Thursday, March 12, 2009

Me, The Confucius

Yesterday was an interesting evening.
Yesterday, I was dealing with four different problems/thingys at once (let's make it five, to include my mom yelling at me). It was fun.

Back in freshman/sophomore year of college I used to play the role of mediator for a lot of things. I haven't played that role in while, at least not as often as I used to. So yesterday when the need for that role came up, I was blanking. After a point, sometimes you really don't know what to say, you see both sides, but honestly you just can't think anymore sometimes, especially when you've gone down that road a couple times already.

But I'm not like that. I don't just draw blanks. I become Confucius.
(To basically buy time)

Well, not exactly like the Chinese philosopher, a little more like the version my brother C has: Confucius says... You are CONFUSED!! {Don't ask ME, why he goes around saying that when people are confused, I can hear Confucius banging in his grave wanting to strangle us for slandering him...Sorry dude, it's this random kid at my house, I'll even give him up to you, i don't even know who or what he is}

So this is what I told two of my friends yesterday as advice/ ways to fix a problem (and I think it makes sense, if you want to make sense out of it, you just need to THINK):

So, Life.

Life is like a ball. It's like a ball that is held by a monkey. The monkey doesn't really know what to do with the ball. So, the monkey throws the ball, hits the ball, spins the ball, sits on the ball.

And, sometimes the monkey pees on the ball. What the monkey doesn't know is that when it's throwing the ball, kicking the ball, hitting the ball, he or she (actually since it's a monkey let's stick with he), he doesn't know that what he's doing to the ball, is actually what one does with a ball.

And things of life?

Things of life are like a ping pong ball. A Ping Pong Ball. If you can't hit the ball with a paddle the way you need to or should, then the ball goes everywhere else but the place you need it to be, unless you get lucky. And those that know how to use the paddle really well, and make the ball go where they want it to? Even they hit the ball off the table by accident or miss it completely when the ball is crazy; they screw up too sometimes. So when you don't know how to play the game, you get frustrated. You get frustrated with the stupid ball that won't listen to you. And so you quit the game. And then when you watch someone else play the game, you want to try and play the game again. So you never really quit.

Does the post make no sense to you?

Are you considering quitting as a follower if you are one?

Will you never come back here again?

Will C.A. want to kill me for losing readers and thus making her further from her dream?

Will you report me to a psych ward?
.....I'll come after you so fast, it'll make Confucius want to stay in his grave forever.


Constructive Attitude said...

You gave TWO people the same "advice"?



provoking invoking said...

lol i'm so glad i'm always out of the loop and oblivious to all the drama.

im like mary j blige

and i get the ping pong ball thing. good one

Anonymous said...

I think that is a VERY interesting way to look at things : )

Youthful Wisdom said...

Thank God you're not a psych major.

Artistic Logic said...

such broad advice does a person no good

mary evelyn said...

haha, i love it! a little confused by the monkey analogy, but i'm loving the ping pong one. what a great way to describe life.

and no, you can't get rid of me as a follower that easy, i like the crazy posts :o)

Cheryl said...

Confucius says, "shut up".

Just joking.

I missed you.

You should come up with more theories of life. I could learn from you.

controlled chaos said...

I heart Mary Evelyn and mayyybeee Cheryl

American Muslima Writer said...

Ok you've made me a follower now...
I loved the Monkey Ball one the best.

Very Deep...


lol the story was getting confusing in the middle but as the mokey started playing it became more clear....