Case
. Girl on a journey
. Barefoot in the snow
. Paris
. American Muslimah
. Faith confusion
. Inquisitive Muslimah

And then there's Nickie (who's privated her blog), and Perplixantexan, and Cheryl ( i still like you even though u only pretended to miss me) and maybe Passionate bookworm(would you kill me for nominating u again?)


P.S. My right hand is now out of commission b'cuz I tried writing this entire post with my right hand. This explains my last paragraph and y i'm extra lazy

P.P.S or P.S.S. ? My smile disappeared while writing this post cuz my house just got teepeed (?). I'll tell you guys tomorrow!!!! Maybe I'll get pictures!! OOh exciting!! ....

The end of the Super Duper Muper Luper blog post


Constructive Attitude said...


oh man, you make me laugh.


p.s. I still dont get WHY you were typing with only your right hand. maybe you said it, but i zoned you out.

p.s.s. im telling you thats not really m.d.

p.s.s.s. remember the other m.d.? hahahahhaha

Artistic Logic said...

haha that was funny =)
n u r sexxi in my book =)
wow your house got teepee'd? i thought that only happened in movies...

MarjnHomer said...

there are weirdos out there who like girls that cover up, so you never know. i would get hit on when im wearing my full lenght black coat and scarf. it was amazing. and dont even get me started with h.s.

Youthful Wisdom said...

Sometimes I think the screws in your head are loose and need a good tightening. Then a read your posts and think, hey she won't be so amusing without them loose.

Anonymous said...

If you nominate me again, I'll hire a hitman. Hahahaha! Just kidding! I love being told I'm sexy. Multiple times!!!

controlled chaos said...

I was lying down on my side and I couldn't type with both hands and I was too lazy to turn over so I typed with one hand.

controlled chaos said...

Oh and Y.W.-Right back at ya' me...

controlled chaos said...

Oh and my brother cleaned up the front lawn before I could take a picture. sorry guys

PBW-I'm glad u didn't fly into a murderous rage.

Constructive Attitude said...

after looking at the comments page, C.C. im laughing to myself. do you know why?

p.s.sorry if you got excited and thought you got a comment from another person.

PerplxinTexan♥ said...

yeah question, why don't we get links? It's cause we're asian aren't we?

Ok, maybe not considering... I'm not at least.

P.S. You're sexiness is weak get some real sexiness like dance moves from the slum dog millionaire wanna-bes

fuelMybrain said...

Here I am, just swaying in the breeze.... thanks for checking on me :-)

This was hilar, thanks for sharing. My sisters and I were just talking about Twitter last night. I'm afraid I'd get addicted so I won't even google it.

Yes and do tell us about the TeePee

Cheryl said...

Loose fitting shirts would turn me on if I were a guy.

Also. I totally had to really concentrate to see the cat beneath the blanket, and now I think I'm going blind

Girl On A Journey said...

Really?!?! Meeeee ahhhhhhhh you're like my fav blog now lol Thanks so much

controlled chaos said...

Pt- Huh??
And i told you why. I couldn't type with my hand anymore so i just rushed thru' u guys.Fine i'll fix it...

FMB-good to know ur alive...and swaying in the breeze

Cheryl-WELL we should be extra glad your not a guy then huh? Or are you....?

GoaJ-haha GOAJ! haha! sorry...

mary evelyn said...

yay! i appreciate the sexy list, and i'm sure there are very more sexy qualities about you. like you carry pepper spray. VERY sexy :o)

also your kitty is adorable! very cute, fluffy and cuddly. they picture of my cat is deceiving, b/c although his is cute, he likes to walk on my face while i'm sleeping.

not. cool.

PerplxinTexan♥ said...

CC- That just goes to show how rampant A.D.D is in my house. I read until I stop seeing pretty link colors then got confused but, hey at least I'm not offended.

Nickie. said...

Awww thanks hun. Yes, soon the blog is gonna become unprivate though. =) Probably this afternoon, I'll just delete that post. =) i heart you!

Faith Confusion said...

Thanks so much for the award!! I got so excited I did my own post before thanking you, and I commented on the post below this ... Thank you!!!!!
Find my post on sexy things now.

Faith Confusion said...

Ps: I joined twitter the other day... and I really am not sure if I'm into it. People are following me that I don't even know, plus I'm following Ellen Degeneres and Martha Stuart and a funny Fake Oprah thing.. worth a look though for those of you how haven't signed up yet. Sign up and see who you can find. I was like, Martha Stuart's so not going to be on here.. oh yeah she is!! And she's liming some trees! ??
I love Martha Stuart. SHe kept me sane through the tv when I was in Jordan recently :)

Faith Confusion said...

(cough) that'd be STEWART. Martha Stewart. You know what I mean :p

Faith Confusion said...

(cough) that'd be STEWART. Martha Stewart. You know what I mean :p

controlled chaos said...

HAHA Faith Confusion.
I should be the one apologizing I didn't even realize you did that post!
You're too funny.

Cheryl said...

Finding out that I'm actually a dude would be like the worst thing ever.

Probably worst than someone atomic bombing my house.

supreem said...

lol I love this post... it's soo A.D.D. you just from one topic to the next.

EmptyWords said...

all i have to say is... orlando bloom HAHAHAHA you so wishh ;]