Friday, June 27, 2008

My brother's a baka

Haha My younger brother(let's call him C) is such an idiot. Funny but a dork.

I was cleaning my kitchen earlier today and I hear a scream. A high pitched scream, coming from C, from the garage. I look up to see my Dad, drop the knife he was cutting the vegetables with ( my Dad loves cutting vegetables, and of course my mom loves it too, but only when he's cutting them) and run to the garage while tripping and jumping over my shoes. (I really should pick them up)
"What? What's wrong?!"
My dad looks around trying to find the cause of the agonizing scream. My brother looked okay enough, except for the screaming and the foot clutched in pain.
"You scared me. I thought something had happened." (That's an Indian parent for you, nothing has happened to you until you get a B in school or at least passed out)
C looks down to discover flowing blood and then comes the loudest scream ever.
And of course he won't let my Dad near him to examine his foot. And just like on several different occasions, he starts begging for his life, like you might do IF my dad was Hitler or something.
"No I'm begging you. Please don't. Please baba(Dad) don't touch it . I'm begging you. Please. Oh My God. Please. I'll do anything.Please."
Such a drama queen
My dad decides to finish getting the groceries my brother had dropped in his frenzy and to call me over to take care of our drama queen. Of course at this point we were both laughing.
Promise we're not heartless.
To C's defense, there was a lot of blood flowing. I walk over, ignoring his protests and pleadings to spare him.
Apparently now I'm Hitler.
I pick him up and have him hop on one foot to a chair in the kitchen. All the while he's screaming about blood and just overall freaking out.
"Ok seriously. Is it hurting that badly for you to be yelling???"
I think I'm about to give him a reason to be yelling in actual pain.
Apparently he picked up on that.
" No it's just there's so much blood. Look at that blood. Oh my God, your hands are bloody"
No they really were, he wasn't just saying that to escape for me.
Some of his blood had come on to my hands. But at least the screaming had stopped.
I wiped his foot, put on a band-aid and decided my 12 year old brother is the funniest thing in this house. Ok not the funniest, my cat beats him sometimes.


Snake Charmer said...

omg thats hillarious

Artistic Logic said...

kk so how did he get hurt??? i was waiting for that explanation .... but real funny yaar

Constructive Attitude said...


whitefawn87 said...

lol! you should definitely be a writer (or a stand up comedian) I love the way you input random thoughts in between :)
that definitely reminded me of my 22 yr old brother. We got in a car accident... and while i was bleeding unceasingly (because there was a deep cut in my tongue) at the ER, he told the ER Doc not to check me or give me pain meds... but he (surprise surprise) had to go and get a x-ray and asked for morphine... yeah... there was nothing wrong with him... what a newb.