Monday, March 23, 2009

Teepees and computer chairs @#$%

So I can't study.
I need to, but I can't.

So I decided to blog about nothing.
I was sitting on the edge of my bed with my laptop. And since I was sitting on the edge of my bed, I started sliding off the bed, fell backwards, slammed against the ground, and hit my head against the computer chair.

It hurt.

They say in Islam when you're in pain, or are sick, you should ask for forgiveness or pray to God. Because when you're undergoing some kind of hardship, His mercy and blessing is showering on you more at that point. Makes sense. He loves you so of course when you're going to through some kind of pain He's going to be more merciful.

Of course I didn't do that. This is what I do,

::mumble mumble mumble:::

I'm okay. I'm okay.

Oh crap..I mean Allah can I umm..uh....hmmm...can you...uh..hmm... forgive me...for...something...I guess.....K. Thanks

P.S. My brother cleaned up the front yard before my parents woke up so they didn't even know that the house was teepeed. Until C.A. told my mom...

And I had gotten all excited. He COULD have left it for a day or two. So I could take pictures, have our neighbors ask us questions, exaggerate the story by throwing in some wild police car chase.

...I get bored with my life easily.


Artistic Logic said...

hahaha <3

Constructive Attitude said...


it was an accident, and i tried to cover it up, but your mom totally didnt believe me and kept asking questions.

my bad yo.

Artistic Logic said...

CA's big mouth

Anonymous said...

I can totally imagine you yelling at the chair. LOL

Faith Confusion said...

what does that mean?? Teepeed?? I'm outta touch.

Girl On A Journey said...

LOL you may get bored easily but you never cease to amaze me!

controlled chaos said...

to get teepeed: to have one's house and front lawn covered in tissue paper/toilet paper.

mary evelyn said...

ouch! nice recovery though :o)

supreem said...

sounds hectic

Mutmainnah Q said...

Oh man I was looking forward to the freakin pictures. Maaaaaan

PerplxinTexan♥ said...

Siblings were sent to destroy our happiness. What else could be thier purpose?

P.S. I just fell into a wall. Yeah, think about that one.

Feel better.

and study!

Cheryl said...

okay okay. Tomorrow's post will be like.. 25 sexy things about me. Honestly. I can't come up with 25. I'll try though.

When I was forced into Christianity, I used to ask God for all sorts of crap.

controlled chaos said...

Pt-so i'm thinking and thinking and I really don't get how you fall into a wall. it just doesn't make sense

Cheryl-I can help you if you want
1. I'm terrified of dying by shaking hands
2. Every kid I've ever met instantly falls in love with me
3. I'm the most elegant person you've ever met

Nickie. said...

Aww well I'm glad your ok. Now study!! lol. Jp. I hate studying. >.<

Cheryl said...


If only I knew you guys in real life.

controlled chaos said...

4. I have violent tendencies
5. I would marry starbucks coffee if I could
6. I love my blogger friends
7. I'm amused easily
8. I can't spell simple words like au naturale

Wow now ur almost done

MarjnHomer said...

and when your crying because of no reason, you should ask for allah's forgivenss, at least thats what i remember from the halaqas...

The Demigoddess said...

Catholics also believe that those with the strongest faith in God are the ones often tested, the ones often given sufferings. I always wonder why that is. If you're loved, why should you be tested so much?

controlled chaos said...

That's easy Demigoddess, because the closer you're to God, satan wants to send you off the path more.
Also, we all lose focus that we are only here for a short while. Our testing here results in a better reward in the here after; and be closer to God in the hereafter.
If we truly loved Him, for his sake alone, wouldn't this be the best reward of all?